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  1. The single player footage on the 1up show certianly looks fantastic. Shame it's yet another title without any v-sync though - especially annoying on the 360.
  2. Opening up my gates now. You're welcome to the 'oids and coconuts at the entrance and all the fruit you can pick - peaches, pears, cherries and possibly a few apples and oranges. No talking to Gabi though, please. PM if you're adding my code.
  3. About 80 in the AM and 129 now. *prays for a continuing trend*
  4. Alan Tudyk (Wash) is/was a big big Xbox player apparently.
  5. Lazychu

    Wow On 360

    Why? To be honest, I'm with Poet though. I won't be playing it on a 360, but...eh, whatever.
  6. Just logged off for now, but thanks for the offer. I'll let you know when I'm on next.
  7. Ok, so I'm taking a Tauren who's currently lvl 15, through the Barrens on TVC and it's a real slog. Admittedly, I'm using a slow 2H Axe but even so, should they it be this tricky to deal with multiple mobs and should they just lack any real survivability in general? Advice needed please.
  8. Opening my gates now, mainly to offload some 'oids if anyone collects them. They're taking up space in my pad and making a right old racket. Also plenty of fruit out ATM ripe for picking.
  9. Crazy, Crazy Nights FTW.
  10. Back to 161B this morning. Thanks for the tips last tnight, Darren. Already got enough for my next mortgage, though I'll probably invest most of it in 'nips.
  11. Cool. Just as mine crashed again. Edit: But thankfully everyone's generous 'tips' are still there. Cheers guys. Anyway, I have to dash.
  12. Open again now for about 20 mins. I'll be AFK intermitterntly though.
  13. Gates are open now till about 3:15pm. Turnips at 551B!
  14. Crap! 551B this afternoon. Opening gates now, but I'll have to go around 3:15pm I'm afraid (to the Notts meet, with DS in tow) Edit: A touch too big there...
  15. Cheers for that Ginger. I'll have to reward you more next time.
  16. I may only have 50 'nips but it'd be a nice 25k profit. PM'd.
  17. Unless it's on a different console from the one you bought it on, correct?
  18. Depends what Nook's offering for 'nips. He's closed for remodelling in Hamilton, so there's nothing to do really now.
  19. Lazychu

    Ridge Racer 6.

    Think I'll be taking mine back today. I still won't let me select any kind of online race (yet the global time attack works fine) for some stupid reason.
  20. Cheers. Erm...I'm there, obviously.
  21. Cheers. Erm...I'm there, obviously.
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