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  1. I'm mid way through ME3 and agree, it's much better than I remember. The opening and the Palavan mission are pretty shit, but there's much fun to be had after that, despite a lot of cheese and a bit of jank. Tech explosions just don't get old, I'll even put up with Vega because Carnage is so amusing. Never did the Citadel dlc either, looking forward to it!

  2. On 26/04/2022 at 01:05, Thor said:

    Bloodborne for everything apart from the hub areas (The Nexus wins that for me) 

    Agree on the original Nexus, amazing mix of peaceful and unsettling.


    DS2 hub area was nice, but the Rural Juror Emerald Herald was a letdown, along with the rest of the game. 


    Bloodborne's was the only story I really engaged with/could penetrate, with the DLC drawing it all together beautifully. Maria best boss.

  3. I haven't followed the thread closely, but dipped in and out and picked up a few good tips. 


    One I wish I'd followed is 'keep a notebook'. Sounds like a cool idea, I thought, but did I? Did I fuck, and now I'm hopelessly muddled about what I've done, what still needs doing, who asked me to do it, etc etc. I love the open world, but temperamentally sometimes I feel I'm more suited to the linear structure of the previous games.


    One other observation: I wonder if I'll regret not having to work very hard for the bosses so far. Wolf gank pack + npc summons + overlevelled has equalled some guilty easy wins. Maybe it won't feel complete without an Amelia-type roadblock I have to really knuckle down to beat - maybe the game's giving me too many options to pussy out. Perhaps I'll live to regret the sentiment though. I kinda hope it'll really test me at some point. 

  4. 3 hours ago, viewtiful jim said:

    For the shmup crowd:


    Blackbird: £7.19
    Missile Dancer: £7.19

    Neko Navy - Daydream Edition: £6.62

    Psyvariar Delta: £5.87

    Raiden IV x MIKADO Remix: £23.99

    (not much of a discount but a 20% one from release not too long ago)

    Sine Mora EX: £0.99

    Sisters Royale: £2.92

    Space Moth Lunar Edition: £4.05

    Star Hunter DX: £3.99



    Is there 1 or 2 in that list you'd recommend for someone unfamiliar with the genre in its modern form?

  5. On 18/07/2021 at 02:03, Wiper said:

    A heads up for anyone who's preordered one (or is considering one): if you don't fancy installing Windows instead of Proton, while most non-Steam storefronts will be buggered (Epic, Gamepass etc.), itch.io has confirmed that theirs will work out of the box. Obviously not all games bought on itch will offer Linux-compatible versions by default, though, so if you wanted to play any Windows-only games on Itch then you'd need some version of WINE configured as well (at which point itch will automatically make use of it when launching games). Still, good news for convenience's sake, particularly if you bought any of the massive charity bundles itch hosted in the last year!


    This Wiper post from a few pages back had me scratching my head. The notion of getting my brain around some of this stuff is not unappealing, but it's a level of knowledge and giving-a-fuck that's never been a part of gaming for me. PC gaming seems strangely jerry-built and cobbled together at times, like this complex arrangement of barely related parts held together with chewing gum.


    In other news, here in the colonies (Aus) we are excluded from the pre-order thing, so it might be 2030 before we see one. I love handheld gaming for the family harmony aspect mentioned above, so this appeals to me.

  6. No doubt you're right, but I've always wished Mass Effect would allow the option to leave my squad behind and take on a mission solo. Sometimes I just don't feel like company. I just did the one in ME2 where you pick your way around a derelict spacecraft as it teeters on a ridge. Very basic mission, but I enjoyed the brief loneliness. I have just recruited Jack though.

  7. I wouldn't argue with much of that. I did the Prothean orb thing just last night, it was a curious little interlude. 'The monkey doesn't have the module' x50, not so much. Like you I'm headed for a completionist run, simultaneously enjoying it and questioning whether I'm best using my limited time on this real planet.

  8. 7 hours ago, sammy said:

    I am loving this.  I must have played some of the original on the 360 back in the day but probably dropped it quite early as I’m not far in and it all feels very new.


    I’ve rescued Liara and done the Little Shop of Horrors planet so far, but the claws are in already!  I’ve gone Vanguard and am enjoying melting folks with the Polonium ammo, although the effect causes some awful slowdown (playing on PS5 and it doesn’t feel like the game should be particularly stretching it).

    Quick question, are there any benefits for going full paragon or renegade?  I’ve started a bit goody two shoes, but some of the dialogue options are tempting me away from the path of virtue!


    As Mogster says above, mixing it up makes for the most satisfying roleplaying experience. You never know quite what you're going to get obviously, but she's rarely just stroppy with the renegade responses, and some of the best moments in the game come from those 'unlocked' dialogue responses. So yes, put some points in!


    My Shepard is respectful to friends and allies, but takes no shit from the galaxy's many fools and timewasters. I'm a little bit in love with her.

