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  2. Probably because for every person like you, who wants a massive, AAA big budget, sprawling open world, complex Pokemon RPG, they'd lose 10 sales from seven year old kids wanting the next Pokemon game. I don't think a mainline Pokemon game will ever be what the older audience wants/expects it to be, and that's kinda okay? Just move on and find something else to enjoy. I'd love that game too, but Sword Shield isn't it. It was never marketed as being that, it was never promised to be that. People are literally mad that the game isn't the one they imagined. No amount of shouting into the void is going to change what Sword Shield is.
  3. Game in using LOD culling shocker. Also please don't cull, and also improve performance AT THE SAME TIME. Poor programming tbh.
  4. I'm mostly referencing the many "Game Freak is filled with bad programmers and animators and they need to do better" takes that are filling Twitter and Reddit. I've yet to see any actual consumers voicing their disapproval. It's all based on anger from leaks which have come from sources that already hate the game, how is that so hard to understand?
  5. Because if it IS shit/broken/unfinished that doesn't mean the people who spent the past 2/3 years putting all their effort into the game deserve shitting on. Nobody sets out to make a bad game, there's always external factors at play in those situations. I've been in those situations and it fucking sucks. I'm not saying it's okay for them to put out a bad game, if it is indeed a bit rubs, but I can see the reasons why it might have turned out that way and have some basic human compassion for the people who continued working on the game and seeing it to the finish line.
  6. Today apparently, it's going to be chaos regardless of which way it goes, if it reviews badly then people are just going to be shitting on Game Freak. If it reviews well (which let's be honest, it will probably at least be inline with S/M) then the video game journalists are paid shills who don't know a shit game when they see one.
  7. This is exactly the kind of shit I'm talking about with my "mental hate mob" comment earlier. Do yourselves a favour grindmouse and Covis, step away from Reddit and wait for some trusted sources to tell you if it's a stinker or not.
  8. Sun and Moon had pretty poor/short post game content too, which was fine for me since I was basically done with the game by that point. Not sure I've bothered with the post game stuff since Gold/Silver tbh, I just don't have that kinda time anymore.
  9. Wait and see what the actual reviews are like I guess! Or you know, listen to people that were pissed off with the game from the moment it was first revealed.
  10. Pretty sure it’s always been set for tomorrow, be wary of what you read regarding the game online since it has a fucking mental hate mob going for it. Is there any legit source that they’ve extended the embargo by a day? If you’ve loved past Pokemon games I can’t see how this will suddenly be the one to make you hate them.
  11. I think they've just balanced it rather than it being far too easy to get five stars for most of the tour until the final few cups. The past couple of tours have been really easy to get five stars in if you'd played the previous cup, I'm a few cups in now and it's already started to balance out so there isn't a huge gap between 4 and 5 stars.
  12. Because they could just be bots that gradually increase their score to make you more tempted to spend real money so you can "beat" them.
  13. It feels like (to me at least) that they didn't test them out in terms of difficulty when they changed all the scaling in Shadowkeep. Pure conjecture of course, they probably did test them and they just got the balancing a bit off.
  14. Install the Xbox Beta app if you can, it’s much better than the awful Store, just has all the Game Pass titles within.
  15. New Norma Jean album today, first listen is very positive!
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