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    Simple question really. After going into hospital for an eon and losing my wallet, I can't I'm screwed for a sub. Any ideas of high street stores that do them? cheers.
  2. Well, it'll be on ITV soon anyway, won't it?
  3. Oh sorry, I must of skimmed your post and not read it properly.
  4. The R4 has been out for a little over a week. ← But...but, I've just ordered from CD-Wow!
  5. They have it listed as 1 disc.
  6. You HAVE to watch Serenity (the pilot). Yes, it's confusing* *no it's not actually.
  7. You see, I often do this and nothing happens. Do you have to collect a certain amount for it to increase or just certain ones? Just taken down number 4. A bit frustrating as once I'd worked out how to get onto it, it seemed to lose interest all the time. Also -
  8. Open now for a free clean out. Please come and take some of my oids, spare fossils and fruit. Come one come all!
  9. Not to be a wanker, but can we spoiler tag all these lists please? I'd like to know as little as possible about them before I TAKE THEM DOWN!!. ...BITCH!
  10. I would of prefered Alpha 2 or 3 but never mind...
  11. Lazychu


    I'm sure it is. Shame I've never been able to get into it. No doubt I'll gove it anpther go once I've finished SOTC soon though.
  12. Plus it's actually fun and exciting. etc...
  13. I'd say it's worth it for those games alone (although Psychonauts is best on Xbox).
  14. Do you actually like games then?
  15. Big and stompy. Beat the 3rd one now and I can understand why people (including me) got a bit stuck on it. I 'worked out' how to get up to his weak spot by accident pretty much.
  16. It's alright, panic over. He's history now. I was just testing the controls, obviously.
  17. We Katamari - http://play.com/play247.asp?page=title&r=P...e=847865&pa=rnr Hmmm...
  18. Just got to the 1st collosi (?) now. Circled around it a few times in awe, jumped up and grabbed hold of his foot, then paniced and ran out of grip. Looks like I'll be shite at this game.
  19. Well, you didn't tell me this. Not really suprised though.
  20. Oh noes. It's not working for me. Also, I just did the 12m stage. Starting off on frogs on a little farm and ending on ships in the harbour is fantastic. Edit: Oh, it is now.
  21. Interestingly Gamespot gave this the same score as SOTC.
  22. Lazychu


    Think I'll have to give this a Game rental, since I can't get my preview copy to work - it just go's black after the first loading screen. Pun intended. I do hope most of you are wrong though.
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