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  1. Fuck. Look's I'll be stuck with composite for a while, unless I can chance upon an RGB cable in the Debenhams GAME again.
  2. Also, is a JPN D-terminal cable just a VGA output? HELP!
  3. No fucking suprise there then. Edit: Well that's the controllers sorted.
  4. Anyone know of a place that actually has RGB and component leads available? i assume a Nunchuck and Classic controller will be easier to get on Fri morning.
  5. When's it actually out though? Not that I can afford it.
  6. What's this fascination with all the old 8-bit games now anyway?. 99% are just shit in this day and age - you don't need to buy a Wii to have that proven to you. Amiga, ST, SNES, Megadrive I can accept more, but 8-Bit tat? Let it go people.
  7. No, no it wasn't. But anyway, an old friend of mine...
  8. Believe me, you needn't regret that at all.
  9. I'm guessing...Atari (aka Infogrames). I seem to remeber they bought Ocean in the 90s.
  10. No. If you prefer DK64 and Banjo Tooie though, YES!
  11. Chances are near zero since Rare own the IP and now there's this (360 title) Are you saying Mario 64 is as bad as DK 64?
  12. As 'amazing' as Sony's showing was at TGS, I'm still only gagging for one title announced on it ATM - unsuprisingly Assassain's Creed. Oh wait...
  13. Lets just pray that it's more like BK than BT. I adored the original but Tooie was a mess.
  14. Lazychu

    Best Tycoon games

    You forgot the best IMO - Chris Sawyer's Transport Tycoon. Check out an open source clone of it here - http://www.openttd.com/
  15. Eh. Guess I'm just lazy then. Or stupidly patriotic.
  16. Isn't that really just a consequence of living in Europe though?
  17. Where's the doubts? In the industry? Retailers? Or just the fanboys online? I don't get it. Nobody's saying they're perfect, but have some faith.
  18. Exactly. Some people are just stuck in the past.
  19. I wish peopole would give NOE a break for once. They've improved a significant amount recently. Has everyone here been asleep since the Lite launched here?
  20. Lazychu


    Don't remind me. I'm very tempted to get that Swap Magic thing and import it now, but with the Wii and Xmas coming up soon, I need all the money I can get really. Guess I'll have be happy with LEGO SW II and stuff for now. Ho hum.
  21. As long as Gamestation in Leicester get about 15 of them, I'll be happy. Especially considering I have £160 in credit notes for the place now. That's the console all paid off then.
  22. PS3: Even better than that (360 crap).
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