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  1. true I don’t see what they have to gain either aside from the millions of PC users.
  2. Bloodborne next pleeeease.
  3. Devs literally can't do Series X exclusive features anyway, feature parity is a certification requirement. Ramping up the visuals/frame rate is fine, though.
  4. Gonna be Solaire innit, already has an Amiibo and everything.
  5. I suspect they just want all eyes on them whenever/wherever they properly reveal the PS5 and software, which makes sense. Why split attention between themselves and Microsoft. Basically the main reason the Directs throughout the year became a thing rather than everything being saved for E3 reveals. Also probably saves them a whole bunch of costs, better to spend that money on the more consumer focused events.
  6. Haven't seen any talk about anything like that in the documentation I've seen so far, sounds like wishful thinking. Pretty sure these "Xbox will run Steam!" rumours came around with the Bone too. :p
  7. Bojangle

    Nintendo Switch

    Can't believe the people who wanted more Pokemon can now choose to have more Pokemon.
  8. Seems like a pretty considerable expansion, this would 100% have been a full priced "Ultra" release on 3DS. I'll take the single full price game and then an expansion on top thanks.
  9. None of the Kinect stuff from XB1 is BC either. Not that anyone will care about that. :p
  10. I don’t have personal experience of being involved in such a deal but from what I’ve heard from people who have, it’s just a lump sum, same deal with PS+. Things like Humble Bundle are a little different in that they buy X amount of keys from you.
  11. I played the demo after playing a lot of Ring Fit Adventure since Christmas and thought it was trash.
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