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  1. Glad I didn't pay for this on 't Xbox now.
  2. GTA:SA is less than 4Gb IIRC (as mentioned above). I doubt GT4 is that huge either. Biggest game I have, AFAIK is Rallisport 2 at just over 6Gb. So basically 20/50Gb discs = balls, even factoring in hi-def textrures and all that (probablly).
  3. Is Draenor not appearing for anyone else on the realm select screen? After a quick hop onto VC last night, it dissapeared and it didn't seem to be back this morning, despite it being up and running fine. It's finally got me to reinstall the damn game though. Hopefully that'll sort it and some of the random freezes and general sluggishness too.
  4. Yes, it's eating me up inside. Which is great, 'cos I really need to lose it off the belly.
  5. Are you playing it on Easy (the guy with glasses and the bandana) or Normal (the other dude)? It only really clicks into place for most people on Normal and Hard. Easy is just too...boring I feel.
  6. I fucking hope not. That game crossed over from a 'fair challenge' to 'absolute non-fun' in record time. That shots look lush. Another much needed +1 for the PSP I hope. *crosses fingers*
  7. Lazychu

    War Effort

    Are there any actual decent rewards for handing stuff in? I'm guessing it's just a few tatty greens and the odd blue.
  8. That can't be a 360 game. Where's the Mr Sheen effect?
  9. I'd certainly give a o/\o to that part.
  10. Yeah, ain't that the truth. Priests > Locks > Everything.
  11. Lazychu


    That's probably the loudest game I've ever heard. ... I want it! Looks lovely too.
  12. Fuck off, fuck off, fuck off etc...
  13. Right, I'm all set up. Naraka - Black Mage - Starting in Windhurst. Literally haven't done anything yet though. So much for not starting another MMORPG.
  14. It also has a much more repetive feel to it and lack of progression. Fun stuff, but not for 200 billion races that are all rather samey.
  15. A world in which most of the PSP's shelf space is taken up by movies UMD?
  16. Wow. It's a bit longer...and greener.
  17. Nope. They're even worse...worse...worse...worse
  18. Forget your friends. For the girls - start with Nintendogs to reel them in then switch to this....BAM! ...possibly.
  19. Lazychu

    Ffxi 360 Beta

    That's FFXI in a nutshell really - why take 20 mins over something when it could take 3 hours? *huge fuck off wink*
  20. Yes! I'm a freak! 3 more down, onto the last 3 on Hard.
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