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  1. Spotted this at the start of the week but forgot to post it: Jet Set Radio anniversary. 20 years. https://twitter.com/Hideki_Naganuma/status/1277538087149559810
  2. I am by no means an expert, but there are tips in the Achievements tab of the Twitch creators dashboard. They have gamified the process so that you can steadily build a following and start earning directly on the platform. As of today, you need to meet the following requirements over a 30 day period before you can start earning cash via Twitch: 50 Followers Stream for 8 hours Stream on 7 different days Have an average of 3 viewers And so if you want to accept donations, I'd make sure to add links to your PayPal, Bitcoin addresses, etc. in your About section somewhere. From what I hear from partnered streamers, the key is to make sure you have a half-decent cam and mic, broadcast at a regular time slot and interact with viewers of your stream. And patience. There is apparently a lot of time that you might end up talking to yourself. All the people with the fanciest animations, overlays and crap on their stream seem to use StreamLabs OBS, which is the free and open source Open Broadcaster Software with a bunch of customisation thrown on top. There's also Twitch Studio if you like your first-party offerings.
  3. I used Mixer fairly regularly - seldom to stream, but mostly to watch. Less was more - I found it easier to follow people on Mixer who were there to game and chat and not be a celebrity. Maybe I was just clicking on the right streams, but I found Mixer less obnoxious overall. And I only got into it because it was integrated with the Xbox. After the announcement was made, I signed onto Mixer to see some people deliberating on where to go next. There were quite a few streamers with a Mixer Partner status. You didn't need to be "famous" to get that, just have a regular output and regular viewership. It was rumoured that Facebook Gaming is going to offer all the partnered streamers $2,500 to sign onto FB Gaming for 6 months. But that could just be rumours.
  4. I'm happy for Liverpool FC. After so many years, after so many heartbreaks, after playing so well this season (and last), they deserve it. However, the fans do not. They are terrible. As soon as Chelsea beat City, I had Liverpool supporting friends gloating @ mentioning me on social media and SMS. Some "Liverpool fans" who haven't watched a game all season coming out the woodwork just to give me grief when the final whistle blew. It's odd. When United win a season, I might mention it AS PART OF A CONVERSATION with a friend - but I'd never purposely go out my way to message Liverpool fans I knew and gloat about winning. Jeeez. People from Liverpool are nice, until you give their team a Premier League title. Anyway, I particularly enjoyed these two paragraphs from The Guardian's post-match report on Chelsea vs City: In the end, perhaps it was strangely fitting that Liverpool’s jubilee should be met with pure silence. Perhaps a moment on this scale deserved a little pause for thought. Time for the sheer disorienting size of the achievement to sink in. Time to reflect on the extreme weirdness of the circumstances in which it was achieved: 200 miles from Anfield, with none of the protagonists present. Since Kenny Dalglish’s team won Division One in 1990, the roll of honour contains 13 Manchester Uniteds, five Chelseas, four Arsenals, four Manchester Citys, a Leeds, a Blackburn and a Leicester. And now, 2019-20: Liverpool.
  5. I just realised there is nothing from Yvette Young or Covet in this thread. So here: https://yvetteyoung.bandcamp.com https://covetband.bandcamp.com
  6. I agree that we need to sign the right players, but I don't buy statements like that. You can't expect to buy one player (Hello Pogba) and expect a massive turn around in the team. There is undoubtedly a lot of dead wood we need to axe and players we should attempt to buy - but if they aren't coming all at once, that's fine. And if we buy a player and it doesn't turn our entire season around - that's also fine. I'm just saying we should have a little patience with one manager / setup before we get trigger happy on firing them. Not sure the board will agree though.
  7. I want to see United stick with OGS for a while. We are too quick to get rid of managers. David Moyes isn't the greatest manager in the world - but there is a good reason we was initially offered a 7 year contract and I think if we stuck with Moyes the past 7 years we wouldn't be in any worse of a position than we are now. In fact, to give Moyes some credit; he was given a lot of shit for not buying players - but the two first team players he did buy (Fellaini and Mata) we relied on for the following five years after he got sacked. So many games where we were either a goal down or equalising and we turned to Fellaini to come on and nut away that last minute goal. Terrible times - that you have to rely on floating the ball into the box for someone tall to nut it to the ground and hope it bounces in the back of the net... but it got us through when all the expensive buys weren't performing. Moyes thought he had time to turn the squad around. He didn't even get chance to finish out the season. He still has a marginally better win percentage than Louis van Gaal and won as many titles (Moyes' 1 Community Shield vs LvG's 1 FA Cup). If we can have a solid backroom staff and OGS at the helm, I'm not worried. We just need time and patience. I'm not worried if buying new players is a little slow - there is also talent coming up from the youth squads. So long as United finish in the Top 5 each season and we can see an improvement as time goes on, I'm happy. United enjoyed so many years of success winning title after title, year on year. We got spoilt.
  8. It's fashionable to be late, right? Well, clearly not in video games. I got a Telegram message from my friend the other day saying "You play games at the weirdest times. Like, when they are not popular anymore." And that's because I stopped playing Fortnite and jumped on Realm Royale. After playing Fortnite for months, I actually really love Realm Royale. Anyone over 30 years old on Fortnite automatically sucks at building (ever notice that?) and so a game without building and with a bit more strategy when it comes to what weapons you carry, where you go on the map, what your starting character is, etc. is a little more up my alley. Some random points: I heard / read that the dev team has been reduced to just three people and that Hi-Rez have put all their dev resources on their other titles. Which, if true, sucks. There is a learning curve if you are coming from Fortnite to Realm. They are different enough to throw you off for a while, but if you stick with it for a while you figure out the nuances. Being able to mount a horse and move faster across the map is great. Not a fan of some of the custom mounts you can get. Horses = great. Big birds = meh, ok. Green blobs = no, stop! This is a general point about all art in the game. I would personally like it if the art became a bit more "real" in their costumes + weapons. Give me Robin Hood or Knight style costumes, Swords and Crossbows rather than sci-fi / medieval hybrids with guns. YOU TURN INTO A CHICKEN! This never fails to be funny. Makes getting shot and dying funny. "bok bok bok" Is anyone else here still playing Realm?
  9. Yeah. That was a tough watch. Pretty grim.
  10. BlackHoodedCrow

    NFL 2019!

    As if Vince McMahon doesn't have enough money to keep that one floating... this is the second time they tried to launch the XFL. I'm surprised it didn't last longer.
  11. Just going to leave this one here in case people haven't seen it.
  12. I hate Deadpool so avoided everything Deadpool-related in the game.
  13. The Queen's Corgi 0/5 It's so so horrible. Within the first 20 mins there is a dog rape scene and President Trump and a "Grab them by the puppy" joke. It's meant to be a kids movie.
  14. Almost a week passes and nobody responds... I'd say YES. You were alone. But I'm happy for you both.
  15. After watching it last night, I agree with this. As I previously mentioned in this thread; the whole series has been slow and felt like it was building up to something. And the last episode was tense for sure. Definitely could have spread it out over at least two episodes, but I really enjoyed it regardless. I don't think it's a spoiler to say that it's predictably left open for a second season. Does anyone know is this is the plan?
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