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  1. It doesn't show up for me on mobile firefox, but I can see it on desktop chrome, so if anyone can't see it try a different browser.
  2. It's worth sticking with it, as you do get used to the controls after a while. At the start I was the same (my first expedition ended with me crash landing directly into the nearest moon) but by the end I was pulling off some ridiculous manoeuvres.
  3. It's confirmed that cross save isn't supported, unfortunately. I guess I'm starting from scratch on a third platform then! https://www.supergiantgames.com/blog/hades-xbox-playstation-coming-soon/
  4. I was really looking forward to this, but have bounced off it pretty quick. Looks and sounds lovely, but it's just not any fun to actually play. My character got stuck on the scenery on the first screen of the seeding chapter, so I quit out and selected the chapter to start it again. Once I finished the chapter I found out that playing from the chapter selection screen doesn't unlock the next part, so I lost all my progress. I probably would have persevered to see if it got any better, but I have no appetite at all to go through that empty experience again, so I guess I'm done.
  5. Got my first win! Completely undeserved, though. I picked up a perk which gave my active wand a random always-cast spell - this felt like a real gamble at the time, I half expected to get a spell that would blow me up immediately, but ended up with a rapid fire meteor wand that just demolished everything in my way. I already had fire immunity and explosion resistance, so it was just a case of holding down fire and loosely pointing in the direction of where I wanted to go. I honestly couldn't tell you what any of the enemies on the last few stages do because they didn't get much of a chance to do anything apart from explode. This result was a bit of an abberation as I'm at the stage where a good run will get me to the snow level, and an excellent one to Hilsi base. I've only seen past that twice - once when I got invisiblity and stealthed my way almost all the way through the jungle, and this run. I don't have a good sense for what I should be doing - balancing exploring off to the sides rather than bee-lining for the exit? Also don't really know how to build a good wand yet. I've read some guides so I understand the concepts, but don't really know how to assemble all the parts to make something worthwhile. Might have to watch some streams to see how people who know what they are doing are approaching it. Really loving it though, I'm enjoying pretty much every run as I learn something new (usually about the different ways things combine to self-destructive effect!)
  6. After a long day of following the exciting adventures of my DHL delivery driver, Argos finally came through at 7! They did send me the wrong controller though - I ordered the white one (so that I'd have one of each colour) but they sent me another black one. Not the end of the world, I wouldn't have bothered returning it, but they sent a text message apologising for sending me a play and charge kit instead of a white controller, and telling me to keep the kit and they'll send a replacement controller. A bit weird that they know they sent the wrong item, but got the wrong item wrong. Still I'm not complaining - nice release day bonus!
  7. Nah, he'll have been looking at data about how everywhere is sold out for the last five weeks but didn't feel any sense of urgency, and is only now trying to get one for Christmas.
  8. I can see stuff like the lockpicking minigame from Oblivion being great with haptics... Maybe not a great example given the Bethesda situation but I reckon there'll be some great applications and expect it'll be standard practice after this gen.
  9. I imagine the car enthusiast forums would be full of pictures of people's garages as they figure out where they're going to park it.
  10. Deus Ex is one of my all time favourite games, I played it through multiple times when it released, but honestly I'd be pretty nervous to play it again now. Even at the time it came out, it was obvious that it was much greater than the sum of its parts - which was lucky because if we're being honest some of its parts were janky as fuck. It was a poor shooter, the sneaking wasn't a patch on the Thief games, but the sheer ambition and scope produced something absolutely magnificent. I guess its saving grace will be that nobody has properly taken up the mantle in the meantime. I think my favourite moment came when dicking around on the first level. You start on the pier at Liberty Island, and as soon as you begin your brother Paul runs up the pier to give you your briefing, and to suggest that maybe murdering everyone on the level wouldn't be such a great idea. It turns out that it's possible to jump off into the water before he reaches you, and to swim around and pop up a ladder behind him. You can get into the main level space with him racing after you, and at this point if one of the enemies attacks you, Paul will leap to your defence. This fight will attract attention from other enemies, starting more fights, which attracts more attention, and so on. I managed to hide in a supply crate while Paul systematically wiped out the entire NSF presence outside the statue. The icing on the cake came at the end of the mission, when Paul chewed me out for all the unnecessary carnage. Come on dude!
  11. I know I'm setting myself up for disappointment here, but with the rumours of a Valve announcement I'm crossing my fingers for Half Life Alyx on Xbox series VR.
  12. It runs so hot you have to keep it in a fridge? Genuine Concerns vindicated!
  13. I couldn't decide between the series S, series X, or buying a 3080 and upgrading my PC. So I've somehow ended up with preorders for all 3. Whoops. I'm almost certainly going to cancel the series S order so our votes should cancel each other out.
  14. I played this quite a bit on PC at the start of the year, beat the final boss a couple of times, then figured I'd park it until v1 came out. I'd planned to wait until cross-saves were in, but couldn't resist, and now I'm hooked again. This game is absolutely made for the Switch. I love the way the different boons completely change your approach. Yesterday I got a run where my dash caused multiple types of damage, so I blitzed through rooms destroying everything by just zipping around without having to attack at all. Things were going well but that approach came unstuck on one of the Elysium mid-stage bosses. Today I made it to the final boss with a rapid fire bow, with a set of perks focused purely on upping the main attack damage, so I played it as a straight twin-stick shooter and barely touched the other powers. You can get some absolutely game-wrecking synergies going if you get lucky. What keepsakes are people using? I've been using Dusa's feather duster, but I think it's a bit of a waste, certainly in Tarturus where I don't really need the extra healing. I think I should be more focused on the earlier stages on picking particular gods to try to shape my build a bit more rather than the random let's-see-what-I-get-this-time approach I'm using at the moment.
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