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  1. Their FAQ confirms you shouldn’t have to pay any extra taxes or duties and points you in the direction of their international shipping partner Passport: https://help.play.date/shipping/countries/ Contact information here: https://help.play.date/shipping/where-is-package/ Edit: Hope this isn’t something Brexit-related. I got stung for an unexpected import VAT charge on the Wonderful 101 kickstarter, which seemed to affect UK backers but not EU backers. But then if others upthread have already received theirs without problems, hopefully it’s just a one-off error.
  2. Wario Land: The Sheikh Dimension
  3. The Zero Escape collection is currently on GamePass so I was going to leave VLR, but it would suit me better to play it on handheld. Is it best to play 999 first or are they completely separate stories?
  4. PlayStation is easy. The triangle is like an up arrow so it’s the top button. X marks the spot for treasure buried underground, so it’s the bottom button. The sun rises in the east, so circle is on the right. And that means the square is the only one left. I’m 39 years old.
  5. There are still plenty of seats on the Team 2022 bus.
  6. I’m feeling this. Really wanted one but it’s a premium price to pay and a big part of the appeal is surely the sense of shared surprise and discovery as the games unlock each week. Plus, there’s no knowing when the first 2022 batch will ship. If it’s more than 3 months after launch then there may already be units on the second hand market from people who have played through the entire first season and have had their fill. Disappointed to miss out but I’ll probably still get one eventually. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the feedback in here. EDIT: fuck it, Team 2022
  7. I think the 360 games that were enhanced for One X are also enhanced for Series S, but they get the 1440p treatment instead of the full 4k. At least that’s what Digital Foundry was reporting pre-release, based on information they were given by Microsoft. It’s native Xbox One games that won't benefit from One X enhancements on a Series S, although any game that has dynamic resolution or an uncapped or unsteady frame rate should still run better.
  8. Top marks. Yep that’s what I was going for, but @Jamie John ‘s answer works just as well so points all round.
  9. 1. : 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. (()) 8. 9. 10. I think these are all gettable but 7 is a bit obtuse... well done if you get that. Might need to call it a day as my other half is starting to ask difficult questions about why I am spending so much of my day looking at emojis... edit - answers to those that haven’t been guessed:
  10. 1. 3. 4. I think the others have been got already!
  11. Hmm, tricky, is this a game by ? The same studio that made ?
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