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  1. Does anyone have any experience with The Terminator game. I loved it as a kid but no idea whether its actually any good.
  2. Much better. That is once you get accustomed to the 20 frames per second. Playability and music are great. No saving those graphics though.
  3. I'm up to 12 shines now and I'm getting a little more used to dealing with the camera not being inverted. The game seems to tick along at a good pace considering I'm only going for the minimum number of shines. I may have to return to earlier levels at a later stage to collect more shines but I'd hope the most frustrating ones are avoidable. I take issue with not being able to long jump. Diving just isn't as satisfying.
  4. Well I'm only 5 shines in to sunshine and the vertical axis not being inverted is causing me all sorts of bother. I'm trying to get used to the new mechanics of the fludd while wrestling with the camera and it's not a good combination. I'm considering moving onto Galaxy in the hope that there will be a patch to add in the option.
  5. Got 120 stars in Super Mario 64 for the first time. Great game but some of those later stars are a bit of a nightmare. I don't understand the mechanics of the wing cap well which didn't help for the 8 red coins on that last secret level. Sunshine seems to be pretty divisive so will be interesting to see what I think of it. By the sounds of people's opinions it's frustrating so Ill probably pass on going for all the shines. We shall see.
  6. I've just recently got a new monitor (1440/144hz) and with my current pc I've just about been able to max out Halo3. Absolutely fantastic. Can't believe how smooth everything is. Halo3's graphics have held up really well too. I'm surprised at how good it looks. I loved it on the 360 back in the day but I wasn't expecting to be taken in by it again so easily. Hype for infinite has increased for me now!
  7. Graphically for me it has to be Doom 3. I had just upgraded my pc with a new graphics card. It was the first time I had done this with a pc so the hype was high. I bought Doom 3 and got it installed. The initial cut-scene played which at the time I assumed was just an opening pre-rendered movie. When the camera changed to the in-game view I didn't realize for a few seconds what had happened. Lost my mind soon as I started moving about haha. Couldn't believe what I was seeing.
  8. haha Sorry! I wouldn't know the first thing about trying to set it up and getting it to work. Looks cool though!
  9. There's a version of this out now where the camera can be fully controlled on the right analogue stick rather than the incremental way you could with the original c-buttons.
  10. Hmm, I have noticed on occasion 59hz being shown somewhere on my pc. I'll attempt a custom resolution to see if that has any affect. Cheers for the tip.
  11. Maybe the displayport is a better option somehow? I've no idea myself. Get some pics up! :D
  12. Cheers for the advice, I'll maybe just use the crt for some retro pc action in the meantime rather than mess about with more adapters. I'm still on an rx480 from 2016 and while I'm planning to upgrade it won't be until the next generation cards appear on the market. Hopefully they will have usb-c included too for some bonus crt goodness. I thought something like that Dell one would do the trick as well. The adapter I have works perfectly on the lcd monitor I have but on the crt it's a no go.
  13. I didn't manage to get the adapter working but I was able to use the cpu graphics chip to get some vga out action going. Tested with some older games i already had installed. Here is Crysis running terribly at like 15fps and then Halo at 640x480 120hz.
  14. I wonder if anyone is able to give me some advice. I just picked up a 17" pc crt monitor, nothing special unfortunately. It has the standard vga connection on it. I gave it a test with the xbox360 and vga cable and it worked fine. I attempted to connect my pc with a hdmi to vga adapter, a tendak one from amazon. The monitor acted as if it was working, the "no connection" text disappeared off the screen and it clicked as if it was changing resolution however there was nothing actually displayed onscreen. Does anyone know of a decent adapter that I may have more luck with? Cheers.
  15. I wanna pick up a second gamecube for getting one of these at some point down the line. I wonder if they play disc images from any region or do they need to be specific to the cube.
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