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  1. And a few mock ups - Meh...
  2. What's the point? With the vast majoity of games releasing concurrently or soon after the US now and PAL conversions much improved (or simply irrelevent for HD users), why bother?
  3. PS2: FFXII.* Lego Star Wars II. Bully. DS: Elite Beat Agents. Castlevania:POR. Yoshi's Island 2. Zelda. GC: Super Paper Mario. Wii: Zelda. Wii Sports.* Wario. Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam.* Madden.* *reviews and opinions pending.
  4. If it's true, it'll be a gift for the Wii. No doubt NoE won't make the most of it though.
  5. The correct quote, I think you'll find.
  6. San Disk 1Gb's are £15 on Amazon. Thats more like it.
  7. Have you read the feature in this month's Edge? Looks quite interesting - certainly more so than any other open world/sandbox title out there.
  8. As usual, Luke saves the day for 1Up. The rest of it (bar maybe some of Tycho and Gabe's stuff) take take a running jump. Also, was that Tal Blevins from IGN leaving the toilet there?
  9. The whole of it? It's about time I actually got this. Still, guitars eh? They'll never catch on.
  10. Sigh. Attention whoring twat. Still, in Saints Row's case I have little sypathy really. At least Bullly hasn't made it on TV...yet.
  11. I'd like to see those guys doing a live show like On The Spot - no annoying sketches or background music, just games.
  12. This sounds ominus. My brother just bought me a 12 month sub for Lovefilm for my birthday. Signed up & added a load of films yesterday and the first 3 arrived today. Mind you, I live in Leicester and they seem to be based in Peterborough. Aside from some slighty dodgy packaging (and a shit selection of PS2 titles, but granted, they're not called Lovefilmsandgames) I certainly have no complaints.
  13. Lazychu

    Edge 167

    Sure, unless we're talking about Okami here in PAL land.
  14. There's just somethng about her that pisses me (and obviously many other people off). Quite a few of the women at Ziff Davies seem to. On a sadder note, it seems Carrie Gouskos has left Gamespot.
  15. Me too. Not sure whether it would be the best place to start for some 'gridiron action' though. Or something.
  16. Lazychu


    Not sure, but the first US review (EGM) is very positive - http://www.1up.com/do/reviewPage?cId=3134928&did=2 Bah.Screw MGS3 + shit online mode.
  17. Lazychu


    Release it soon and it'll get lost in the Q4 deluge and Wii & PS3 hype. Release it Jan and nobody buys games anyway.
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