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  1. Ten hours or so in, Morgan seems so much smarter, wittier and so much more convincing a tough guy than John Marston did. It's that and the (so far) more grounded, sober storytelling as much as the world itself that has me convinced. The controls are complicated but I'm willing to learn them.
  2. I remember in the leadup to LA Noire I imagined I was about to play the gaming equivalent of a James Ellroy novel. So naive... The blue chip reviews and massive sales clearly make them disinclined to change the formula. From what I've seen, Arthur Morgan seems in the Michael/Franklin 'boring' category. At least Trevor generated a bit of energy within the gameworld.
  3. Wonder how they're getting along without The Benz I'm thinking mostly-solo online sessions with my own character will give me everything I need from this game. Rockstar's storytelling and mission structure is a liability. It'll all hang on online having the wildlife though, and a decent character creator. Let me make a badass Calamity Jane type and I'll amble about in the wilderness for a couple of weeks and feel I more or less got my money's worth.
  4. Orococco

    Favorite Gig?

    Ha, yeah, you're probably right. Regardless, even then poor fucker just seemed like he wanted to go home to bed.
  5. Orococco

    Favorite Gig?

    My first 'big' show was Nirvana in Adelaide in early '92. Kurt had a bad head cold, would pause between songs to eject snot all over the stage. It seemed an ordinary gig on the night, they were out in the sticks and not in great form, but always a good one to tell the kids about. My favourite was the Dirty Three in 1997.
  6. Orococco

    The Crew 2

    Maybe it's the dodgem-car 'crash' physics that feel so off the pace to me. Sense of speed is good in bumper view, but hitting a wall breaks the spell instantly. The bikes in GTA feel better than in this.
  7. Orococco

    The Crew 2

    Have you played this?
  8. Orococco

    The Crew 2

    All this game needs is Race Driver: Grid physics and a 100% personality transplant. Sense of scale is obviously the main draw, and it looks decent, but every NPC monologue is egregious.
  9. I pored over those D&D manuals at 15 like a born-again immersed in the bible. Needless to say, girls were still a distant concept. Never played Cyberpunk, but I remember the adverts and a maybe a very occasional feature in Dragon magazine in the 80s. It always had a great look.
  10. FP perspective just doesn't feel very much like walking about with real legs and eyes to me, so the opposite of immersion and realism is achieved.
  11. For me, videogames are about controlling an avatar at a remove, not pretending I'm Geralt. Melee combat in particular is always dire in first person. Add a touch of motion sickness, especially when floating up or down stairs, and it's pretty much an impediment to my enjoying any game. But that's just me - I felt compelled to express my disappointment. Carry on!
  12. Nobody else disappointed it's a FPS? I've always hated that floaty, looking-through-a-cardboard-tube while riding a segway feeling. I appreciate others feel different, but that's a major downer for me. The rest of it sounds so good too.
  13. Celeste Nearly made it, too, but well into chapter 7 I just can't take any more death. I knew early on I lacked the skills to really enjoy the challenge, but for some reason I've been stubborn, persisting through endless, endless failure. Might be doable with a proper controller, but on Switch it's ironically proving bad for my mental health. I shan't demean myself by turning on the 'assists', so enough's enough. Monster Hunter world Same story as up the thread - enjoyed low rank, but the high rank grind is immediately apparent and not appealing. Grew tired of chasing enemies across the map too.
  14. The laughs to be had from Geralt's deadpan cynicism in Polish are worth it alone, but everyone else is great too. Bloody Baron, Yennefer, Ciri, they all enhance the fantasy-eastern-Europe feel. And Polish Yen is dead sexy.
  15. It's a shame, and it seems incredible to me that such a big series (albeit one with a rocky history) could suddenly be considered unviable. EA and the internet take some of the blame, but wasting a couple of years pursuing procedural generation was nuts given the stakes. Bioware needed to make the case for a solid smaller-budget effort that could exist alongside Anthem, but they got too ambitious.
  16. I'm about 6 hrs into the game, on Eos. Surprised how much I'm enjoying it. It reminds me of the first ME - flawed but loveable.
  17. Borribles: the Videogame, set in an open world South London c1976, with customisable ear length and catapult crafting.
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