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  1. So I decided to give this another go and of course I loved it, again. I just made it to the remaining survivors, after saving Dr.Igwe who was stuck in a container running out of oxygen. As I walked among the survivors listening to their lamentations, I realized that my job was to destroy the station and that would mean the death of me, and them. A few well placed recycler charges took out most of them, and the few straglers that were left I finished off with the Q-beam. Sad.
  2. That post fight interview with DC was painful to watch http://imgur.com/2s0LLuj Rogan has stated on his podcast probably 10 times, that people who are knocked out shouldn't be interviewed after a fight.
  3. I was unable to stay awake for this one How many eye-pokes were there in the main card?
  4. I just woke up, and its not even time yet
  5. Thanks a lot @Gotters edit: God I never get used to American TV bleeping out cuss words. In the intro they even warn about adult content and language, yet the word fuck is too much?
  6. I apologize for not joining @schmojo I'm a boring person
  7. I think Jones is the better fighter, but I cant stand him. I like DC a lot actually, so I'm rooting for him. That said, it will be interesting to see if Gustafsson becomes a contender again. I think he needs to put on some more mass, DC and Anthony Johnson just overwhelmed him.
  8. Yeah, when I saw his "do you spit or swallow" moment I saw he was a total douche.
  9. Theres a logic behind it. Fighters are paid based on the PPV's they sell. Thats why Brock Lesnar got paid $2.5 mill and Mark Hunt only got $700 000 despite Hunt being ten times better.
  10. edit: forgot to quote @Nequests Right up my alley, cheers
  11. Greetings. I have made a few attempts at writing, but I'm not able to decide whether to write in first or third person. The attempts I've made has also gotten me stuck at about 1000 words, even though I got a full plot. I would be interested to hear what your creative process looks like, and how you decide to split up a story in chapters. Do you write at home, do you listen to music while you do it? Do you carry around a dictaphone or a notebook? How do you write?
  12. Human creativity at its finest
  13. That seems to be a thing with Bethesda games, both Elder Scrolls and Fallout @JoeK Do you think its due to the game engine, or just laziness?
  14. If its in the making they are probably going to do like they did with Fallout 4, announce it not long before the actual launch. What I would love to see is Obsidian have their take on the franchise. Oh my, that would be great. On a different note, I just got the bug that prevents me from completing the battle for Whiterun quest
  15. So I decided to play Skyrim again after completing it on Xbox years ago, but this time on Windows. This might be blasphemy for many, but I think Skyrim is better than Oblivion, and one of my all time favorite games of all time. Sad thing is that Bethesda is probably going to cut and paste Fallout 4 into the next Elder Scrolls God I love this game. I'm wondering if anyone has some content mods to recommend
  16. Stevie

    Dying Light

    That would make a great off topic quote I'm surrounded by flesh eating zombies AND IM OUT OF FIRECRACKERS!!
  17. Well, for all we know there could be something going on in her family or something similar that would make her unfit to fight. I think she should get a pass, one time.
  18. "you little fucking weasel"
  19. The Brooklyn press conferance.....cringe
  20. I'm sorry, but I honestly got my hopes up. I dont understand why that should be controversial
  21. I dont want to live in such a world I was playing around with it yesterday, and I really liked the controls you have over your space ship.
  22. (I might read you wrong) Take Far Cry 5 for example, interesting story but basically the same as the previous games.
  23. Why not? The foundation is certainly there, and by that I mean gaming being popular. Games today are mostly genre driven, but what if we get something thats transcendent.
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