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  1. jamesy

    Converters, scalers & video mods FAQ

    To get the Nes running through an OSSC you'd need to get an RGB mod done first which would cost you another 100 or so.
  2. jamesy

    Xbox "Scarlett" - next gen consoles

    Couldn't they have storage soldered to the board to save costs with an expansion port for optional storage as well? At the minute those nvme ssd sticks are pretty expensive but in 5 years they'll have come down a lot in price like everything else.
  3. It's a shame they couldn't redesign it to be smaller. Doesn't the disc drive take up a huge chunk of space? Prob too costly to be worth it but I don't see the appeal the way it is.
  4. jamesy

    Nintendo Switch

    Thanks, brilliant stuff.
  5. jamesy

    Nintendo Switch

    Pretty funky looking switch there. Just got a flipgrip myself. Excellent stuff. What are the handles you are using on the joycons?
  6. jamesy

    Gaming patches are taking the piss

    Sounds like a really horrible way of doing things. Hopefully for next gen they have something planned that can help make patches less bothersome. Or publishers could maybe let developers finish their games before releasing them. Just a thought.
  7. jamesy

    Gaming patches are taking the piss

    Just put in Quantum Break there and it wants me to download a 77gb update after the game installs from the disc. I believe there's video content and such included but still seems like madness. Reminded me how I use to complain about playstation games taking too long to load compared to n64. Laughable now.
  8. jamesy

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    What are the Z buttons like to press? Are they proper triggers? Do they have a clicky feeling?
  9. jamesy

    Streets of Rage IV

    Is it really Streets of Rage without Yuzo?
  10. Better not be an announcement that it's gonna be able to use raytracing. (although that wouldn't be a bad thing)
  11. jamesy

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    Great post, will have to give robotron 64 a blast in the next week or so. While I can see what you’re saying for a lot of n64 games I think there’s enough different about Mario 64/OOT/Paper Mario to make them worth playing today. The n64 is also home to a few games that are different enough to their sequels to keep them relevant, f-zero X for example. For the likes of wave race, pilotwings, 1080 and starfox I’d say the best versions are still the n64 games.
  12. jamesy

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    Screenshots look brilliant. Wonder if the mod would make the n64 look much better on a consumer set too. I've been considering buying one from oldskoolconsoles.com
  13. jamesy

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    Did you notice much of a drop in frame-rate in the hi-res mode? I tried Turok 2 in the hi-res mode and it was horrendous. Bad enough in standard resolution.
  14. jamesy

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    I do have an everdrive 64 so can always play the english version. I know it seems a bit silly buying the game only to play it on an everdrive but the english version is expensive and just having a rom means I'll prob never play it. Are there any others in the Goemon series you particularly recommend?
  15. jamesy

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    A loose control stick can make lots of games feel very sluggish. videogameperfection.com do replacement joysticks but I have never got one myself so couldn't say if they're up to scratch.

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