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  1. Thunderforce IV has a great intro. Sets the mood perfectly for the madness ahead.
  2. Does anyone know the best place to get those plastic box protectors for n64 games? Could do with some Gameboy and possibly Snes ones too.
  3. Did you notice it to be any quieter than older slim revisions at all?
  4. I'm keeping my eye out for a good deal on one. I've been tempted to see if I can get one of those blue xbox 360e models too. They do seem a bit more expensive and also lack the analog out for rgb/vga connections which puts me off a bit. That's a good idea to try and get some players onboard. Would be interested myself in quite a few different racing games and other genres if they're still playable.
  5. Update on the Master System journey. I've brought out the modified Mega Drive2 which means I now have rgb, 50/60hz and language switches. I took off the top of the shell and am currently using the adapter that came with the analog sg. The Mega Drive slot has already been widened for Japanese game so I'm considering extending that to allow the adapter to fit. That's potentially a bit drastic compared to just getting another adapter. I've also had Sonic2 delivered today. I've played it for about 20minutes this morning. It's always been my least favourite of the three main games on master system but had to have it. It'll need to be completed before I buy anything else as that's my current policy. It's in good shape too which is always nice.
  6. Got my first new game for the master system this week; Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse. Good platformer although the music did grate on me at times. Was kind of tricky at points but after a few attempts it became a lot easier. Would definitely recommend it. Land of Illusion must have been the game I had mastered as a kid so I'll be on the lookout for that too. I'm sticking to games I remember owning for the meantime and will only buy another game once the previous one has been beat. Also managed to modify my system to run at 60hz and got a better RF cable so it doesn't look quite as bad. Saying that I think I may go down the path of getting another system or an adapter to use on my MegaDrive. Need that RGB action.
  7. Thanks for the advice. Yea soldering a gpu to the motherboard isn’t something I’d be able to tackle. Looks like a replacement is in order in that case. Should be able to pick one up for under £50 like you say.
  8. Does anyone know if there's any hope in trying to fix an xbox360 slim with the E82 error? Graphics started glitching a few days before it eventually gave up. Would I be better off just trying to find a replacement? I'd just picked up pgr4 too and was looking forward to giving it a try.
  9. Never managed to beat that one myself either. My brother however could routinely beat it. He had written down how to beat all the janken bosses and could fly through the game in no time. Seems to be an expensive game now to get on cartridge. Shame the system I have here had Sonic on it instead. Good luck with beating it!
  10. I always enjoyed the catchy song in that game. Can't say the game would hold my attention too long these days but I have good memories of 2 player games on it.
  11. Any pics of this incoming? I believe there's quite a few 360 games that support both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio which is nice.
  12. Got a super cheap master system 2 not so long along and finally got around to trying it out tonight. That RF picture is less than stellar to say the least so might look into composite mod for some level of acceptability. I have a mister hooked up to a pvm as well so using this is arguably absurd but it's all fun. Gonna attempt to buy some games I has as a kid. Hoping the prices for the ones I remember aren't too dear. Unfortunately of all the games pictured here Mortal Kombat, Sonic Chaos and Wonder Boy have no carts in the box. If anyone has any extra games knocking about let me know, could be interested in a few.
  13. That's the exact tv I had back in the day! There's a certain joy to be had from standard portable crt tvs compared to professional monitors.
  14. 01/03 - Devil May Cry(Hard) This is cheating a little bit as I just beat the game on Normal and went straight into hard mode as I was enjoying it so much. Enjoyed going through it again but the irksome camera angles become more troublesome when the hits you're taking do more damage. Even with this it's still it's a top tier game.(except the 3rd nightmare boss which annoyed me to no end.) Now I'm ready to move onto the sequel.
  15. This is great. We're gonna need some nice pics whenever you get it set up fully. Would be a cracking way to play the Super Mario 64 pc port at 60fps and Ocarina whenever it appears at 60fps.
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