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  1. Whenever I talk to people who know nothing about games I always tell them that games is like a combination of books and films. It combines the best of both worlds. Some of my best memories in life are from games, but for the past 8 years or so Iv'e started to lose interest in games simply because I feel that the industry is so streamlined and stagnated. Its all so bland and toothless. It doesn't arouse my curiosity. It doesn't require me to think. I used to love open world games. I remember when GTAIII came out, it just blew my mind. I remember thinking that if they could make GTA
  3. Yet another example of a "remaster" where modders could do a better job for free.
  4. Not really. Ignorant people were saying United spent hundreds of millions in 18-19 yet they are too dumb to see the difference between net and gross. With the sale of Lukaku (etc) United sold more than they bought. It doesn't matter how much you spend either if you dont spend it right.
  5. Wenger with Chelsea or City money could easily challenge for the title.
  6. I love the and the It shows you are person who knows what hes talking about.
  7. Perhaps. Problem is that you got the same problem as Man United....financing. Wenger was your best manager and he did a great job with the little backing he got. Wenger is one of the best PL managers ever. Arteta is not as good and without financial backing you’re just going to be a mid table club....forever. At least with Wenger you had top 4, but look at you now. You sacked the best manager you ever had, you did this to yourselves.
  8. Hows the Arteta revolution working out for you?
  9. Sending your kids to bed hungry was a form of punishment in previous times. Today it’s child abuse, like so many other things that used to be “ok”.
  10. It is. I kinda feel bad for Jose, he’s loosing it.
  11. Right on. But the sad thing is that there are so many people who are unaware of the genre. A person not knowing about isometric PC rpg's is like a person not knowing about Final Fantasy 7.....its just unacceptable.
  12. Paul Ritter has passed RIP.
  13. Thanks. I was almost starting to belive it could be due to peak oil one of the materials used in manufacturing.
  14. Anyone know if there are any frequently updated blogs or articles dealing with the shortage of GPU's? I would love to learn more about why I cant get my bloody hands on a 3070. It cant all be crypto miners?
  15. I’m watching it as I’m typing. We as a species has a debt to pay, and it will indeed be paid in full when the ecosystems collapse and we lose our habitat.
  16. I highly recommend this. It’s profound.
  17. Stevie

    Disco Elysium

    I got Disco Elysium for free on Epic. Installed it a long time ago but never really got around to play it until today. A massive thank you to the person/people who wrote it. I'm only about 45-ish minutes into the game and its like reliving parts of my past. I think Disco Elysium is a beautiful game. There are soft clues and minor details that really hits home. It tells me the creators(s) know what they are talking about. Its like being in a pitch black room, and Disco Elysium opens up the door just enough for a few rays of sunshine to reach my heart, thawing it.
  18. I’m terrible at RE7. I always run out of ammo, and I just don’t get how you are supposed to play it. I’m being chased by evil dad guy and I shot him until he drops, but then he gets up again and I die.
  19. Wow, I haven't noticed. I wonder if there are differences between the platforms, but there really shouldn't be. Or perhaps its just a patch I haven't noticed. The shotgun is very powerful game changer. Especially combined with the sneak damage perk. Sneaking up on Phantoms becomes quite rewarding edit: @Pob is correct. There is a shotgun near the entrance to the neuromod division
  20. Its equally great on the highest difficulty. It turns into a really tense stealth game Trolley Problem
  21. They dont respawn in the traditional sense, but enemies can reappear as the story progresses. When they do reappear its not in the same numbers and the composition of the enemy types have changed. Basically more enemies appear as the station becomes more corrupted. When I first played it I was using a xbox controller. Then Arcane released a patch that f****d up the controls big time, and I started using keyboard and mouse. The game is excellent regardless. Both a controller and keyboard+mouse works perfectly fine
  22. Intersting video on graphics If it was a Pc exclusive then of course the graphics would be better.
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