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  1. Yep, rip out all the assets that tie into the story arc (video, audio, unique events etc) and the file size for each area will dip considerably.
  2. Of course they’ll remain on PS4, it has the bigger user base and will do for the foreseeable future. It’ll continue to be PS4 with PS5 enhancements if you’re playing on that. Say what you like about FFXV but Square showed they know how to scale up a game for better hardware. Will be interesting to see what data miners find in the package as I’d wager there’s a bunch of stuff there for future episodes.
  3. Bojangle

    Nintendo Switch

    I imagine the amount of time Metroid Prime 4 is taking is what's holding back the Trilogy, assuming it's a real thing of course. No point releasing the Trilogy if the follow up is still at least two years away.
  4. Bojangle

    Xbox Game Pass

    According to the store listing, it has cross save. The Play Anywhere scheme means you buy a game once and get it on both Xbox and PC, rather than that the saves work cross platform. (which is why FFXV isn't listed as Play Anywhere).
  5. Always incredibly suspicious of photos like that, like, just take a screen capture of the actual screen?!
  6. They'll also almost definitely be available as DLC, for a much less ridiculous price, sometime after launch if you really must have them for some reason.
  7. I just don't think we're even close to being in a place where a procedural environment can even come close to something that several designers have spent months/years putting together and reiterating and tweaking.
  8. Bojangle

    Nintendo Switch

    Still no word from Fenchurch Nintendo.
  9. Bojangle

    The Division 2

    Don't think it's on Steam right now, Uplay and Epic exclusive. It's cheap on Uplay at the minute - https://store.ubi.com/us/tom-clancys-the-division-2/5b06a3984e0165fa45ffdcc5.html?lang=en_uk
  10. Bojangle

    The Division 2

    For 3 dollars? Definitely.
  11. Bojangle

    The Division 2

    That was just episode 3 though, this looks like it’ll be a full on expansion.
  12. The same version of the disc, or a GOTY style release? If so, that's a different Title ID so saves are unique to that Title ID unless the developer specifically enables cross Title ID saves, which then opens up a world of TRC pain, which is probably why most don't bother doing that. It's a shitty system for all involved. :p
  13. The main reason is that a disc and a physical release are counted as two unique SKUs then you have a unique SKU per region too. I don’t know why they have it set up this way, I presume it’s just how they decided to do it back in the PS3 hubris days and they’ve stuck with it. All I know is it’s a dumb system from a consumer and developer POV (Means multiple builds per submission). They’re bringing together their regional publishing arms this year though, so I think maybe ultimately this weird distinction they have between physical and digital copies might stop being a thing soon, fingers crossed.
  14. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-02-07-who-are-microsofts-real-competitors is a good read, in my opinion.
  15. Makes sense and ties into them doing the whole "We don't care where you play" thing. Services > the branded box under your TV.
  16. By all accounts the porting was essentially done and the game was going to happen on Switch regardless of the outcome of the Kickstarter. The stretch goals are a nice marker of interest for them to see if there's actually a market for the game outside of the die hard Wii U fans, which it would seem there obviously is. :p
  17. The only part of Infinite worth playing tbh.
  18. Nah and even if you ignore them they’ll eventually end up in the failed section, taunting you forever. Best get good at Gwent. :p
  19. I for one am surprised that RJ of all posters is bitching about TEH NOSTALGIA still.
  20. Bojangle

    Nintendo Switch

    I’m really tempted but I don’t need another Switch. Do I?
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