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  1. I think Cavani is starting against Roma, possibly VDB as well. They got a few minutes just to get their beaks wet.
  2. https://v.kickstarter.com/1619224944_75d7a211a7a9c7b1535db7e74d38f30376ddb5f4/projects/2304682/video-682080-h264_high.mp4 Pretty neat.
  3. Shh, don’t jinx it!
  4. Buy the United/Arsenal season pass and get discounts on early access content, loot boxes, and a 15% discount to your Legacy Fans exclusive insider offers. Upgrade to the ultimate platinum Legacy pack and get all the goodies before everyone else including exclusive streaming of the A1/Beyonce halftime show.
  5. Can’t wait for United and Liverpool being sold and relocated to another city/country now that they adopt the American franchise model.
  6. Capitalism: destroying the environment and football
  7. Then they have increased the price. It was like £30 last night.
  8. It’s quite cheap on steam considering it’s supposed to be a major title. Makes me sceptical and the only reason why it isn’t in my basket.
  9. Nemesis is released. Not sure how I would rate it yet. The new soundtrack doesn't disappoint
  10. Watch dogs 2 received favorable reviews. 7.5-8/10 from most outlets which is a joke. Splinter Cell 2002 did a better job than Watch Dogs in terms of letting you play the smart tech guy. Assassins Creed Valhalla mostly 8/10 and 4/5. A bland piece of garbage devoid of imagination and creativity. The perfect example of lazy cut and paste game design. The game is an exact copy of the previous titles with a few adjustments, in the same way all Ubisoft games are lazy copies of previous titles. People dont complete games anymore. Its been a reoccurring them on this forum. No, no its not
  11. Matic is probably a problem. Hes too slow.
  12. I would love quality remasters. Problem is that the modding community does a better job. People on this forum were praising the Dark Souls remaster completely unaware of the fact that modders did a better job years before....for free. If you live in a bubble then by all means continue to throw money at low effort products.
  13. Mass Effect remastered Age of Empires remastered Sonic remastered Resident Evil remastered Turok remastered Baldurs gate remastered Crash Bandicoot remastered Skyrim remastered Halo remastered Its definitely me. Its not that the industry has run out of ideas or is too afraid to give creative people a chance.
  14. Books are better, even the bad ones. The line between online advertisement, mobile games and AA games has decreased dramatically, and it will continue to decrease as long as journalists rate AAA games.
  15. Titanfall 2 should be renamed to MEGA GUNZ TEENAGER BIG DICK THE REVENGE PATRIOT MASTER II The story is terrible, gameplay is good....and thats that. I can imagine loving that game 20 years ago.
  16. I liked it, but it didn't keep me interested. Haven't played Nier Automata. Subnautica was good Alien Isolation was good Control was a bit meh Titanfall 2....terrible Prey.....I loved it. I haven't played any of these Its ok. Haven't played any of these either. Great game but I'm too much of a coward to complete it. I should say that I dont own any consoles at the moment so console titles are off limits to me.
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