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  1. No, it's different.

    Only Japanese TVs have the socket.

    Fuck. Look's I'll be stuck with composite for a while, unless I can chance upon an RGB cable in the Debenhams GAME again.

  2. That'd be amazing! :(

    One reason I'm getting a Wii is so that I can download the original Banjo (hopefully it's available)

    Chances are near zero since Rare own the IP and now there's this (360 title)

    I never 'got' 3D platformers. I found them all boring.

    DK64 was good looking for it's day (and the N64), and I can't remember it having frame rate problems, either. But nowadays I wouldn't give it 5 minutes of my time with the shocking gameplay.

    Mario 3D is the same.

    Are you saying Mario 64 is as bad as DK 64? :(

  3. I know it's been said before but: Assasin's Creed: OMFG.

    What's great is that it looks like a next-gen developemnt of all the great stuff in Sands Of Time. Can not wait.

    You know it. :D

  4. Faith in what? They won't be able to release games before I could have them imported and they'll certainly be more expensive. That's not going to change.

    Isn't that really just a consequence of living in Europe though?

  5. Well, no. There's already enough doubt about the Wii launch to justify the minor extra hassle involved in getting a US machine instead, no matter how much they've improved. It's like saying a rapist is alright because he's doing fewer rapes these days.

    Where's the doubts?

    In the industry?


    Or just the fanboys online?

    I don't get it. Nobody's saying they're perfect, but have some faith.

  6. Even the DS Chunky was handled pretty well, with a couple of games being exceptions.

    And even the GameCube didn't fare too badly, after they did their shakeup of the translation process.

    Exactly. Some people are just stuck in the past.

  7. It'll probably be only a little more expensive when shipping and everything works out, given NOE's rotten pricing. US games are significantly cheaper and available sooner. GC games have never been particularly cheap and easily available second-hand in the UK (unlike PS2 and Xbox). NOE are historically idiots. The US will most likely get all the significant full retail games and online goodies, whereas the UK has to trust to NOE. I already have a collection of US GC games. A US GC was the best choice (IMO) this time around, and I see no compelling reason to switch this time.

    Bad things: slightly riskier, SVideo instead of RGB, mild concerns about online.

    Poll thread

    I wish peopole would give NOE a break for once. They've improved a significant amount recently. Has everyone here been asleep since the Lite launched here?

  8. PAL version is so far away. :D

    Don't remind me. :D

    I'm very tempted to get that Swap Magic thing and import it now, but with the Wii and Xmas coming up soon, I need all the money I can get really.

    Guess I'll have be happy with LEGO SW II and stuff for now. Ho hum.

  9. As long as Gamestation in Leicester get about 15 of them, I'll be happy. Especially considering I have £160 in credit notes for the place now. That's the console all paid off then. :unsure:

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