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  1. Great level, Gokou. Here's my first upload, quite proud of it! V9Y-B4K-NHG Am I missing something or is there no way to make the skulls that float on lava go on indefinitely like they could do in SMW? Also no way of making sloped lava? You can't have everything I guess, but...
  2. I mean the guy even said right at the end "We've more stuff we're not showing yet". It's the Nintendo way, they save stuff for Directs throughout the year. It doesn't make any sense for them to release a Prime trilogy when 4 is currently an unknown amount of time way, they'll chuck it out when Prime 4 is locked down, otherwise what's the point? Also, they've been slated before for wasting E3 time on re-releases, so it makes sense they kept their own out of it this time imo.
  3. About to show the first live gameplay from AC on Treehouse -
  4. Me too. Unless there's a physical edition coming?
  5. Oh look it's grindmouse whining. The biggest surprise of E3. Be more like Chibi Link.
  6. Majora's Mask vibes from that. Cannot fucking wait.
  7. Probably not. They've done a really nice job with the character models though, some great looking upgrades. I'm glad this is happening, since it seemed like FF8 was doomed to be left behind on the PS1 and the iffy PC port.
  8. In that case the entire thing was ironic, because fuck me that crowd was cheering at absolutely everything. Except that Commander Keen game.
  9. Best thing of the conference for me.
  10. Bojangle

    Xbox Game Pass

    Anyone with the PC Game Pass should check out Book of Demons, it seems bloody excellent.
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