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  1. I recently went down this rabbit hole. I love 3D, and picked up a passive Sony 3D TV. Unfortunately the RR 7 patch was no longer live so I had to soft mod my PS3 and obtain it another way. It does halve the framerate but 3D is always great. Virtua Tennis, Puppeteer and Unchartered 3 are really good. Its true about the diorama comment above. But thats why I love it so. Its like little toys playing out in front of your eyes.
  2. I'm pretty sure I may have had a HD texture pack for Sega Rally at some point. Although it may have been for the Model 2 version. I shall have to go turn on an old PC see if its still there.
  3. Hi,

    God of War

    Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 Collection (Sealed)

    Marvel's Avengers (Sealed)

    Marvel's Spiderman (Sealed)

    Marvel's Spiderman Miles Morales (Sealed)

    Ghost Of Tsushima Directors Cut


    I'll take these for £60 if still available,


    Thanks Carl

  4. I received my Founders edition yesterday and it was more exciting than it should have been at my age to see my actual name in the credits.
  5. I love this. If I had a youtube channel I would be all over this, begging to join. Its similar to a game me and my mate would play way back...see who can buy the best game for a fiver. Pimp my ride is not what I was expecting either. I was expecting a fast paced NFS Underground clone. Not a pedestrian dull Sega GT at night. I have never played TimeShift but I do feel Bloggo was a bit harsh. It looked okish as a cheap Halo/ Max Payne/ Blinx crossover. Especially for a quids.
  6. Thank goodness, I thought this was all just me and the whole world had grasped it. It's not normally much of a problem until a QTE pops up and then I ultimately fail the first time round.
  7. It looks like what you need is the 4 Play adaptor that is currently not listed. You could get the Gamer-Pro Jr kit. But it is supplied as a DIY kit and some assembly and soldering skills are required. https://bliss-box.net/store/Gamer-Pro-jr-Kit-includes-5-cables-p102775011 The site doesn't make it easy to work out what is what though...
  8. It depends on why you want to use your original controllers. Raphnet do a variety of controller adaptors that will handle different controllers to USB if you just love the idea of using your original hardware, or if its just the Nostalgia/Memory muscle of the form factor then 8bitdo SNES/NES and Retrobit Megadrive would be the cheaper option. Alternatively on my Pi setup I use the PS4 Hori mini controller which I find to be excellent for all retro consoles and can be picked up quite cheaply. Even B&M Bargains were selling them at one point.
  9. I see what you mean about that Blissbox site. I think bplus probably has the best idea, between 8bitdo and retrobit it would probably be cheaper to buy modern recreations of the controllers instead of buying USB adaptors for each. Which pads are you particularly keen to get working?
  10. I'm sure I am missing something really simple here, however my VF5 US is not displaying full screen. It has black borders all around. How can I change this? I have had a look in the settings of the game but nothing stands out as being a solution.
  11. Talking of Glitches certain versions of In the Hunt will not load if a controller is attached to Player 1. I just had this issue and thought it might be a Fenrir issue. But if you select the game and then remove the controller till it loads it works fine. Apparently this is an issue that happens with earlier versions of the disc version too.
  12. I have also never played Rabbit, until yesterday when I put right that wrong. And I never really noticed any game breaking glitches or slowdown using a fenrir, however the game itself was slightly disappointing as it commits my personal fighting game cardinal sin. The hits seem to lack real impact. Sometimes the hits were silent, sometimes they had a nice solid hit sound. But this was inconsistent. So hits felt light and not satisfying like they should. A nice curiosity but not one I think I will be going back to a lot.
  13. While you are looking why not pop them on your Satiator and give them a whirl. I was lucky to be a Saturn fan when it was the latest cutting edge tech and still have all the games I bought back then.
  14. Oh yes, Lobotomy Software performed wonders with Exhumed (Powerslave in the USA) So much so that Sega handed them the ports of Quake and Duke Nuke Em 3d to produce. All 3 are amazing showcases of what the Saturn could do in the right hands. Its a shame that the Playstation owning majority never took notice, and its a bigger shame they closed not long after.
  15. Lets be honest we all love buying the same game twice. Especially different versions of said game.
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