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  1. Only had a quick play in handheld but performance seems great, feels really smooth.
  2. Dispatched. I’ll be diving right into Galaxy. I haven’t played it since the Wii so I’m curious if it’s as excellent as I remember.
  3. Well that’s a nice surprise! May well just take a punt on it, don’t mind showing Supergiant a bit more of my support. Plus I’ll play it way more on my Switch than I would sat at my PC.
  4. In for both of these, they look great. I was a big fan of Stories on the 3DS so well up for more of that. The three amiibo’s they’re doing look excellent too. Bastards.
  5. Yep, when they teased God of War 2 with nothing but a fancy title card and 2021 I chuckled to myself but the fact they’re actually doing cross gen stuff just makes me think this is going to be another one, which would be a shame. Would love to see them really push out the boat on that game.
  6. They haven’t said but I wouldn’t be surprised for them to be in a similar zone. The big difference in this case of course, being Game Pass. In fact, if anything them having similarly priced titles is just going to play in their favour as it’s going to make Game Pass even better value than it already is.
  7. Yep, seems they're currently trying to retcon the mention of FFXVI coming to PC too. Not the kind of mistake you make multiple times across a single show.
  8. Given Yoshida is producing I'm well on board for this.
  9. Quiet reminder that at the end of August they said they were exploring bringing more of their games to PC. So if they quietly remove the mention of PC from that trailer with no comment I'm gonna do a big chinny reckon and give it a year until it's out on PC.
  10. We're talking about a company that will refuse to accept your store page promo videos for not having the Sony mnemonic at the right point in your video. There is close to zero chance of that being a mistake.
  11. If that's a mistake at the end of the trailer it's a pretty fucking huge one that got by several people.
  12. Yep, up on the US blog now too. That Sackboy game is coming to PS4 too. https://blog.playstation.com/2020/09/16/playstation-5-launches-in-november-starting-at-399-for-ps5-digital-edition-and-499-for-ps5-with-ultra-hd-blu-ray-disc-drive/
  13. Seems like this is coming to PC and other consoles later. Well, I guess I can hold out on a PS5 for now and play it on PC.
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