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  1. I got bored of this series too. Half-way through I started looking up the actors past careers and found it was a weird mix of Hollywood movies (like ET and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood) and UK telly, like Eastenders and Casualty. Oh, and Flora was actually the voice of Peppa Pig. After that revelation, I just kept imagining Peppa Pig delivering the lines.
  2. Wow, thanks for taking the time to write all that, @Lying Cat. Much appreciated! I'm learning.
  3. What can I say?! I'm a rebel. Mamma mia! Awesome! Thank you for your tips and advice! I really want to get some of my friends into it and play the physical game some more. I spend too much time staring at the screen. However, I might take you up on your offer one day! I need to learn how to play properly so I can teach others too.
  4. Sure, but so are a lot of things that provide entertainment. To paraphrase a work colleague; "Look at it this way, if you get 3 hours of entertainment from it in a night, and play at least once a month. Over the years you'll own the game, you've spent your money better than, say, going to the cinema with those friends". I haven't really done the maths, but I guess it's correct of any game. You've just got the balance the money you are putting in with how often you play it.
  5. Maybe this is a question that @Lying Cat can answer; but if anyone else can help - please chime in. Winning the game; you need to get 15 or more power for your faction (incl. cards you control). And see that decks "must contain exactly 7 plot cards". What do you do when you have exhausted the 7 plot cards? Start again with those 7 plot cards? Grab some new plot cards? Or is the game over and whoever has the most power wins? Right now, depending on how long the game has been going on for (and how tired the participants are), we have always mixed it up. Sometimes we picke
  6. +1. The menu has gotten better with the 2020 version but loading times and online matchmaking is a shocking as ever. Definitely needs an overhaul. At this rate, I don’t get why both FIFA and PES don’t just switch to a yearly subscription model and then auto update the same game.
  7. Whilst I saw a few people had commented that they own and are playing this game in the 'What Are You Playing?' thread, I noticed there wasn't a dedicated thread for this game; A Game of Thrones Card Game (Second Edition) [BGG Link] I got into the game quite late, personally - mid 2019. I taught myself to play, and the wife - and we play together sometimes but I've never really found too many more people who are interested in playing it. So, hopefully I can find some fellow RLLMUK'ers to talk about it with here. There's lots of resources online to help with the game, inc
  8. You can decide your Library Folders in the main Settings panel under the Downloads option. For individual games that are already in your library: Open Steam > Right click on the game in your Library > Properties > Local Files > Move Install Folder
  9. I have no idea to be honest. You should drop them an email and ask. info@diceandcrab.com
  10. An internet friend of mine has just started making handmade dice and set up a website to take commissions. So, if a custom set of dice is your thing, check out Dice & Crab (dot com).
  11. Spotted this at the start of the week but forgot to post it: Jet Set Radio anniversary. 20 years. https://twitter.com/Hideki_Naganuma/status/1277538087149559810
  12. I am by no means an expert, but there are tips in the Achievements tab of the Twitch creators dashboard. They have gamified the process so that you can steadily build a following and start earning directly on the platform. As of today, you need to meet the following requirements over a 30 day period before you can start earning cash via Twitch: 50 Followers Stream for 8 hours Stream on 7 different days Have an average of 3 viewers And so if you want to accept donations, I'd make sure to add links to your PayPal, Bitcoin addresses, etc. in your About section s
  13. I used Mixer fairly regularly - seldom to stream, but mostly to watch. Less was more - I found it easier to follow people on Mixer who were there to game and chat and not be a celebrity. Maybe I was just clicking on the right streams, but I found Mixer less obnoxious overall. And I only got into it because it was integrated with the Xbox. After the announcement was made, I signed onto Mixer to see some people deliberating on where to go next. There were quite a few streamers with a Mixer Partner status. You didn't need to be "famous" to get that, just have a regular output and regu
  14. I'm happy for Liverpool FC. After so many years, after so many heartbreaks, after playing so well this season (and last), they deserve it. However, the fans do not. They are terrible. As soon as Chelsea beat City, I had Liverpool supporting friends gloating @ mentioning me on social media and SMS. Some "Liverpool fans" who haven't watched a game all season coming out the woodwork just to give me grief when the final whistle blew. It's odd. When United win a season, I might mention it AS PART OF A CONVERSATION with a friend - but I'd never purposely go out my way to message Liverpoo
  15. I just realised there is nothing from Yvette Young or Covet in this thread. So here: https://yvetteyoung.bandcamp.com https://covetband.bandcamp.com
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