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  1. I never got the fanboyism behind consoles or PC Master race..... Gamers are gamers! we don't care what format we play as long as we can play the games we love! Nintendo will always have a spot in my heart but that said I don't dedicate all my time to one platform I play Games on X-box like Halo, Gears and Sea of Pirates, were Sony have me with Bloodborne, Spiderman and the up coming FFVII remake, PC has WoW (for now) and the Dawn of War series as well as many other titles.
  2. Or worse manually flying it like the car in FFXV... I can never land that bloody thing so I never fly it!
  3. Looks like we will end up with a 10 disc saga.....or an incomplete game haha!
  4. I have literally only used the store for the free games lol, the complete Batman series was awesome! Alan Wake was a nice addition too
  5. Epic are currently knocking it out of the park with their freebies!
  6. Farming Rep for Voldune at the mo, FOX DEATH KNIGHT FTW! also extra bag space
  7. I recently playing MS3 from Xbox live arcade (Might not actually be 3 may have been one of the other ports of a 360 game) and I don't think I had the same enjoyment out of it, something didn't sit right with it. Frames were laggy to boot! the overall game play experience didn't feel as fluid as I remember this could be down to HD TV's and not the old style screens I used to play on.
  8. It looks like Chocochic is staring into my soul...... I wonder if he's lost yet.....
  9. Carbuncle has gone from being a cute bunnyesq creature to a puppy thing.... I think the Chic has been made to look like Clouds head more...
  10. I can't help myself but look at screenshots and keep myself wanting more!
  11. I laughed out loud.... HARD at this..... not the best thing to do in work haha!
  12. They did it for AC and I recall it being mentioned somewhere...... (I will have to look into this again)
  13. Well they have removed the cigarette from his mouth, so I feel domestic violence will be taken out so they don't get a higher PEGI rating or to upset people.
  14. Profgoten


    Anyone playing on Asura server?
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