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  1. I've got a feeling we will be recieving it in around three days. You want to know why? Well, on the 27th Novemeber, I ordered the Legend Of Zelda: Bonus Disk, you know the one you get with Wind Waker, I got it so I had a second copy of it, you don't even get a case with it! Tight bastards! Anyway, I recieved that disk today and in my confirmation e-mail for both that and Collectors Edition, it said allow 28 days, well this didn't take 28 days, so maybe just maybe, we will have those disks by Friday or Saturday, maybe even earlier!
  2. Jesus christ! That is one hell of a collection! I mean, he's even got a bloody N-Gage! He must be serious! Anyone dare to estimate how much all that is worth?
  3. Screw the damn demo disk! I want that inflatable Ganondorf!!!
  4. Quite a few spring to mind. Final Fantasy VII certainly, as well as both Jet Set Radios. Ocarina Of Time is a good one as well! Also, Majora's Mask!!
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