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  1. Warcraft 3.7/5 I played Warcraft 2 more than 25 years ago, other than that I dont know anything about the lore. I watched Warcraft in bed last night and it was fantastic. After the film had ended I immediately googled to see if there was a sequel, but sadly there isn't.
  2. The main reason they pushed for the Super League, and the reason they continued to promote it even after the PL clubs pulled out.
  3. I should have read the lore before commenting on it I still imagined the game to be something different, perhaps less railroading? I never enjoy uh-oh I'm sick parts of games, and I didn't enjoy it in Cyberpunk either. I guess I wanted to be thrown into a huge world that would gradually reveal its secrets, not thrown into a situation where the protagonist is fighting against the clock.
  4. I didn’t know that he was a character from the pen and paper RPG
  5. So, only one more patch to go before DLC's? I read a comment on a Cyberpunk video that I agree with. At first the game was supposed to be the story of you making a name for yourself as a mercenary in Night City, but then the developers saw John Wick and shoehorned Keanu into the game and the result was that you were no longer a mercenary on his/her way up, but a butler carrying Keanu through the game. I hope future DLC's turns the game into a stronger RPG with more focus on an actual rags to riches storyline. I hope they just ditch V completely and start a whole new thing.
  6. Wait....you mean the original, I would have expected that to be filled with cheaters?
  7. I ascended yesterday. Gone from a 2060 to a 3070 Red Dead Redemption looks mighty fine on Ultra, its simply amazing. I didn't like the topography of RDR2 compared with the first game, but with all settings turned up to 11 it looks lovely and charming. For some reason I wasn't impressed by Cyberpunk, then again it requires a lot more resources. Maybe I've just configured it wrong I'm also running games in 3440×1440 so that might have something to do with it.
  8. I enjoyed both Prometheus and Covenant as tense action movies, but Covenant had the dumbest plot twist of any successful movie franchise in human history. The appeal (for me at least) of the previous movies was all the unanswered questions. Who is the space jockey aliens and what are their relationship with the Xenomorph? What is the role of humanity in the Alien universe? Prometheus flirted with these questions but then Ridley Scott must have had a stroke, because with Covenant he shat the bed and undermined 40 years of Alien lore. Nice going, Cockalorum! I would welcome a tv-series, but having Aliens on earth is a terrible idea. Dont ruin it by trying to reinvent the wheel, Mumpsimus!
  9. Valheim. I’m playing it solo and it’s so much fun.
  10. Tried this today and really liked it. I never thought being a lumberjack could be so much fun It seems to be a lovely timesink with this strange and meditative atmosphere.
  11. France is out of the Euros and I blame Ole. He should have subbed Mbappe before the penalty shootout, what a PE teacher.
  12. I highly recommend this.
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