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  1. Guess I should apply to join Apple Corp soon. Not that I can actually do anything of use yet though.
  2. OMFG! OMFG! I finally managed RSG on...Normal. ... Somehow I just suddenly nailed it (ish) and only dropped 3 beats. *uncorks the champagne*
  3. Has no one mentioned The TOCA series? Even on the PS1 the AI seemed much more fallible than most other racers around.
  4. My 360 seems to have suddenly forgotten that I've bought GW and Mutant Storm.
  5. I wondered why I got 5th in the world on Hexic's Survival Mode. Thought I was actually good at it for a moment.
  6. WoW. You cocks made me waste about 8 months of my life because of that.
  7. Warcraft III + Frozen Throne Expansion disc - £10 from HMV. Gripshift (PSP) - £15 from WHSmith. Thats it thankfully.
  8. Gah, I'm already at the point where I'm planning out what skills to train based around real life. Hmmm....Engineering Level 2 now, then onto Spaceship Command Level 3 overnight, I think.
  9. That thing on BBC1 right now is enjoyable enough - My Family And Other Animals. Probably worth it for his sister alone.
  10. I don't get this. Was just doing the forth part of that 'Trojan Horse' training mission and firstly, I couldn't find the vidreel I was supposed to collect so I logged off and on again. Then I couldn't open the mission details from my journal. Now after relogging again, the whole mission has dissapeared from the journal as well as the Agent I got it from when I was docked at Hatakani VI. I may be a total noob at this, but it still doesn't seem right at all.
  11. Lazychu

    Pgr 3 Update

    Yup, it's the same with PD0. Kameo on the other hand has very brisk load times.
  12. Lazychu

    Ridge Racer 6.

    'Soul' is just a term people use when they can't think of any genuine reason's why Game X is better than Game Y. Especially in the case of RR6 over PGR3.
  13. Wipeout Pure - Didn't think I'd like this compared to Ridge Racer, but I was wrong. One of my favourite games this year. Beautiful, fast, challenging and just great...despite the crap start up sequence and load times.
  14. The more I read it, the more it seems to be just some controversial, attention seeking joke. Eh...
  15. Admittedly, most of the characters (especially Kameo and the other elves) are shite, but many of the enviroments so far have been very pretty and impressive. If anything though there's just too much detail and stuff going on in them at times. It almost hurts my eyes. Also, the soundtrack seems better when heard in game than I remeber it from the website. How odd.
  16. Uh-oh. Yay for the DS though. If Ouendan hasn't sold 5m by early next year, I'll start poking people in the eye with my stylus.
  17. You = me, for animated movies. Shrek 2 is wank. Also, The Iron Giant is as good as the best Pixar and Disney have produced - damn underated and overlooked too. Fucking lovely film.
  18. I think it's rather fine, but then I don't mind huge plot holes and I'm obviously easily pleased (film wise). Shit second ending though.
  19. Obviously I'm being really shit here, but the Forest Temple boss is doing my head in. Am I just crap or am I doing something specifically wrong? Apart from that , it's a nice game so far.
  20. I think you'd be wrong there. It's that Maria Sharapova chick to be precise. Actually makes the PSP seem exciting again. Well, sexy anyway.
  21. Shame it probably doesn't fix the sickening about of latency blurring.
  22. Ace. Especially the unexpected ending. Tennant was clearly a fine choice. Can't wait till March for the new series - GILES!
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