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    You've just made a grown man cry.
  2. Lazychu

    Edge 167

    Or dull mech games that are greyer than grey itself. Possibly.
  3. Lazychu


    Maybe should of been in ask the forum, but what the hell. I've been checking the usual sites - GAME, Amazon, Play etc. but they all seem to have varying dates from Sept to 2nd Jan 07 . The US gets it mid Sept apprently, so here's hoping.
  4. I just pray it's like the original and not the sprawling mess of Banjo-Tooie. Click-Clock Woods FTW.
  5. Oh no! I'm not gonna make the same mistake I did last year with the 360 launch - give up to the hype machine and spend most of the day (and my credit allowance) searching for a system and stuff. The Wii I've planned and besides, it'll be affordable. The rest of my cash go's on DS and PS2 titles this Xmas.
  6. Well, I hadn't seen most of them before.
  7. But no doubt without all the massive shimmering and frame rate hitches. Whatever, it looks great. Easily up there with te best of this gen's titles, IMO.
  8. http://media.wii.ign.com/media/748/748589/imgs_1.html Wooh! Check the link for more.
  9. Notice the 'touch' being in italics?
  10. Well, whatever. It'll be a touch less than the PS3 (and 360).
  11. Perrin Kaplin seemed to be addament at E3, that they'd launch worldwide this year. Fingers crossed.
  12. I can't see it being over £150. That would be a slight rip off in itself, assuming it went for $250, which is the highest it can be really. It's all good which ever way you slice it really.
  13. Had a look on IGN earlier at the gangs video, with clips from various cutscenes and it was just crnge worthy. Every 2 seconds, a gun, a baseball bat, a something- just as long as it's violent. Obviously every women wasn't wearing much and was either getting slapped or blowing someone away. Fucking depressing. The only redeeming feature seems to be some decent physics.
  14. Right, PW and Kirby are ordered. So much for saving for my Wii fund.
  15. Well, more like stuck, I guess. I stop playing for a week or so, go back and have no idea where to go next.
  16. Seems to be instore only, although PH is £17.99 online. Can't really get into town at the moment sadly.
  17. Had it, played it for about 2 hours, then bored me silly.
  18. I'm hankering for something new on my Lite now that NSMB is pretty much done and dusted and 3 titiles come to mind - Pheonix Wright. Tetris DS. Kirby's Power Paintbrush (if I can find it). Here's what I already have- Mario 64 DS - shit controls ruin it. Castlevania - fun, but I keep getting lost. Ouendan - amazingness, if hard. Advance Wars - fun, but too much for my brain. Mario Kart - lovely stuff. AC:WW - still slowly paying off my morgetage. Brain Age - haven't touched it in ages. I just feel guilty when I turn it on now. NSMB - superb, but those last few coins! Any other suggestions would be appeciated. Prefferably UK titles.
  19. Ah yes, how did I forget this? Excellent stuff.
  20. Dissapointing. Some fun characters but it rather annoying to play. Ratchet & Clank 3 - more of the same but bigger, louder and better. Colin McRae 4 - best rally game ever, especially with a good wheel for the PS2 version.
  21. COD 3 ths Nov on the Wii? I very much doubt it.
  22. Rolling a Shaman. Not sure if they're better now with the updated talents, but for me in the end he was just...dull. Jack of all trades, master of none. Should of picked a Priest or Warlock, even if they're trickier for noobs.
  23. Lazychu

    Fable 2

    Seemed to run fine on mine.
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