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  1. I have recently got back into Wii U, initially to play DK64 again. Which lead me on a right merry chase as the pal version is terrible. I now have 3 USA machines in addition to my EU one. I installed this hack on my EU one last weekend. Really just to play games from all regions on each machine. I am planning on working on installing the hack on all of them. Although I may also sell a couple of them. I'm not too concerned in the retro goodness as I have a pi. But I do enjoy a good tinker so if I get bored will probably try. Just because. What is everyone having most success with?
  2. chipsgravy

    SNES Mini

    Ah that makes sense especially after reading this. the inclusion of the never-before-released Star Fox 2 will offer them something entirely new to enjoy (players must prove their skill by completing the first level of the original Star Fox before Star Fox 2 is unlocked to play).
  3. chipsgravy

    SNES Mini

    Does anyone know why the box says 20+1 games installed and not just 21 games? Darn it I just missed out on the Nintendo Pre Orders. Guess my Shopto one will have to hold.
  4. chipsgravy

    Bubsy was better than Sonic, get over it.

    Yes I won't be making the same mistake again,. Horrible game!
  5. chipsgravy

    PS3 £120 more expensive in the UK...

    Well I for one am NOT buying a PS3. Sony have done all they can to really annoy me lately with there stance on imports and outrageous pricing policies. So I am making a stand by not getting one. I know that Sony probably wont miss my £400 odd quid BUT it makes me feel better. All the best games are coming to 360 anyway. I applaud Microsoft for what they have done.
  6. chipsgravy

    Wires > Wireless

    I have the Logitech wireless controllers for my PS2 and Xbox. They are equally as good as a wavebird and also have rumble feature enabled on them. Yea this does cut down on the battery life but its there if you want. Wires are just so 1985.
  7. chipsgravy

    Playstation 3 Chip Revealed

    So the conclusion is? Bit good? Bit rubbish? No-one cares?
  8. chipsgravy

    3d Handheld Worlds

    I think this is just the sign of a good game. They should be immersive. Thats there aim. I have had this happen, Moreso when playing upclose on my PC Monitor. I think its a good thing.
  9. chipsgravy

    Your Own Pics Of Gaming Moments

    Sonic Adventure
  10. chipsgravy

    The Punisher

    I'm sure I read somewhere that we will get full colour bloodshed.
  11. chipsgravy

    Cex Opens In Nottingham

    Well I checked out CEX in Nottm. Prices seemed reasonable. But oh dear what a dump. Anyway the golden age of Games shops in Nottm is way behind us. The good old days of CTW games opposite the top end of the Vic centre. Robin Hood Computers and Hi-Technology in that dodgy arcade where that Retro shop now is. Software plus and another shop that used to be in the Broadmarsh whos name escapes me. Oh and Another World back when it used to be good. I remember the games being in a small section right on the top floor. Such happy days. Way before the internet. You could guarantee that any game you had just been reading a preview of in Mean Machines would most likely already be for sale at one of these shops. Anyway of the current crop I don't think you can beat playtime. FP is just like Game now that theres no import section. In fact I have to agree with an earlier poster that stated they are all identi-kit shops now. Still theres always the new fangled interweb thingy. I hear you can buy games from there now.
  12. chipsgravy

    505 Gamestreet To The Rescue

    Are these a bit like Midas then? Are they gonna be released at budget prices?
  13. chipsgravy

    Halo 2.5 And Xbox 2

    I think most people are missing the point here. It reads like Halo 2.5 (if it exists) is merely a lovely freebie to get people to buy the HDD for the Xbox 2. I should think that Microsoft have loads of launch titles that will show off the power of the new console.
  14. chipsgravy

    Super Mario In Nba Street 3?

    I think this is excellent. If you don't want to play as Mario then don't. This game though has just leaped to top of my most wanteds.
  15. chipsgravy

    Best £6 Ever Spent..

    Whats the Tosh telly that does Prog scan for under 400 quid. And where is it at that price? I',m highly tempted!,

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