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  1. City just signed Ake, why can’t we be that efficient?
  2. .....and I've finished it. I bought the book because I figured it would be "fun" to learn about the worst president in American history, but reading it wouldn't be the experience I first imagined it to be. For some reason I thought it would be like watching a trashy reality show but instead Trumps niese Mary L Trump tells the story of a severely dysfunctional family ruled by a cold, heartless patriarch who most certainly was a sociopath. Fred Trump, Donalds father, had five children who were all subjected to neglect and emotional abuse something that had an impact on their development as human beings and ultimately their personalities. As for Donald Trump himself, I've gone from viewing him as a despicable clown to a deeply damaged individual who is extremely dangerous because he didn't develop properly as a human being due to the circumstances he grew up in. Dangerous as in hes really not "there", hes all cerebellum and lacks both the ability to learn and reason. God save us if he gets reelected.
  3. I’m currently reading Too Much and Never Enough by Mary L Trump. Just finished the prologue and it’s already making me feel uneasy.
  4. Just watched it again. It’s the best sci-fi movie since Alien.
  5. We are one loss away from being Arsenal.
  6. I dont know what to say.
  7. Bungie handing over Halo to 343industries was a big fat mistake. They basically changed everything that made Halo Halo. If this new game is a reset then I’m all for it.
  8. Sorry for being negative but I just got to get this off my chest: even if we make top 4 our fate will be decided by the transfer windows. Watch City buy players and strengthen their squad so much that their bench could win the league. The drop off between our first team and the reserves is ridiculous. There are so many players that simply aren't good enough to challenge for anything. Our front three Rashford, Martial and Greenwood is great, but when they get injured we are in big big trouble. If Bruno or Pogba gets injured we are in trouble. If Obi Wan Bissaka is injured we are in trouble, and we have just seen what happens when Luke Shaw is injured. Harry Maguire has more or less played every single game since he came on to the team, its just a matter of time before hes injured. And lets not forget Rashford before he was injured, he played every single game as well. And in the last game he played before getting seriously injured, he was playing with a minor injury, back pains if I remember correctly. We need more top players in our squad. Seriously, we need more depth and until we got it were not going to win anything.
  9. Stevie

    Hellblade 2

    I accidentally came across this on YouTube, and to my surprise there is no thread on it despite this video being 7 months old. There seems to be very little info besides the trailer. Is it stuck in developer hell? Delayed due to Covid-19? I always thought the theme had great potential and even though Hellblade was a beautiful game it was severely lacking in several departments. Hopefully Hellblade 2 will mark the beginning of a kick ass franchise.
  10. IT chapter 2: everything was just awful 3/10
  11. A bit off topic but Wembley stadium is really good looking.
  12. Nintendo is a shit company, almost as shit as Konami. Instead of releasing a new proper console where you can play all their titles, they release a handheld that costs as much as a PS4 pro. It's a disgrace. GameCube was peak Nintendo, since then its only been downhill.
  13. Yeah? That's like your opinion, man.
  14. Next week’s lottery numbers
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