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  1. Bojangle

    The Unofficial Pre-E3 2018 Hype Thread

    The same way you play all the other MMOs on console. :p Can’t wait for Heavy Rain 2!
  2. What an insult. So unprofessional. And they dare to charge us for it!!!
  3. I watched with zero expectations and I still left disappointed. Fingers crossed for E3!
  4. Cool. Don't buy it then.
  5. Nah he's talking shit. "omg they're charging for a patch" No, they're not. He's also confusing a remake with a remaster. Listing off features they should have added with zero fucking idea of the scope of what adding them into the game would cost in terms of dev resources. Also - whining about price. Entitled.
  6. Gotta get those clicks innit? Unfortunately these days you get more clicks for being a whining, moaning asshole rather than making meaningful, insightful content.
  7. "DARK SOULS REMASTERED IS INSULTING!" Good job you don't have to fuckin' buy it then you prick.
  8. You missed Spencer's Tweet which promises Halo and Gears news too. (It'll almost certainly be way more boring news then you'd wish for).
  9. Possible, but they'd be showing it amongst 100's of other Battle Royale modes then. They had the spotlight all to themselves just now. Oh well, I'm sure DICE don't mind. :p
  10. Seems like Blackout mode isn't even near being finished if they didn't even have any in game footage of it to show. Those poor devs are gonna be crunching hard.
  11. Bojangle

    Nintendo Switch

    The king returns!
  12. Bojangle

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    Unless any of us here are working with the engine it’s really hard to say what improvements they’ve made since the last game. I’ve seen sizeable performance improvements when we’ve updated our Unity to newer builds (also new bugs ) so if they’ve set themselves a target of 60 and they’re optimising the engine and they have input from iD all bets are off.
  13. Bojangle

    Shenmue III - PS4/PC | 2019

    I get the desire to play a game, but rushing a game to market is never going to end well. Sony may get a lot of stick this gen for the amount of delays they've made to their big titles but you can't argue that that hasn't been to the benefit of the game and the team working on it. I'll always applaud a company that is happy to delay a title when they know it isn't ready.
  14. Bojangle

    Nintendo Switch

    Rab is a big fan too.
  15. Bojangle

    Nintendo Switch

    Sounds good for a Wii game. (I also got excited when I first saw the tweet and thought it was a Wii Sports Resort sequel.)

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