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  1. Played through this in one sitting thanks to Apple Arcade, then immediately went and bought it on Switch. It's an utterly wonderful and bewitching experience and it's easily one of the best games I've played this year, I love it so, so much.
  2. Yes, they’re getting way less than they would were it a “proper” sale.
  3. Bojangle

    Nintendo Switch

    Time to drop the SNES games, everyone knows they’re coming at this point.
  4. I'm playing on Zandalar, either as Rebekah an Undead Warlock or Meelia, Tauren Druid.
  5. Anyone listening to the new Knocked Loose album? It's fuckin' great.
  6. This runs way better than I expected it to in handheld mode. Fuck sake, gonna have to buy it now. I put a good 40-ish hours into it on PC and loved it but, as I do with 90% of games I play on PC these days, I kinda just stopped playing it, hopefully a readily available version of it on Switch will let me see it through to the end. Definitely a game that is #PerfectForSwitch. Also holy shit the orchestral music! I could never go back to the standard music in the PC release now!
  7. Pursuits tab finally getting its own binding on PC. Best expansion ever!
  8. Warlock was fucking amazing if your name was Drakedog. :p
  9. Anyone else listening to the newest album from Gravemind? It's a fuckin' banger.
  10. Great level, Gokou. Here's my first upload, quite proud of it! V9Y-B4K-NHG Am I missing something or is there no way to make the skulls that float on lava go on indefinitely like they could do in SMW? Also no way of making sloped lava? You can't have everything I guess, but...
  11. I mean the guy even said right at the end "We've more stuff we're not showing yet". It's the Nintendo way, they save stuff for Directs throughout the year. It doesn't make any sense for them to release a Prime trilogy when 4 is currently an unknown amount of time way, they'll chuck it out when Prime 4 is locked down, otherwise what's the point? Also, they've been slated before for wasting E3 time on re-releases, so it makes sense they kept their own out of it this time imo.
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