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  1. I think they’re giving release dates for the 4 games they’re showing, so hopefully it’s not as much fluff as we usually get.
  2. I agree. There's definitely something wrong behind the scenes. We've heard all the excuses by now; Covid, post-covid, new devs taking time to get up to speed, etc, etc. But as time's ticking away, Sony are managing to get plenty of AAA games out of the door, so none of it really rings true to me. It's a tough one for me, as I really like the Xbox ecosystem. I prefer the console, the UI, the pad, Gamepass, cloud gaming, etc to Sony's offering, but without the games it's all for nothing. I'll give them more time, as I'm going through a bit of a gaming lull at the moment anyway, but if Sony had a better looking console out I'd be all over it. I just hope this is the year the games finally start to come. We'll see.
  3. I’d love to know as well to be honest. I’ve been saying it for the past couple of years, but they really need to start getting some big hitting games out. It just never seems to happen though. Saying that I’m interested in Forza and I think Redfall could be decent, plus my son will be all over Minecraft, so as long as these 4 games and Starfield all come soon, then hopefully it’s the start of a steady stream. I’m probably being too optimistic.
  4. Who the fuck is John G? What’s this all about mate?
  5. Ok, I’m Drax. Very good. Can you please explain what he meant now?
  6. Explain it to me then please! I’ve no idea what he’s going on about! 😂 I assumed he was saying I was lying about playing my Switch. Fuck knows what else it could mean.
  7. Isn’t this for first party titles though? I know ideally we should be seeing more, but shifting the competition’s goalposts isn’t helping your argument.
  8. What’s this supposed to mean? I haven’t played it since then, as there’s nothing I’ve been interested in. I’m waiting for the new Zelda, but I’ll have to get a new Switch seeing as my boys broke mine and I don’t fancy playing it handheld on one of theirs.
  9. So Nintendo are pumping out over 20 first party titles a year? Maybe I should pick my Switch back up.
  10. That are all due out within the next few months following the direct? I didn’t even know there were 20 first party games for the Switch. I haven’t bothered with it since Breath of The Wild and Odyssey. I’m pretty sure MS have said they’re stopping showing games that are years off launch, so maybe that’s part of it too. I would like to know what happening with Perfect Dark, Senua’s Saga, etc though.
  11. 4 games is a pretty decent haul, isn't it? Especially if they're all going to be releasing quite soon. How many were you expecting them to show?
  12. So nothing concrete then really. I suppose all these rumours do add up to something, but let's see how this year pans out. Although I feel like I've been saying that for the past 10 years.
  13. Got any examples? I’ve not heard this before, but it makes sense when you see how few games they’re managing to get out.
  14. There was also that one with the crank. Not sure if that was successful or not though.
  15. In the trailer is says “from the makers of the horror classic”, but a quick skim on IMDb doesn’t show Raimi’s involvement, so what gives?
  16. Brilliant! Why not start a new topic for it, rather than putting them in here? Interesting you rate Exorcist at No.1. It's years since I've seen it, but it hasn't stayed with me, like a lot of films have.
  17. @glb Is there any chance you’re going to rate all the films you watched this year? A mammoth task I know, but it’d be really interesting.
  18. Compared to what? Xbox One, Series S or PC?
  19. Where did you see it? As much as I thought it was far too long, I only watched it ay my local Cineworld, so didn't get all the good stuff like HFR and whatever laser 3D is. I'd be up for giving it another go in Manchester if that's the better viewing experience.
  20. He was a wise old rogue in Raiders and it was implied that he'd been up to adventures of his own in the past. They reduced him to a bumbling comedy oaf in Last Crusade, which was a complete disservice to his original character. Imagine having the acting ability of Denholm Elliott and that's what they made him do. Shameful. I honestly think you're the first person I've ever come across who thinks Last Crusade is the best!
  21. No, no, no. Release order matches quality for me. With Raiders being so far in front of the others it feels like it's from a different, much better film series. I can never forgive what they did to Marcus' character in Last Crusade. 1 Raiders 2 Temple of Doom 3 Last Crusade 4 Crystal Skull I mean, who in their right mind thinks Last Crusade is the best one?
  22. I think my favourite Tom Cruise stunt is when he jumps from the exploding helicopter onto the train in the Channel tunnel.
  23. Yet it’s still the second best Indiana Jones film.
  24. I went to see it over the weekend and this worse the worst part for me. I understand what he was trying to do by building the characters, but it dragged so badly in the middle after the decent setup and excellent third act.
  25. JPL


    I ended up googling it in the end thinking I was going mad. My method was right, but I just couldn’t get it to work. As nice as it looked, the badly implemented puzzles and shitty controls just put me off it and I’ve not been back. Honestly , I think if you’re going to strip the UI away and not really give any indication on what you’re doing is correct, then it has to work flawlessly. I had high hopes for this game, but it turned out to be a let down. I might revisit it further down the line if they sort out all the issues.
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