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  1. I’m sure there are a lot of people beating themselves over it
  2. United could have gotten him for 20 million lmao.
  3. Is it as story driven as TLOU? I liked this game at first, but after a few hours it just seemed like a zombie GTA with various repeating quests.
  4. This is a 3 part docu on Quentin Tarantino and his movies, its really well made and I binged it all in one go. Highly recommended, it contains all sorts of fun facts and trivia.
  5. I remember enjoying She-Hulk as a kid in the 80’s. From what I remember She-Hulk was quite sassy and pretty much the opposite of McBeal.
  6. I’ve never read 1984. It’s one of those works quoted so many times I figured it was like the blockbuster of literature, something everyone loves because it’s easily lovable and without depth. It just shows how stupid I am. Then I heard this That’s some disturbing stuff, is it from some movie? No, turns out it’s from 1984. I’m going to read 1984 now, like the stupid fool I am.
  7. The Nightbreed universe is such a fascinating one, on so many levels. I would love to see a reboot, but it would have to be a labour of love. Not exploitation.
  8. The game was better than the movie, but the game wasn't great either. Nightbreed has franchise potential.
  9. Yes, before I posted I did a quick google search and that's what it said: "androgynous voice", but nothing more. Was Pinhead androgynous, or did hell make him/her androgynous? I dont know! Captain Spencer was a good pinhead though. Maybe the female Pinhead had a similar story. Maybe she was a US marine (what else?) getting PTSD from illegally invading countries, but in the movie that's being presented as something heroical? I expect American flags if thats the case, and I'm sure some here would love it.
  10. I agree with that. Just to be clear, I’m not offended by it, I just think it’s a shame that captain Spencer and his backstory is deleted. There are plenty of room in hell for female villains, so why delete iconic characters?
  11. God, I hate to disagree with you on that one because its not a hill I want to die on. I would hate it if SHODAN in the System shock universe were turned into a male figure, because it wouldn't be the same. I would also hate it if a remake of Annihilation (Natalie Portman) featured an all male cast, because it wouldn't be the same. Pinhead was a British WW1 veteran with severe PTSD and it explains why he went after and discovered "the box". It just makes sense. Changing it doesn't make sense. Of course, there might be lore that says otherwise, but in terms of movies Pinhead was perfect the way he was. Its almost as if there was a connection between the horrors of WW1 and the horrors found in "the box". Hellraiser 2022 has a female Pinhead because some executive thought it was a good idea, not because an artistic soul had a vision.
  12. That trailer represents everything that's wrong with popular culture/America 2022.
  13. Same. But I do suspect the reason for that is that many missions are just fillers. There are genuinely good missions in the GTA world, but there's just too much of it.
  14. Assasins creed 2 is for me the best game in the series. You could kill people easy as the npc’s weren’t bullet sponges from what I remember. RPG elements just means more bloating.
  15. In cinemas and Netflix 28.10.22
  16. Yes, this is quite good. Finished what has been released so far, and it took almost four hours. You wont be sorry if you get this now, but you wont be sorry either if you do as @SM47 and wait until there's more content. Alone In the Dark/10
  17. Dude. Metroid Prime is better than AM2R and Zero Mission and Fusion.
  18. I got this today and its quite lovely (10% off on steam today) It definitely nails that early 2000's feel, and it brings back fond memories of playing all sorts of games of that era. As I was playing it, I had to stop and think about the difference between this and modern titles. I kept imagining this as a modern game with nice and shiny graphics, and how dull it probably would be. The graphics in this game doesn't feel out of place at all, and I'm probably going to enjoy it immensely. Now it remains to be seen if the writing is any good.
  19. Have you ever met a person and you cant decide if you find him/her attractive or hideous? Cyberpunk is like that, it has character. I haven't played Horizon 2, but it looks very bland. Very vanilla. Very Ubisoft. Maybe you're just getting tired of the same old formula?
  20. This game launches in exactly 43 days. Will be on game pass. edit: Maybe update the thread title @Benny?
  21. All sci-fi is sophisticated, and that's why we love it. Gatekeepers be damned. Anyhow, I just finished the Nathaniel Garro audiobooks and they were glorious. Lots of ray guns and UFO's zipping about. Highly recommended if you like this type of stuff.
  22. Better late than never? Apparently Epic store exclusive. Gameplay
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