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  1. Only if Microsoft let them skimp on the platform specific features, which I don’t believe any of the most recent PC additions have. I think it was only the first batches where they just wanted to get games on the service when they’d allow you to not include achievements or other Xbox Live Features. Once you start going down the path of implementing those it’s basically a port. Even if they skipped all that the game would still be running in a UWP wrapper which would likely introduce dumb issues. I’m certain the game will be on all platforms within a few months but it is
  2. Up to 100 Stars in Galaxy now and having a great time. I did discover however that whilst it's great with the Pro Pad, all be it a little awkward with the motion stuff at times, playing it the way god intended, with split Joy Cons, is absolutely glorious. Not sure I'd ever have done the Rolling Gizmo Trial Galaxy with a Pro pad.
  3. I mean, you should buy it, because it's great, but I'd say there's absolutely zero chance of this not coming to Xbox and PS4/5 by this time next year. Props to them for being honest and saying they're taking a well deserved break though rather than pandering to the people already demanding more content.
  4. Looking like a lovely mix of Xbox and Nintendo for me, at least until Sony start putting out some proper 1st party, PS5 exclusive bangers. At which point I'll be an idiot once again and have them all.
  5. Epic Version is fine for me, playing on an ultrawide. Doesn’t seem like the sort of bug Supergiant would let slip through so I’d wager it’s a bit of a weird one. If you haven’t already I’d get it reported on their Discord, they’re super responsive over there.
  6. Oof, Adamant Rail + Rocket Bomb + Cluster Bomb sure is a combo! Best run I’ve had so far, all the way up to the fourth boss! What a game.
  7. Just had a great run in this where it basically turned into me just dashing about the place and destroying things. What a game.
  8. I was getting tired of them by this point anyway!
  9. After the news yesterday, Sega seems like a far more realistic rumour. :p If it meant Microsoft could throw money at the licensing issues for stuff like OutRun 2 and Jet Set Radio then I'd be all for it.
  10. Soundtrack for this is up on Spotify and it's a banger. It reminds me a bit of Doom 2016 in some ways, especially when the music kicks in during fights. Fantastic stuff.
  11. There's an argument to be made for Game Pass actually being a bad thing for indies that AREN'T deemed worthy to be Game Pass material, as many people will just pass them up with the mindset of "I'll wait for it to hit Game Pass" or "I'm not paying 15 quid for a 10 hour long indie game, that's more than my Game Pass subscription!" Time will tell of course but already on places like here you see people saying they'll wait for stuff to land on Game Pass rather than buying it at launch.
  12. Getting 100 Purple Coins on the Comet in Toy Time Galaxy and then dying on the way back to the Star still hurts like it did 13 years ago.
  13. Include the track editor from the 64DD release and I'm fucking in day one.
  14. A fair concern, and a very real one back in the dark Xbox One days. Has this happened to any of their recently released titles?
  15. Think you're saying yourself why it's a good thing here. They're putting out unique, single player focused stuff like Prey, Dishonored and Evil Within 2 that weren't doing well commercially, and they likely wouldn't have continued with, without people showing they wanted more by buying them at launch. And nope, waiting 2 months and then buying them for half price isn't telling them you want more of the same. Hopefully this deal will basically give them the freedom to keep on making those rad as fuck experiences without the constant pressure of the game needing to be something that fits into
  16. Don't worry, Todd says they're doing the biggest engine overhaul since Oblivion! (I feel like they said this with Fallout 4?)
  17. There would certainly be people who would stop buying the latest Playstation if they could buy them on PC, that's a given. But consoles aren't where the money is made, it's the games. I can see Sony not wanting to sell stuff on Steam and give away 30% of a sale when they could just as well provide it on their own store but it seems to be a strategy that's working for MS. Even stuff that launches day one on Game Pass is somehow still in the top sellers list on Steam, or Epic. Give people more options, you'll sell to more people.
  18. I believe this is exactly what will happen here, though the only place you'll be able to play these games on a subscription service, is via Xbox Game Pass. They're building a library of IPs for Game Pass content, the console/where you play is secondary.
  19. I'm just glad it gives Arkane more stability to make more of the the glorious, hopefully uncompromised, single player experiences they've given us this gen. Also Prey 2 pretty please.
  20. Give Sony a bit of time, they're still figuring out that having your games available on PC mysteriously leads to more people buying them!
  21. Bethesda will still be publishing these, not Microsoft.
  22. Sounds a lot like they've not bought these to lock them up on Xbox and PC. I could imagine the existing franchises remaining multiplat and anything new and unannounced they've got in development being Xbox/PC only, but Microsoft stand to gain more if they offer stuff for sale to more people.
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