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  1. Haven’t had this at all (also on a launch day Switch). It’s become my commute game and I’ve left it in the middle of a scenario each day this week and left it in sleep for at least 8 hours and the batteries dropped by maybe 10% when I’ve returned to it.
  2. Were people expecting the current gen versions to have the same limits as the PC version? Of course it was going to be limited in some way. Bit shitty to not announce it sure, but hardly surprising. Thank Microsoft for the Game Pass announcement, once that deal is signed its on Microsoft to announce it, not the developer. Unless they wanted to breach their contract to tell people it’s coming.
  3. Does restarting the game not fix it? Seems like the sort of bug that would be fixed by that. (Obviously you shouldn't be needing to restart your game, but shit happens). Edit - Saw alshies post. Yeah that fucking sucks then.
  4. Does this lie that actually matters count?
  5. I'd say counting the game running via BC on the new consoles as it's own unique platform a stretch at best. It's not like they're doing a submission for each, they're submitting a build for PS4 and a build for Xbox which will run across that family of devices. (plus the region specific builds for Sony of course but those will be as close to identical as you can get unless something fucks up in the build process). Edit - should also add that doing a massive release like this across multiple platforms is a huge logistical nightmare but it's not like they're new to it or couldn't have seen thi
  6. This would just mean they’d be crunching until April.
  7. That bit super confused me, because at least with the PS4 TRCs the behaviour they showed was a flat out certification fail. Accepting an invite or joining on a friend should take you directly into the same session (with a minimum of button presses/menu screens), not place you on the menu.
  8. I only found the shop because I poked around in the menus myself, it's sad that that says a lot these days, but it does seem like that side of things is very hands off compared to most F2P titles these days.
  9. Game looks alright, huh?
  10. It looks perfectly fine in my opinion, there's very minor slowdown when a room is absolutely packed with mobs and particle effects going off but it's incredibly far from being a deal breaker. It's a rock solid port job.
  11. When they revealed it I was convinced it was going to be the launch month PS+ title, because it looks like pure PS+ fodder. Genuinely feel bad for the devs since it's surely being sent out to die at 70 quid.
  12. Whilst I totally agree that 90 quid is big lols territory, I'm not quite sure what you mean by "this type of remaster/remake"? I mean it seems to be right up there with RE2 and FFVII in terms of the amount of work gone into it, it's pretty far from a quick up res job. And please don't hit me with "Activision did Spyro trilogy for a budget price!".
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