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  1. Satisfactory is the most beautiful game ever created. @Flub please change the thread title to "Satisfactory the reason to buy a computer". If people buy consoles in order to play a specific game then anyone not owning a PC should buy a PC in order to play Satisfactory. Satisfactory will changes lives. I now know what the first man felt like walking the earth. I now know that if I can get this game in VR then that's where I would want to to die. I'm officially a member of the Satisfactory cult. If you know you know.
  2. All art is inspired by something, but if you're doing a review then do the review. If you got 1 hour and 30 minutes to spare then fair play, but there's no way I'm spending 90 minutes listening to someone who is bad at narration. I'm sure I would enjoy his work more in written form.
  3. I had to quit after 22 minutes. I dont care about books that's on Time Magazines top 100 novels list that he happened to read. During those 22 minutes he spends an awful amount of time not reviewing the game. It reminds me of people who starts blabbing about Kant and Heidegger when doing a review of Weekend at Bernie's. Clearly he puts effort into his work so I can see why people like him.
  4. Finished part 4 of the new season. Great turn of events, fantastic show
  5. Nintendo didn't reinvent the wheel when they wanted people to explore. Exploration can be rewarded with treasure, like in 99% of all games. Weapon degradation is just artificial difficulty.
  6. Yeah, there were some issues allright. Luckily it turned out to be a true gem when Scholar was released. The best game of the series in my opinion, while the third is the worst one.
  7. Cavill loves video games and hes looking forward to Mass Effect. That's it really.
  8. Then I met a wall and didn't make any progression at all so I stopped playing. Picked it up again yesterday and everything clicked. There are so many things that reminds me of Knights of The Old Republic that its a joy to play. The freedom you have in interactions and the combat, well it just reeks of KOTOR. I ended up on a pirate island last night and went full sith. It was amazing. For the first time in a really long time I'm getting lost in a games lore, reading everything instead of just skipping past dialogue.
  9. The Tumbler is the most terrible design ever created. Did Hollywood use unpaid interns again? The Tumbler is more of a half-breed. 50% phallic, 50% ass. It looks like something you could expect from a Call of Honor Black Ops Crysis Future Cage Fighter Supreme Republican IV: heroes always wins game. I'm sure they cloned Dick Cheney's mind and turned it into an AI that controls the car.
  10. The first one and the last one are the best. All the others are phallic symbols.
  11. I hope they can pull it off, D9 was a fantastic film. I do love Sharlto Copley, especially when he does his Johannesburg accent.
  12. Started watching Bloodshed on Wolf Mountain on Adams YouTube channel. I have no idea whats going on but I'm loving it.
  13. someone talented should make a painting or a drawing Huh?
  14. Good post! Nolan's Joker was very well written, and perfectly executed by Ledger so I would say that's the exception rather than the rule. Lets pretend Ledger didn't die, unless the next Batman movies included some backstory then I think the novelty would wear off very quickly. Ledger was great because it was completely new and it took everyone by surprise. But unless you add more depth to that character, then before you know it it becomes predictable and stereotypical. After first watching The Dark Night I was more or less satisfied, loved the movie and loved Ledgers
  15. I thought it complemented the character, the way you get to know why Joker is the villain he is. someone on YouTube wrote: 1989: throw him into chemicals to become Joker 2019: throw him in a society Backstory add depth and character progression. It explains why Bruce Wayne is Batman, and without a backstory, a villain becomes a one dimensional caricature.
  16. Found the rl condition Joker suffers from. and finally Quentin on Joker
  17. This is just ridiculous. I got a 2060 and it seems impossible to find a good upgrade. I recently got a "32" and I need something better for performance.
  18. After playing the demo I ended up on youtube watching a Lets Play System shock 2 video. It made me reinstall and I decided to give it ago just to see how it felt, and I ended up playing for a solid 3 hours. I just took a break to have some dinner, but will continue playing in a few minutes. The latest version on steam has widescreen support and it looks lovely on my curved "32".
  19. Yes, the demo is excellent! Tense atmosphere, fantastic lighting, cyberspace exploration that's very lawnmower man-esque. Playing it gave me goosebumps. The developer put the remake on hold in 2018 stating "I have put the team on a hiatus while we reassess our path so that we can return to our vision", something that caused a lot of anger by fans and backers. But they clearly made the right choice.
  20. I haven't really followed this in the media, but his daughter tells her story and its quite disturbing.
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