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  1. Finished it this evening - 14 hours, but still have those 3 items to get, but I've also backtracked a lot to do exactly what you've spoilered Loved every minute of it.
  2. I'd love it if the sales of this were enough of a nudge to get Prime Trilogy onto the Switch sooner rather than later (hell, I'd be happy with just Prime with Gamecube controls - it's the best one!) - if they released a 2D Metroid compilation in parallel (or as one big bundle) I'd lap that shit up!
  3. I've now collected all the items I can - in fact, all but 3! 100% in every area aside from one item each in 3 of them - I'm not sure if they require a level of skill I simply don't have (quite possible) or if I do really just need to get onto the TV with the pro controller (also quite possible - I've got very close to each, so really I might just need to be calm...maybe an excuse to crack open a beer when the kids are in bed...) Anyway, with that it's onwards to the last boss - it's clear I'm right there so holding off until the kids are home this evening as promised them they could watch me fight it (they like to see their daddy cry...) What. A. Game.
  4. I've got to the point where it's clear the final boss is within reach, so I've gone into backtrack and hoover up every possible item mode. 100% on about half of the areas so far, and only a couple of items away on the rest, but bloody hell are the challenges to get some of them tricky! It'll take a good bit of timing and skill to get right to 100% which is pretty cool - played for the last few hours in handheld, but think I'll be using the pro controller to get at least a couple of these. Absolutely loved every minute of it so far - this is absolutely game of the year for me, hands down.
  5. On the subject of countering the EMMIs, I managed two in a row last night! (The only two I've ever managed...) Both on the 2nd last EMMI
  6. Picked this up digitally so had it downloaded and ready to go at midnight, unfortunately since I'm now an old fuck with a proper job I've only managed to squeeze in a couple of hours play so far... I don't think it's a spoiler to say it's fucking great though is it?
  7. So, yesterday I bought myself Bayonetta for the third time, just to be able to play it handheld on the best console ever.
  8. Even if it was a launch day console how could @Len possibly be done with Zelda! I'm at 155+ hours and still have LOADS to do, sounds like some are over 200 hours and feel the same. Having not bought any games for the past 5 years (since having kids) aside from getting the odd 3DS game for Christmas (The Zelda's, Luigi's Mansion...) I've managed to pile over 12 games onto my Switch so far and I don't regret a single purchase (although I don't remember Wonder Boy being so fucking hard!) First party games alone have accumulated well over 200 hours of play, probably well more if you include the time my 5 year old has spent with ARMS and Mario Kart (well done Nintendo for making games that are both so accessible to young kids and fun enough that even if he's losing he's having great fun!) Despite myself I bought Splatoon 2 at the weekend and I just know that's going to eat hours too. Without a doubt the Switch is the greatest console ever conceived. It's a worse phone than the N-Gage though...
  9. I downloaded it tethered yesterday on 4G in about 20 minutes after finding myself with a ridiculous connection... After saying I wasn't going to buy it as Zelda and ARMS were taking up enough of my time Glad I did though, played for an hour last night losing my first 4 or 5 games before things clicked - once I figured that getting deeper into enemy territory was more important than covering every last inch in ink I managed to come top in quite a few matches (changing to the 2nd weapon helped as well, the starting gun is balls and using the test range helped me get my head around the secondary weapons a bit better). Looking forward to the odd game on my commute. Might need to focus on single player unless I can squeeze in a game before the train arrives though...
  10. Stifler


    My son just beat Hedlock on level 4 (as Kid Cobra if anyone is interested) and has now unlocked ranked match. He's 5. Beyond proud of the little guy! (I've not ventured above level 4 yet as wanted to learn more characters at that level first, and so know how bloody tough getting that far is!) <3
  11. @dood re: Dragons The DLC has got me right back into this, I've got most of the new clothing bar the teleport medallion, and made it to room 11 in the trials (I think) before dying by accident (right before it sounds like you can save? FFS) After that just went wandering where I had gaps in the map - I now have about 40 more Koroks (close to 320 now) and, according to the map, I'm now over 50% complete (... after 150+ hours)
  12. I reckon you're doing what I did, running around the very edge of the cliffs trying to find where the fuck the shrine that's causing the beeping is (did you come from the South?)
  13. I'm certain that it can be done because I'm sure that I linked the child account I set up for my son to the Switch to play ARMS. I'll try to have a look later and see if I can figure out what I did (or realise that I just imagined completing the process...)
  14. Absolutely love this - I felt the same when @Shimmyhillsaid he used stasis on them. THIS FUCKING GAME. I'd love nothing more than to sit in a pub and swap Zelda stories, hearing all the weird and diverse ways people found to approach different situations.
  15. I've always used Octorok balloons to shift those - I seldom use stasis, just seems a bit unpredictable to me
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