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  1. Watched this because of the Oscar wins. It might not be the most technically gifted or the biggest spectacle or even that surprising but I really connected with it. Like others have said - just a wonderful film full of life.
  2. Psychonauts 2 (Series X via Gamepass) I did waver about finishing this about a quarter of the way through. The platforming/combat/bosses were really annoying me. But shortly after there came a point where I got a bit better at it and it didn’t irritate me as much anymore. The imagination in the art, story and general vibe really pull the quality up. Video games really can be anything they want to be and Psychonauts 2 pushes the envelope in that regard. A total original. I am trying to, within reason, finish what I started and not be so tempted by switching to other games when a game has a dodgy hour or an element isn’t quite right. I’m glad I stuck with it but with all the great games getting released there were definitely moments where I thought “argh I should dump this and buy Elden Ring”. Previous Games Inside (Jan) Deathloop (Feb) Psychonauts 2 (Mar)
  3. No - in the case of Newcastle their owner murders journalists so there will be a distinct lack of empathy from me.
  4. The soundtrack to this is the best I’ve heard for a while. When watching in a cinema and it’s firing on all cylinders it was overwhelming to watch.
  5. Added a few people too - feel free to add me. It’s GaryC1882.
  6. Beauty and the Beast (1991) Saw this in the cinema for the first time. What else can be said about it really? Maybe for our favourite film moments, the ones that mean the most to us, we all have our own Oscars montage in our heads. Kind of like this: This whole sequence is the crown jewel of my montage. A film of such relentless beauty.
  7. Deathloop (PS5) cop out time....sometimes 8/10 more often than not 9/10 I have had so many ups and downs playing this game. When the action gets going and you're combining your trinkets/weapons/slabs to take out wave after wave of enemy it really sings. I wish each visionary had better AI and their character was somehow built up more in the game. Maybe not quite to the level Julianna is....but a little bit more than it was. I thought Frank was pretty funny but some of them seemed innocuous. It's almost like you need to speak in the games language to enjoy it...or understand what it requires from you as a player. I think this makes the first few hours a little bit of a struggle. I can see why people bounced off it. But once I got past that I had a tremendous time - I don't spend 35 hours playing a single game too often. I just wish it had the kind of polish you would expect such a highly rated game to have.
  8. Aww I’m playing Deathloop at the moment and I understand people felt let down by it but we’ve put it in a list with NFTs, Activision bullying scandals and 15 minutes. Ouch. Maybe the disappointment should be in games reviews going overboard e.g. most people on the forum would agree that 10/10/GOTY for Deathloop is too much. Therefore giving us expectations that the game would be polished like you would expect a game of the year to be.
  9. GaryC


    argh 2010-2014 at Uni and listening to The Knife (& Fever Ray), Robyn, Roykssop, Suzanne Sundfor. What happened? Just totally fallen out of listening to that Scandinavian clique that I loved so much. Loved Junior and never listened to Inevitable End so thanks for keeping this thread alive.
  10. Superbad 4/5 Spontaneous Friday night on Netflix. Still had a lot to make me laugh - mostly McLovin/cops related.
  11. Thanks. It’s hard to recommend a film like this to somebody like, y’know, my dad or someone at work because the themes are quite tough. I’d feel bad if I couldn’t really share how watching it made me feel - it gets a bit lonely! That’s why I like trying to express that here because maybe/maybe not there’s someone here who is looking for that kind of film. That’s why I love this place
  12. Ordinary People (1980) 5/5 This was my second viewing. The acting in this film is another level. Why did I feel so much emotion when watching it? In that sense it’s like the Deerhunter or ET: when I start watching it I know full well that by the end I will have gone through the ringer. My day will not be the same. The echos will last a few days afterwards. Sometimes I need this to happen. There’s something about each of these characters that I see in myself or people in my family. When I think of the times I’ve judged people, or been angry at them and then you meet this film - which is about forgiveness and understanding. That friction is what makes me so emotional. It’s almost like meeting the Ghost of Christmas Past or something. I cried so much at the end and, just like The Deerhunter and ET I thought “that was just the best film”.
