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  1. Watch it now, man! Go, go, go!
  2. I still can't decide whether this is better than the original. Surely 2 of the best movies ever?
  3. Edit: Damn it!!! Should of read the who topic.
  4. So are they releasing a box set with these on ala the LOTR ones? ...don't beard me!
  5. True. Human's are still a problem - although it's come a long way since the Legolas/Cave troll stuff. I was amazed the scenes between Kong and the V Rex's though. While not quite perfectly photorealistic so to speak, the animation and sense of weight & motion was spot on. So ferocious and brutal.
  6. Unbelievably, that happened when I saw it. ....
  7. Ehh? Sure you didn't go and see EpIII instead?
  8. Lazychu

    Pgr 3 Update

    I'm sure I own all of these but haven't been awarded the achievment.
  9. I've always thought the Giga pack was a mistake. £270 for a handheld (no matter what you get with it) seems like too much. Sony's greed could of got the better of them for once.
  10. I seem to remeber them putting awful demos out for the last couple of McRae games too. Oddness.
  11. Lazychu

    Pgr 3 Update

    Hopefully I'll be on tonight. Not sure when though.
  12. Care to share please? Not that I have a HDD yet...
  13. I think you'll find it's more proof that Allard is less of a dick than Harrison.
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