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  1. Agreed. That's the only thing I don't like about it so far. Just kinda freaks me out. Other than that, it's rather wonderful, despite there not being much to it. Kinda reminds me of BG&E.
  2. Ack...can't wait to finally play this tommorow. Doubt it can live up to the hye really though.
  3. Slightly OT, but anyway... I popped into Game today and they had a nice SOTC trailer running on the TV's as you walk in. The lovely music was blaring out well, but unfortunately the picture was soo dark, you could barely make out a sodding thing. Kinda pointless really. Also there didn't seem to be any other trace of it in the store at all - no case's or POS stuff out. Nothing. I thought SCEE actually cared about this?
  4. I love it too, but it's hardly action all the way through. Like Kong, there's plenty of build up, just thats it's more interesting. When it does kick off though (with still one of the finest set pieces ever) it really has few peers IMO. JP1 > PJ's Kong. Fact. Edit: Also, why aren't they simply using the special Amazon artwork for every cover? I guess it's not 'action' or 'grr' enough.
  5. I was at work by 7:15am. Still managed to look every 15 minutes or so though. Those Farmhouse Breakfasts had to wait.
  6. Why would anyone fear either? It's all perfectly natural.
  7. It's the Man'O'War of the gaming world.
  8. I'm fine with Winter for now since I've hardly done fishing or bug catching yet. It's still all $$$ (or rather BBB) for me.
  9. I couldn't find Joan anywhere this morning. Either she was avoiding me or she just wasn't there for some reason. No 'nips for me this week then, which is annoying because I won't have any wi-fi accsess for a week or so from next Sunday, so I'm loathe to get any then. Also Kabuki won the bright nights contest. What a fucking fix. How did lovely Gabi not get it after I voted for her no less than 3 times??
  10. Lazychu

    Ridge Racer 6.

    Switch back to your composite/scart lead and you'll get the PAL 60 option on the dash.
  11. Lazychu


    So is there any actual way to tell if you have hacked item's/residents?
  12. Maybe if they added this instead of a 3D mario?
  13. No room for more codes? ARGH!!!
  14. And all the other stuff on it wouldn't of made it look out of place?
  15. But if it can fly, why would it need to?
  16. Why did it have train wheels if it could fly?!
  17. Well I guess all those things mentioned (which I can't disagree with except for the map on MK) negate all the great games released for it. No wonder you hate it. But anyway, DS wins for now. I barely play my 360 ATM but the DS is out every day for quick sessions on AC and Ouendan.
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