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  1. Forgot to post this back when I did it, but, I finally got the Plat in this recently! I’d done everything but the last Trophy tied into the Chalice dungeons and then one of the endings. After being stuck on Defiled Amygdala since sometime in 2018 and just having absolutely no luck in getting close to downing it I honestly though I’d never do it. But with time off, a newborn baby sleeping in my arms, I somehow managed to do it. The Defiled dungeon by far felt like the hardest part in the game, the rest was smooth sailing, relative to how long I was blocked on Defiled Amygdala...
  2. As someone who's worked on an EA game from back with our initial Steam Greenlight pitch (remember that?!), through the initial EA release, subsequent updates, then our 1.0 release and then releasing on multiple platforms I think Early Access is great and it's a huge breath of fresh air when it comes to workflow and expectations. Of course you can find chancers using it to hop on bandwagons or put out something they clearly have no intention of finishing, but that's not any different to the hundreds of "finished" games that appear on Steam every day. I don't know if it's the added knowledge
  3. Nah, if something comes out and I want to play it I’ll just buy it. The idea of waiting for stuff to appear on PS+ for example doesn’t really come into it.
  4. The brilliant OST is available on streaming services today too.
  5. Honestly quite excited to play through this again in 60 FPS. The combat is going to greatly benefit from it.
  6. This ain’t for me, but it’ll probably do the big numbers, so fair play to them.
  7. Looks alright to me. Hopefully it'll come to Switch/consoles like the weird version of FFXV they did.
  8. Imagine saying this when they showed Solar Ash.
  9. 60 FPS FFVII Remake? Yes pls. I hope some of the QoL changes are the absolutely fucking painful slowly crawling through gaps whilst the next area loads parts being removed.
  10. This sucks. They’ve played a part in a lot of absolutely great games. I’d even say some all timers. Seems super short sighted to shut down what is obviously a very talented bunch of developers, both at making their own stuff but also as a support studio. Especially at a time when the competition are buying up talent left and right. On the positive side at least it seems Asobi survived.
  11. That depends entirely on the deal they make tbh, and also if the game has DLC/Micro transactions. There's stories of games going on PS+ and other similar services where development costs are basically covered from the deal so anything else from that point is profit.
  12. If that included a PS5 patch for FFVII I’d be okay with that.
  13. Only pad I ever remember breaking on me has been 2x Bone pads, both times were the RB button breaking. My Splatoon 2 Switch Pro pad left analogue stick is starting to show its age now, but that thing has had a lot of use. Way more than the 400 hours number being thrown around.
  14. This makes me remain hopeful we'll see Bloodborne get a 60 FPS patch (or PS5 release). Please Sony.
  15. It’s already there with stuff like PIX, though the DF presentation is much easier on the eye.
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