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  1. For many years I ran the videogame review website called Gamestyle with @Swainy @bradigor @strider and a retro section by some bloke called Darran Jones. (There were a lot more people who I haven't credited here because I don’t know if they're on RLLMUK) Back in 2012, me and a mate tried to launch a new site called Game ID. It was going to be big and grandiose and be "IMDB for games" with a lot of extra bells and whistles. A site like MobyGames, but much more modern and nicer. We built two versions of the website over a year. We were not really happy with the quality and as my friend Jon moved abroad for a job at Google, and I to Microsoft - it just didn't happen. We never launched it. 10 years later, Jon and his developer friend rebooted the name and concept and have launched a streamlined version of an app to the iOS App Store. https://apps.apple.com/no/app/game-id/id1607800314 Its pretty much a basic GoodReads for videogames. Rate them, create lists, read news. I haven't had a hand in making this version, so can take no credit, but encourage you to give it a whirl and send any feedback you have to @gameidapp on Twitter. https://gameid.co
  2. I haven't played it for about a year - but I did try and put a few hours into it. It is really fun, especially if you're thrown into a server where people are willing to talk and properly collaborate - rather than just run around without properly communicating and being a bit "every man for himself". I'm surprised it's still going, to be honest. I thought interest would have died out - but do follow the game on Twitch and like to watch people playing, on occasion.
  3. Is your restraining order from @Corranga or from Chvrches?
  4. I wonder if Baldrick was asked to present the new version. If not, I imagine he’s quite pissed off... or maybe he’s too busy travelling around the world by train.
  5. Time Team is back! I’ve not watched it yet, but new episodes sprung up on Channel 4 and YouTube in the past few days. Has anyone seen it yet??
  6. Flickr sent out an email today to let y’all know that they are DONE with your bullshit (but they word it very nicely). They can’t host your private or dirty photos anymore - unless you subscribe to Flickr Pro. In which case, do what you want. But no free lunches here. Free snacks are allowed if you are willing to you set your photos to public mode, for all to see. FREE PLAN - public photo sharing only, no sexy photos PAID PLAN - public and private photo sharing, sexy stuff allowed Full details in this here blog post: https://blog.flickr.net/en/2022/03/17/flickr-forever-2022/ …which I think is fair enough, really. It’s expensive to store everyone’s private photo collection, or their smutty porn, and do it all for free.
  7. Nice! I love love love the debut album and recently ordered Inside Out and Painless on vinyl through Epic Games' Bandcamp. Wasn't sure if to go for "Cloudy pink" (run of 750) or "Limited edition Green" (run of 1000) on the Painless vinyl... but landed on the pink. What about you, @englishbob?!
  8. No. I'd imagine they're stored in the game and only unlocked if you can prove you own it. But it depends how they've built the game, of course. If they're all stored on a company-owned server then this is correct :
  9. The game exists still. Just like every game you bought in the past. You know when you boot up the original Nintendo Wii, it still works but the store is closed and no online gaming works? Well, it could prevent that. You still own the game and can play still, but because assets aren't stored with Peter Molyneux's company, when they declare bankruptcy and shut down the servers, the in-game trading of assets doesn't go with them.
  10. As much as I enjoy the hate train for anything Peter Molyneux claims is going to revolutionise anything... because the game usually ends up being delayed 4+ years and then being average or bad when it's finally released... But, the introduction of NFTs and the blockchain don't bother me. They're pretty much saying "You can buy in-game land, but instead of us storing the record of you owning this purchase, we're putting it on a decentralised network" I guess this means long after the game studio officially stops support for the game, you can still access, buy, sell, and trade your assets. Whereas today, for example, the ability to buy Fortnite skins will stop if Epic Games decide to shut down their store. Using the decentralised blockchain for this purpose isn't a bad idea. But using Ethereum is. Right now they rely on a variable gas fee to trade / move assets. If the network is busy, the fee can be really high - often unaffordable. If Ethereum doesn't improve its tech, you could be buying in game land for £10 but having to pay £175 to send it to someone else.