  13. Had so much fun adding times to the various classes tonight. Very, very addictive.
  14. 5/1 - Inside (Switch) I bought this a while ago in a sale, tried to start it twice and just hadn't got past the first half hour. Maybe it was the vibe from the pandemic? Maybe another game at the time just seemed more appealing? Either way I didn't continue. Then I listened to the "games of the last generation" episode of the Back Page pod and Matt/Sam talked about Inside. I liked the sound of it - it was time to try again. This time it'd be handheld mode with headphones. This is a singular vision the likes of which I don't think we see too often. The visuals/sound may be for a video game but they have the awe inspiring impact of cinema. The impact of the big screen on the Switch. Just wow.
  15. Yoshi’s Crafted World - 8/10 I think the world of this game but it seems obvious to me that they didn’t think it was long enough so they added the annoying “you need 10/15/30 sunshines to get past here” gates. I’ve tried to put this to one side because the graphics, in handheld mode, are fantastic. There is plenty of variety in the levels - it’s so much fun to play. Just this gating makes it a couple of hours too long but……yeah I’ll try and forget about that. I find that I’m not very forgiving of these kinds of issues even when 90% of the game is great. It’s not fair but when a game wastes my time (even a little bit) I really feel it. I’m going to have to tolerate it a bit more than I am atm as a lot of good games are going to be soured otherwise.
  16. VOTING TEMPLATE Game of the Year A1. Returnal A2. Forza Horizon 5 A3. A4. A5. Game of the Year (premiered anywhere pre-2021) B1. Demon’s Souls (PS5) B2. Death Stranding Directors Cut (PS5) B3. Flight Sim (Xbox Series X) Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart Z2. Z3. Sound Design of the Year S1. Returnal S2. S3. Visual Design of the Year V1. Returnal V2. Ratchet & Clank V3. Writing of the Year W1. W2. W3. Format of the Year F1. Xbox Series X/S Publisher or Developer of the Year P1.
  17. Hi would you mind adding me to the club? Gamertag is claretsfan1882. Cheers.
  18. It’s just so full of riches to devour. Golden Slumbers with just McCartney on piano. After watching part 1 last night, I have been singing/humming: “Sleep, pretty darling, do not cry And I will sing a lullaby” all morning and all of a sudden my 3 yr daughter sang it back to me. Made my day that. I know things are not great with the band in the film but you can still see the love between them. That is really powerful to me.
  19. Yeah I bought it on Apple TV but it's available to rent on there too. Might be the same on Prime?
  20. Breaking Away (1979) Aww what can I say? This is definitely up there as one of my favourite films. You lucky so and so if you haven't seen it. The film mainly follows four kids just graduated from high school and they don't really know what to do. Except one of them has fallen in love with cycling (Dave). So it's all about the kids, Dave's parents and Dave's cycling. It appealed to me a lot as a story. I was born in Burnley so when I was at school I got called all sorts about where I was from - "Dingle", "Inbred", "Mong" etc etc. This even continued into my first job after people asked "where you from/what football team do you support?". The kids in the film are called "Cutters" by the students at the local University as they come from families who have mainly worked as stone cutters in the local quarry - y'know not academic/working class scum etc. So there's kind of a class war thing going on. I can relate to being called a Cutter anyway. There's a lot of comedy but I think the darkness is pretty powerful too. As I usually find watching "coming of age" types of films - they do take you back to when you were their age. But maybe this is the first one where I've come away with more focus on the parents? Maybe when you're watching as a younger person you focus on the kids and when you're older you focus on the dad? Wonderful film. 5/5
  21. I watched Midsommar last night and thought it was absolute class: cinematography, music, Florence Pugh’s acting. Everything. Grateful for a filmmaker where everything he makes can be looked forward to (or maybe feared )
  22. I saw this last night after reading some good reviews last week. I hadn’t heard of it up to that point. I loved it! Maybe your enjoyment will hinge on whether the structure of the film works for you - I had to be on the ball when watching it. Critics seem a bit split on that. I really cared for the characters and what happened at the end. I’m glad it got made but when I read it cost $100m to make for a sometimes brutally violent, 18 rated, 2 and a half hour film released kind of the same time as Bond……it was always going to bomb wasn’t it?
  23. Well - you learn something every day
  24. Oh we just watched the theatrical one off Apple TV (I think). The 4K version is getting released next year.
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