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  1. PS3. You love us, so you're gonna buy it anyway. Chumps.
  2. Not at £400+, not with the choice of games announced at the moment and not with the Wii, PS2, DS and 360 providing plenty of top games and potential.
  3. Ditto. Plus there's no RGB on US machines.
  4. But the AT-AT's seem to get back up again the second they go out of view.
  5. Well I'm suprised. Edit: Beaten to it.
  6. No, it's driving me insane right now. I'm finding it near impossible to tow those fucking bombs into the downed AT-ATs. No sooner have I got one down (after being destroyed several times by the constantly respawning AT-STs), it's up again. Or I manage to get the bomb but they're so difficult to tow it just go's everywhere and flys off into the distance.
  7. Assuming I have the money and they're good games. In order of preference - Zelda. Warioware. Excite Truck. Tony Hawk Donhill Jam. And obviously - Extra Wiimote. RGB cable. Possibly a classic controller (depending o the VC titles avilable).
  8. £20 down at Gamestation for mine. 12th on the list. Add that to the £106 credit not I have and I'm well on the way.
  9. Shit. That's a turn up for the books.
  10. Mmm... looks much improved graphically. Looking foward to this.
  11. My new prediction - 200 Euro, £150. Wii Sports packed in. Nov 24th. *prays* But it's not 5 year old tech.
  12. Surely Link would be more appropiate. Wasn't he voted most attractive gaming character in some mag recently?
  13. The PC Engine version version has better music though. Or why not...both!. Just a proper sequel on the Wii please. I was gutted when that Airplane game turned out to be just that.
  14. So basically it's just guess work and they're just trying to get your preorder.
  15. Parodius on the PC Engine please.
  16. Just get some sleep you muppets. The JPN conference will on all the sites tommorow morning. Just found this - SPECULATE!!
  17. Times- Japan Event first: 8:00PM (Wednesday) - 2:00AM (Thursday) EDT 5:00PM (Wednesday) - 11:00PM (Wednesday) PDT 1:00AM (Thursday) - 7:00AM (Thursday) GMT/UTC 2:00AM (Thursday) - 8:00AM (Thursday) BST 10:00AM (Thursday) - 4:00PM (Thursday) Japan Time US Event comes second: 9:00AM (Thursday) - 4:00PM (Thursday) EDT 6:00AM (Thursday) - 1:00PM (Thursday) PDT 1:00PM (Thursday) - 8:00PM (Thursday) GMT/UTC 2:00PM (Thursday) - 9:00PM (Thursday) BST 10:00PM (Thursday) - 5:00AM (Friday) Japan Time Finally the Europe event comes third: 7:00AM (Friday) - 1:00PM (Friday) EDT 4:00AM (Friday) - 10:00AM (Friday) PDT 11:00AM (Friday) - 5:00PM (Friday) GMT/UTC 12:00PM (Friday) - 6:00PM (Friday) BST 8:00PM (Friday) - 2:00AM (Saturday) Japan Time And no, I didn't work these out myself.
  18. Stuck again on Deathstar Escape. Still, it's lots of fun apart from me being rubbish at the puzzles.
  19. LEGO SW II has a fair amount of sizeable tearing oddly. Aparently even the 360 version does. BTW, what framerate does PGR3 actually run at? It certainly has a far better sense of speed than PGR2. It really shouldn't happen on the 360 (and PS3 though) considering how much power they have to play around with.
  20. Me too. Anyway, pretty much all FPS's ever. On second thoughts, nah, I couldn't care less about them.
  21. Nope. Good old DVD. Hmph. Stuck already on Chapter 3 of Ep:IV.
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