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  1. Balls. Looks like I'll have to settle with 116b - technically a profit still.
  2. Damn it. I need to check this thread more. Down to 56(!) this morning in Hamilton. Nook needs a slap.
  3. I'd spend up to £200 personally, so that sounds great.
  4. I keep meaning to get this, but my recent hospital 'experiance' has somewhat put me off it.
  5. Balls. Deekay is right. When the controls in a Mario game (especially M64) are sub par, it may as well be Blinx (or any other awful platformer). If it wasn't for the minigames, it wouldn't be worth a penny.
  6. Lazychu

    Best of E3

    They're making a game based on Heat ? Here's hoping you can play as Pacino and De Niro. ...who am I kidding, it's gonna be shit like every recent game of it's type.
  7. You cunt. *looks at crystal white Lite*
  8. I love the boppy move all the enemies do at sertain points of a tune. Sweet touch.
  9. You're on Wold 7 already yet you say you're not very good at it? Slow down man. I found my first secret exit and warp pipe yesterday.
  10. I'd forgotten how shit I am at the old 2D Mario games. Mind you, I am trying to get every big coin ATM, when I really should just be running through it at first. Still, great stuff.
  11. Nook's offering 459B this morning! My gates are open now.
  12. Open now. Tons of fossils, 'oids and fruit available.
  13. I'm back! Turnips at 136 this morning though. Still if anyoe wants some free fossils, 'oids or fruit my gates are open now.
  14. So we're going to get hourly updates on the tracking then?
  15. Do you track it using your order number then?
  16. If only Mass Effect, Bioshock and GTA4 where being released this year. Still, Lost Planet is fun and Viva Pinata looks lovely. Apart from that it's mostly shooty, shooty stuff and the same old franchise sequels.
  17. Has anyone got an email from Tronix yet?
  18. Already have a 360 so it'll be the Wii this Xmas and a load of games for PS2, DS and 360.
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