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  1. They also released a standalone version of GTA London :-)
  2. I can't remember if I've asked this before, but does anyone think PD disks are collectable at all? Such as those by 17-bit Software?
  3. I like talking to myself. It's the only time anyone listens :-) I couldn't seem to edit my original post.
  4. I had a similar experience recently on Facebook. What really bothered me was the seemingly 'honest' group admin. I was selling some big box Amiga stuff individually. He asked what was the lowest I would take for the lot, and I asked him to make me a 'Sensible' offer. He offered an amount that i would say was offensive, so I quoted a more realistic price. About 20% off, which I thought was generous enough. He came back to me quite offensively to ask 'how the hell he could make a profit selling them on', and he reported my ad to Faceboo
  5. Actually forgot my 2 favourite PS1 games...Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, and Exoddus. I cant reccomend them highly enough.
  6. Micro Machines V3 is ome of my faves still. So miss my uni days playing this all day...
  7. I'm sure Mr. Ribbits will reccomend Croc - Legend of the Gobbos :-) and so do I. Breath of Fire 3 or 4. FFT. Allundra. Vagrant Story.
  8. Have you an original copy of the game with the goodies like the map included?
  9. Well there are many possibilties... Champ Man on Amiga is worthwhile, as is Premier Manager, but Champ is better in my opinion. There were many 8-bit football manager games by D&H (Cult) Games. Mostly Speccy or Amstrad. Some that come to mind are... Football Director Football Director 2 Soccer Star Striker Striker Manager World Super League British Super League Treble Champions 2 Player Super League 2 Player Soccer Squad Premier II Super League (not sure if D&H) and many more... The D
  10. A bit off topic I know, but what would you say is your greatest career moment, and what, if anything, would beat it?
  11. Picross is a great game. I don't mind the 3D version either. I look forward to the reviews :-) I wish i could review games for a living.
  12. Enjoying "Into the Eagle's Nest" right now. It's on some compilation disk. Always loved it. I think it's such a good Speccy game.
  13. I don't think it's that bad really. It's not as good as the +2, but it's bearable.
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