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  1. Mind if I pop over? Edit: Looks like someone just tried to get into Hamilton.
  2. If only I had some turnips. PM'd a few people re: adding their codes.
  3. Cheers for the stuff earlier Alex. Sorry I had to go abruptly like that. Is there any easier way to use the keyborad, rather than going into the menu everytime?
  4. All the fossils and fish I've had so far have gone striaght to Blathers. I'll be paying off my mortgage well in to '07 if I stick with that kind of attitude.
  5. WTF? So, a hugely noob question but where do you get turnips from? Wasn't there some woman who comes around on a Sunday in the N64/GC versions?
  6. Does anyone have their gates open now?
  7. Rubbish. It lacks practically everything that makes the Zelda titles soo good.
  8. Worth the trial download I guess. You get about 8 levels to play through.
  9. Marbleblast Ultra is up. 32Mb - 800 points.
  10. Anyone know if the 'medicine' Nook sells actually does anything? It's in a flower seed bag though, so I don't want a tulip growing out of my head or something.
  11. Why are some of yours soo high? I checked about an hour ago and he was offering just 71B for them.
  12. AC and MK codes are in my sig. Give me a PM if you're adding them please.
  13. Hamilton's gates are open now, although there's nowt here really yet. PM me if you're adding my code please.
  14. Holly shit! - Connection Succsessful'. I love you!
  15. Netgear MR814 V2. As I said, it works fine with my PSP, our laptop using the USB dongle that came with it, this PC (wired connection) and my 360 (wired connection)....but not the DS.
  16. Lazychu

    Ridge Racer 6.

    You...geek. *wipes a tear of happiness from his eye*
  17. No, I just get Error 52001: unable to obtain IP Address if I do it like that.
  18. Once I've manually entered in my router's IP Address and stuff, I get Error Code 52100 : Connected to access point but unable to connect to the server. It's the same code I got using the C&W USB dongle. Edit: My router's IP Address +1 I should say.
  19. Well my wireless router is here and working fine for everything else (even my PSP). AC is here and it's lovely. But does my DS Wifi work? DOES IT FUCK! It seems NTL and the DS just don't mix. Cunts.
  20. Well, since only about 2% are actually really attractive & sexy, I can't say I'll miss them if they disappear.
  21. Lazychu

    Ridge Racer 6.

    Maybe I'm blind, but there doesn't seem to be people on here complaining about RR6's (or the franchise's) lack of realism. Quite frankly, if you're on this forum (or just someone who plays a few games in general) and don't know what to expect from them then...HUH?
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