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  1. Thanks, good to know this wasn't just me being dense. Various news sites have now picked up the story (including Eurogamer) so I think I'll hold fire on paying the charge and wait and see how this pans out. I'm not holding my breath though. I can see from the FAQ section on the Kickstarter page that they did add a warning that physical copies would be shipped from the US and that backers would be responsible for local customs/VAT charges on 12th Feb. This was before the campaign closed but after most backers, including me, had already made their pledge. It is pretty poor for Platinum not to have sent an email drawing this to the attention of backers who they knew had ordered physical copies from outside the US before this information had been made available.
  2. Hello, I backed the kickstarter for this (first one I have backed) and got a note through the door this morning to say there is a £15 customs charge I need to pay before it can be delivered. I am a bit surprised because I thought that goods worth less than £135 are not subject to customs duty. Is this the case for everyone else and have I misunderstood the rules? I don't think I have bought a game from outside the EU since the days of the Nintendo DS and don't remember ever having to pay a customs charge before, so I don't have much experience of this. EDIT: ah ok, I've logged on to the Royal Mail site and the charge isn't for customs duty, it's for import VAT, plus a massive 'handling fee' which is larger than the VAT charge. Presumably the shops I bought from in the past (Play Asia etc.) included the VAT cost in the price I paid and took care of it for me. Kicking myself that I didn't ask for a digital copy when backing now, but you live and learn. That's on the assumption that digital goods supplied from outside the EU aren't also subject to import VAT same as physical goods... would be good to know if that's the case?
  3. Yes, 50% off, so £6 for the Donkey Kong campaign and £8 for the full whack.
  4. You should be able to play simultaneously. Load the game on the primary Switch, stick that in flight mode, then load the game on the secondary Switch (the one which needs to carry out an online check). At least, my partner and I have been able to do this on other games downloaded from the eShop. I don't know whether there would be anything different about Animal Crossing. You won't be able to play multiplayer together using the same digital copy of the game. Online is obviously impossible and in local wireless it will be able to tell it is the same copy of the game. We are going to see how we get on with a single digital copy. It should mean we can each have our own island (one island per Switch) but no way to visit each other's island, so might cave and buy a physical copy too depending on how much mileage he gets from the game...
  5. Ah, thanks for confirming. Yes, shame Shinobi 2 didn’t make the cut but on the other hand I’ve never tried Shinobi 3, so looking forward to that.
  6. Did you not say Super Shinobi is already accessible if you change the language to Korean?
  7. Castle Crashers is out on Switch next week too.
  8. gratuitous sax

    SNES Mini

    They have come back in stock. If you look at the recent stock history updates on http://m.stockinformer.co.uk/checker-super-nintendo-entertainment-system-snes it looks like Tesco are releasing them in batches every 20 minutes. So if you miss out this time, might be worth checking again from about ten past 9.
  9. Hi fellow Nintendo Switch beta testers. So I got my left Joy-Con repaired by Nintendo. It arrived back today. First impressions are good and they do seem to have fixed the issue. Performance now seems to be broadly on par with the right Joy-Con, in fact it might even be a little better, meaning that I can now play Zelda with my hands behind my back or from just outside the room or (more importantly) on the sofa with the Joy-Cons resting on my fleshy watery legs. Previously the connection was dropping out regularly unless I was sat right next to the Switch. So I'm pleased and can start giving Nintendo more of my money and my love again. They also enclosed a letter renewing my warranty and which bizarrely also says that the fault they identified was an "operating system problem" but that it has "now been rectified by adjusted". Maybe "adjusted" is one of their technicians. Thanks adjusted. They fixed it and returned it within a week of receipt which I was quite impressed by. Although you have to send it by Parcelforce, they return it by DPD so you get a delivery window plus options to reschedule delivery if you aren't going to be in. One thing to be aware of - the guy at Nintendo customer services who I booked the repair with did try to encourage me to return the console to the retailer first, but explaining that I would have to return the whole console and didn't want to lose my precious Zelda save was enough to get him to book the repair.
  10. The left Joy-Con problem has been quite severe for me. On my sofa I’m only 2m away from the TV / Switch and I am experiencing regular dropouts in the connection. I can more or less eliminate the problem by sitting right in front of the TV (about 1m away) but that’s hardly an ideal solution. No aquariums or microwaves under my TV but the wireless access point is there and I can’t move the Switch more than about 4 feet away from that, which doesn’t seem to be fixing the issue anyway. I think interference must be the problem because if I set the Switch up in tabletop mode away from any wifi / bluetooth devices then the controller response is massively improved. I can get 4 - 5m away before the left Joy-Con starts struggling. Really hope this can be fixed with a system update. I’m so glad I bought a pro controller in the meantime. It’s such a nice bit of hardware though and Zelda is just fantastic
  11. Me too I especially like the way they waited until the day before release to cancel the orders, the cheeky scamps. Thank god for Amazon Prime. Apparently 'electrical items' were excluded from the offer so I'm hoping my (discounted) order for the official carry case survives, because I'm taking the Switch on my travels at the weekend. The order is still showing as processing and says 'estimated delivery 03/03/17 - awaiting stock pick' in my account, but then so is the order for the pro controller... Are the delivery estimates on Zavvi's website reliable?
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