  9. 1 hour ago, Gabe said:

    I hate, properly hate, Witcher guy (Doug something?)


    He's been awful in nearly everything I've heard him in - flat, monotone delivery with no real range. He's terrible. 


    Mark Meer really came into his own with Mass Effect 2 & 3, I really liked him. 


    But Witcher guy sucks. 


    Disclaimer: I've yet to play more than 20 minutes of Witcher 3, so perhaps he knocks it out of the park. But I doubt it. 

    I'll be that guy and tell you that Jacek Rozenek who does Polish-language Geralt is fantastic.

  10. 5 hours ago, Goemon said:

    What didn’t you like about the first one?
    The game is better than the first but it’s not vastly different. 


    Silent protagonist of your creation vs cheesy Bill is a significant upgrade imo. If creating your own avatar is important to you it'll make all the difference to your level of investment in the game. 

  11. 5 minutes ago, LaveDisco said:

    I never played three, what's the deal with the back porting of FemShep? I'm certain I played as a female character in both 1 and 2, so wasn't she already there?



    She was chosen in a fan ballot. As we know, democracy doesn't work, and neither did the new default femshep. Expanded character creation is exciting though, hopefully the one from the second game rather than the weird ME3 creator.

  12. 41 minutes ago, Alex W. said:

    Didn’t ME1 already have squad commands?



    You could direct your squad to position, but am I right in thinking that firing off squadmates' powers on the d-pad (or was it shoulder buttons??) only arrived with ME2? I may be wrong.


    I recall the guns and powers having very little percussive impact in the first game, with rather apologetic pew-pew sound effects. Giving combat a bit more bite, even if it's just perceived, would go a long way to making it feel a better shooter. There's plenty of shooting in the game, after all. I can't see those sort of changes negatively impacting on the RPG good stuff.

  13. The improvements to the first game's shooting feel (and hopefully sound), better squad AI and the additon of squad commands, and better UI are all huge improvements, much more significant than the visual overhaul imo. Universal character creator across the trilogy is ace too, should make it feel much more seamless. Overall a surprisingly decent effort, on paper at least.

  14. 9 hours ago, cowfields said:

    I was curious about this but the fact it's "very Dirt" as Moosegrinder says, and very much not "Dirt Rally" means I think I'm just going to get irritated playing this when I really just want to play Dirt Rally on my new XSX


    I'll either hold out for the next iteration of Dirt Rally, whether that's WRC by name or not...or maybe even try to get DR 2.0 on the cheap.


    2.0 is very cheap on the Sony store just now. It's the goty edition with all the DLC etc. I bounced off it initially (didn't like the co-driver's voice compared with the first, or maybe I'd had my fill of Dirt) but just bought it again and loving it.


    Edit: sorry, see you are looking at xbox

  15. A bit of a remix of enemy placements at least is surely a must. I haven't played it in many years, but I can play through that first level of Boletaria in my mind. Can Bluepoint get the combat feeling right? What will they do with the music? Will it be the first Souls with a great character-creator? Will the cracked talisman of beasts still be a thing? PVP?! So many questions.

  16. Making my way slowly through this - beat Kamaitachi last night, another challenging but doable boss, hope the difficulty doesn't spike too much at any point as it's just right at the moment. Died plenty fighting through the level though - those bewinged gargoyle-like fuckers are brutal! Managed to miss nearly all the Kodamas too. Maybe I'll scoot through the level again using a guide - I'm enjoying that arcadey element to the game. 


    I loved the little cutscene after the boss - feels like we're getting a nice little gang together. The story doesn't mean much to me so far, but the game's got a surprising bit of charm about it.


    Adore the game, just a tiny bit worried it's going to get Sekiro on my arse just when I least expect it. I refuse to equip Sloth!

  17. Isn't there ambiguity around Joel's decision too? We're given enough evidence that the Fireflies don't know what they're doing, or are not acting entirely in good faith, to suggest that Joel is arguably justified in questioning their motives, and that it's not a simple matter of his dooming humanity for selfish reasons. It feels all wrong, his false breeziness immediately following the ultraviolence in particular, but I felt there was reasonable doubt as to an obvious alternative scenario from his point of view.


    It's a big ambiguity sandwich at the end, that's what makes it a great ending. I mean, we're still thinking about it all these years later. I just hope the sequel hasn't jumped the shark.

  18. 1 hour ago, Sumire said:

    Well, I stuck with it. I think my problem was I picked a harder mission than I was ready for by mistake as my first go at the game. The game is even more awesome now I am back on track.


    Good to hear, I'm loving it too, but did I just fight Imagawa two missions in a row? Maybe it was his cousin.


    After someone mentioned dual blades up the page I decided to give them a proper go as my secondary weapon, and shit, they are fun! Expanding and customising movesets is one of the things that sets this apart from Souls, it feels so good to learn the weapons.

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