  11. I watched both Gone Fishing and Grayson Perry's Art Club. They are both pretty feel good, relaxing shows. I'd probably put Around the World by Train With Tony Robinson in the same category. It's exactly what it sounds like. You can get most of it through torrents / youtube. I used to enjoy watching Portrait Artist of the Year too and downloaded it from UKTVLAND on reddit. But that subreddit shut down now and apparently nobody has bothered uploading the latest season (which is airing now) to torrents sites. The show is similar format to Bake-Off / Pottery-Throwdown and that ilk. Different artists painting celebrities and one winner gets picked each episode to go to a grand finale episode. You can probably watch it on Sky Arts though, if you have a subscription.
  12. I love the original 1961 movie film and going to see this Spielberg remake tomorrow on IMAX. It has 8.5 on IMDB right now and a positive review form @PaB so my expectations are suitably high.
  13. I have an Anbernic RG351V and I still have the default OS setup that came pre-installed on the unit. It bugs me that there are essentially two OS-level-esque programs running on this thing. When I boot it up, it shows EmuELEC (is it?) and then when I go to exit a game, I press the middle and analog down, and it brings up RetroArch - which has a totally different UI to navigate. And then I have to "Close content" in RetroArch and then "Quit RetroArch" to get back to EmuELEC and pick a new game. Is there a better way to do this?
  14. I’m in Oslo and watched it på norsk last night with my wife. Quite a fun show. Wasn’t expecting to like it, but it’s decent. Added bonus for me is spotting all the filming locations, since it was mostly filmed in and around Oslo. Even saw a close up shot of my old apartment in the last episode.
  15. Apple Music don’t do such a formatted breakdown, but they do have this thing called Apple Replay - which is basically just an auto-generated playlist of your most listened to tracks. Here is mine, in screenshot format: It’s 100 tracks long, so I’ll spare you the rest.
  16. Snowboarding I spent wayyyyy too much time playing the Amped series to choose anything else. Amped and Amped 2 on the original Xbox, then Amped 3 on the 360. NFL I always liked NFL Fever 2003 on the Xbox, but also have a soft spot for NFL Quarterback Club on the Game Gear. It got slated by the critics at the time though. Tennis Virtua Tennis 2 on the Dreamcast. Although, Mario Tennis for Gameboy Color did get played a lot…
  17. Booted up NFL Quarterback Club tonight on the Game Gear, emulated on the Anbernic RG531V, and it was great fun to play. Brought the memories flooding back.
  18. Hey. I used to paint Warhammer as a kid but never knew how to play it, despite the best efforts of the geeks in Games Workshop trying to explain. Anyway, I pass the Games Workshop in my hometown fairly regularly and happy to announce they finally changed the signage outside to “Warhammer” and got rid of any references to Games Workshop. I never go in there and I’m always amazed to see that a shop that just sells Warhammer is still going in prime high street real estate locations. But anyway, it just made me smile to see a fancy “Warhammer” sign instead of the old GW one. My wife knows of Warhammer and said, upon seeing the new signage, “Oh, so that’s what that place is!” I was almost tempted to go in and take a look around. Maybe next time.
  19. Should’ve stuck with Moyes. Look at West Ham sitting pretty above Manchester Reds.
  20. You probably don’t need to change your password, unless you used the same password on Twitch as you did on your email. Apparently all the leaked passwords were encrypted AND when you sign in from a new computer they make you verify it’s you by sending an email. So, if someone managed to crack the encryption and get your password, they would need access to both your Twitch and Email password. If you’re a streamer, you’ll need to update some API tokens but otherwise, you should be alright.
  21. Bandai Namco could make a really nice looking Time Crisis light gun that can connect to any console and sell it with a download code of a good Time Crisis game. I'd be into it. Or a new Ridge Racer game... but instead, we get this and a rehash of Pacman.
  22. I officially rate this rebrand 1/10 And I know what I'm talking about - I'm a designer AND I use a mac.
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