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  1. Playing this on PS4 and love it. The variety between platforming and the puzzles in the overworld works. The graphics and soundtrack also combine well. A lot of thought has gone into this game.
  2. I am receiving Playstation VR as a present and I’ve only experienced it once when a friend brought it into work. So got lots of catching up to do. I am genuinely excited which, as I am an older gamer of 36 years old, is becoming something of a rarity. This excitement is as much about me playing as seeing how relatives react to the likes of Astro Bot, Tetris Effect etc.
  3. Yep my mum & dad couldn’t afford to buy an N64. To dream/torture myself I read the huge Mario 64 review in Gamesmaster so many times.
  4. Adding you all from the spreadsheet now. My code is: SW-3526-3449-7009.
  5. Finished this last week: the latter half of the game was fantastic and did surprise me after the relatively ordinary opening. The snow levels were a joy to play through. Fair enough - the mechanics are very familiar but the levels, especially later on, are wonderfully constructed. I really like platform games though! I wasn't so keen on the loading and the look of the world screen - it lacked the polish the levels had been lavished with. Once a level loaded though....KAPOW it looked and sounded amazing.
  6. Yep clearly I haven't played 3
  7. Haha yep you're right. Ah well! Made my own drama up I suppose!
  8. Finished this yesterday. The graphics, production values wowed me but often what you actually did in the game didn't. Despite this...
  9. Saw Marnie tonight and after all the awful news in the last few days it was a relief to disappear into the beautiful images displayed on screen. If only for a couple of hours.
  10. There's so much character, humour and joy in this game. But then if I don't get the right cards at the right time
  11. Not well at the moment and off work so really enjoying motoring through Checkpoints (particularly Simon Parkin, Keith Stuart) and The Computer Game Show. In terms of gaming podcasts, all I ever listened to was One Life Left so it's nice to have a change.
  12. Yeah - I shouldn't be surprised I liked it as I love lots of his other films. But after the heights of something like Boyhood and the film being about such a well worn subject I wasn't expecting to leave the cinema so completely.....happy. There must have been 8 of us watching it in the screen I was in - I doubt it'll make much money.
  13. Went to see this yesterday. Surprised there is no topic already given it's a Linklater film and a sort of sequel to Dazed and Confused and/or Boyhood but there you go... Really enjoyed it - didn't know anyone from the cast but the whole film was so full of energy and humour that I just went along with it. Oh and the music
  14. I'll be playing this from time to time - add gcclaret to the list please
  15. Cheers for the amazing games tonight. A couple of pints at the pub helped beforehand.....but when has that not been true about anything?
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