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  1. Orococco

    No EA Press Conference at E3 2019

    I'll miss that 'joy of subscription' guy.
  2. Orococco

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    Shitty Australian roads are well simulated in this. Progress would be smoother through the fields. I'm finding rallycross much easier this time, but the core Rally stuff more difficult. First attempt at the open championship in the Alpine: dead last
  3. Orococco

    Mass Effect Andromeda

    Casey Hudson recently said in a Polygon interview that 'we're definitely not done with Mass Effect', but let's face it, it's not up to him. Surely it remains a potential money-maker, but it'll take Anthem running it's course and another shitty Dragon Age before EA even look at it.
  4. Orococco

    Mass Effect Andromeda

    If Anthem tanks perhaps we can hope for an ME revival, starting with a trilogy remaster. These are the fanciful daydreams that sustain my will to live.
  5. Orococco

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Thread

    That's what I'm hoping for, to the point of envisaging playing mostly in solo sessions. Is it as well-populated with wildlife as the singleplayer? I'm assuming it's at a somewhat lower level of detail/fidelity a la GTA online?
  6. Orococco

    Is Read Dead Redemption 2 any good?

    It's the first time I've liked a Rockstar protagonist, so tooling about in the wilderness is just so much more engaging. He's not Lee Marvin, let alone something from Cormac McCarthy, but he's got a matinee scoundrel quality that I'm enjoying. I hated him in the trailers - the marketing for this looks even odder in retrospect. We'll see where they go with the story though - hoping for another big improvement on their past efforts, something that would justify the critical acclaim. All this chatter is mostly among people who haven't finished the game, me included.
  7. Orococco

    Is Read Dead Redemption 2 any good?

    Ten hours or so in, Morgan seems so much smarter, wittier and so much more convincing a tough guy than John Marston did. It's that and the (so far) more grounded, sober storytelling as much as the world itself that has me convinced. The controls are complicated but I'm willing to learn them.
  8. I remember in the leadup to LA Noire I imagined I was about to play the gaming equivalent of a James Ellroy novel. So naive... The blue chip reviews and massive sales clearly make them disinclined to change the formula. From what I've seen, Arthur Morgan seems in the Michael/Franklin 'boring' category. At least Trevor generated a bit of energy within the gameworld.
  9. Wonder how they're getting along without The Benz I'm thinking mostly-solo online sessions with my own character will give me everything I need from this game. Rockstar's storytelling and mission structure is a liability. It'll all hang on online having the wildlife though, and a decent character creator. Let me make a badass Calamity Jane type and I'll amble about in the wilderness for a couple of weeks and feel I more or less got my money's worth.
  10. Orococco

    Favorite Gig?

    Ha, yeah, you're probably right. Regardless, even then poor fucker just seemed like he wanted to go home to bed.
  11. Orococco

    Favorite Gig?

    My first 'big' show was Nirvana in Adelaide in early '92. Kurt had a bad head cold, would pause between songs to eject snot all over the stage. It seemed an ordinary gig on the night, they were out in the sticks and not in great form, but always a good one to tell the kids about. My favourite was the Dirty Three in 1997.
  12. Orococco

    The Crew 2

    Maybe it's the dodgem-car 'crash' physics that feel so off the pace to me. Sense of speed is good in bumper view, but hitting a wall breaks the spell instantly. The bikes in GTA feel better than in this.
  13. Orococco

    The Crew 2

    Have you played this?
  14. Orococco

    The Crew 2

    All this game needs is Race Driver: Grid physics and a 100% personality transplant. Sense of scale is obviously the main draw, and it looks decent, but every NPC monologue is egregious.
  15. I pored over those D&D manuals at 15 like a born-again immersed in the bible. Needless to say, girls were still a distant concept. Never played Cyberpunk, but I remember the adverts and a maybe a very occasional feature in Dragon magazine in the 80s. It always had a great look.

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