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  1. I've heard a couple of people (okay Greg Miller, I know I know) suggest that Last of Us 2 is horribly tense in places.
  2. A bit of a remix of enemy placements at least is surely a must. I haven't played it in many years, but I can play through that first level of Boletaria in my mind. Can Bluepoint get the combat feeling right? What will they do with the music? Will it be the first Souls with a great character-creator? Will the cracked talisman of beasts still be a thing? PVP?! So many questions.
  3. I don't think it's been mentioned that the review embargo lifts 12th of June, a full week ahead of launch. I suspect most of us maintain a healthy caution these days with regard to critical opinion, but I've never been as curious to see how a game will be received.
  4. Orococco

    NIOH 2

    Making my way slowly through this - beat Kamaitachi last night, another challenging but doable boss, hope the difficulty doesn't spike too much at any point as it's just right at the moment. Died plenty fighting through the level though - those bewinged gargoyle-like fuckers are brutal! Managed to miss nearly all the Kodamas too. Maybe I'll scoot through the level again using a guide - I'm enjoying that arcadey element to the game. I loved the little cutscene after the boss - feels like we're getting a nice little gang together. The story doesn't mean much to me so far, but the ga
  5. Isn't there ambiguity around Joel's decision too? We're given enough evidence that the Fireflies don't know what they're doing, or are not acting entirely in good faith, to suggest that Joel is arguably justified in questioning their motives, and that it's not a simple matter of his dooming humanity for selfish reasons. It feels all wrong, his false breeziness immediately following the ultraviolence in particular, but I felt there was reasonable doubt as to an obvious alternative scenario from his point of view. It's a big ambiguity sandwich at the end, that's what makes it a great
  6. Orococco

    NIOH 2

    Good to hear, I'm loving it too, but did I just fight Imagawa two missions in a row? Maybe it was his cousin. After someone mentioned dual blades up the page I decided to give them a proper go as my secondary weapon, and shit, they are fun! Expanding and customising movesets is one of the things that sets this apart from Souls, it feels so good to learn the weapons.
  7. Orococco

    NIOH 2

    Endgame talk is confusing to me, I'm enjoying the early stages of figuring out the basics and slowly getting all the systems working. I've got quite a few skill points unspent, still feeling out the options. But the depth and complexity is one of the appealing aspects. Beat Yatsu-no-Kami last night, that was a lengthy fight. Found attempting the burst counter a liability in this one, just couldn't land it often enough. Loving the lengthy process of working through a level and unlocking its secrets, shortcuts etc. Still using the Odachi, but yet to settle on a good secondary weapon.
  8. Join the bullying circle-jerk you fascist.
  9. I'm saying whatever they've done with the story/characters is far stronger troglodyte-bait than anything I'm assuming is discussed in that video, so this is a 4 page debate that doesn't know what it's arguing about. I'm intrigued, and I hope I can avoid spoilers, but I don't think it's beyond the realms that a Naughty Dog that's had morale issues, staff upheavals and corporate management ructions could have fucked it up. After all, they've arguably only made one really good game, and that was a long time ago. Could they be doing a Bioware?
  10. Maybe that's what this shitstorm is really about. 'No, no, not Joel...' Maybe there are trans zombies? I haven't seen the spoilers either, but I think it's clear that the nappy-soiling is about something other than Ellie kissing a girl.
  11. ND have done well to draw the ire of both 4chan types and the Polygon crowd.
  12. Orococco

    NIOH 2

    I've just started this brutal waifu-simulator. I dropped the first one 3-4 bosses in, having failed to engage with the story or protagonist. It's... intimidatingly difficult, with yet more systems added to an already complex formula, but I'm excited, my toon is bad ass and I'm all in provided I can deal with the bosses. The basic combat mechanics are just so satisfying to learn. Burst counter is mercifully slightly less brain-paralysing than the QTE-style equivalent in Sekiro. The latter had drained my will to live by the time I got through Genichiro, I'm hoping this will be a be
  13. More like Wil Wheaton, it's very yoof compared with the original trilogy.
  14. Yeah, Bosman's 'shite' humour is one of the crucial aspects, podcast was dull without him. He's the most interesting character outside of Don, mix of arrogance and self-deprecation, smarts and the odd mental-health moment. Think they'll be a bit rudderless without him.
  15. Many thanks, that's just what I was waiting for, and during the sale too. Polish Geralt: accept no substitutes! Love those surly merchants too, and Yennefer...
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