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  1. 6 minutes ago, CrichStand said:

    Having gone back to BOTW to finish it before TotK, I've been amazed at how jaw droppingly incredible it looks. Granted the TV is upscaling it to 4k and faking 60fps, which makes a massive difference, but its running on Switch. It looks more like its running on a PS5/Xbox! Nintendo are Wizards. Imagine what they could get out of the new machines.

    You haven’t got motion smoothing on your tv have you?

  2. 13 minutes ago, partious said:

    I guess this “series s shit or not shit” tangent is sort of my fault for bringing it up so I should clarify. 
    I have a ps5 and a gaming PC, so the series x doesn’t really appeal. The appeal of the series s is just that I like the small form factor, it’s relatively inexpensive (for the next 2 weeks), I recently paid for 3 years of game pass ultimate, I’d get an Xbox controller that I could also use with my pc. Finally, this is probably just an excuse/rationalization of a whim purchase, but with electricity price increases I started feeling a bit like running certain games on a gaming PC drawing what I think is probably 400-500 watts is probably a bit wasteful compared to a series s using 70 watts. Depends on the game and how much the graphics etc matter. That said, the purchase of the series s costs money too so like I said maybe I’m just look for excuses to buy something.

    Get one, they’re brilliant.

  3. 26 minutes ago, Stanley said:

    It’s £83.99 I think for Extra, so if you want that buy £84 credit at a discount here which gives you 15% off bringing it down to £70.99. 

    The card you were looking at is for Essential which is the original PS Plus tier that entitles you to the three monthly games, that one is £49.99 so you would only save £1 with that card. You could save more by buying £50 worth of store credit (at cdkeys or shopto) and then purchasing the sub from the PlayStation store.

    Perfect, thanks.

  4. 35 minutes ago, Uncle Mike said:

    I haven't checked the price, but I doubt it (I would guess that's a year of Plus Essential.) What I'd do is check the price of a year of Extra on Sony's website, then buy that amount of PSN credit from ShopTo. You should get 10-15% off via that route.

    Ah, thanks Mike.

  5. 1 minute ago, Sarlaccfood said:

    @JPL sorry to confuse you but you really are unlucky with missing the sales there. So much so I wonder if it’s worth paying for a shorter amount of time and waiting for a bigger discount in the next big PSN sale?


    If you can be arsed.

    Is 12 months for £49 not a good deal then? It seems a lot cheaper than going through the Playstation site. I don't mind paying that if I can get 12 months of Extra with it.

  6. On 01/02/2023 at 14:47, JPL said:

    Thanks all. PS Plus Extra as a starting point it is then. That should keep me going for a good while. Is there a cheap way of doing it, such as buying cards from CDKeys, like I did for Gamepass?


    Just to go back to this. Can I just buy one of these and use it for a year of PS+ Extra?



  7. I suppose I should ask a few questions then...


    Which games should I be looking at? Demon's Souls is on my list and I've already played most of the PS4 crossover stuff like God of War, Spiderman, etc, so what else is there?

    What's the PS version of Gamepass/Gold? I've heard of Plus, but which tier is best and what's the cheapest way of getting it?


    Plus any other good advice you think I should know. Thanks!


    7 minutes ago, Benny said:

    Surely it's a relief for certain people seeing as when it was part of the conversation they only complained about the game. Like bullying a difficult colleague out of the building and then going: "I wonder why no-one ever talks about Bob anymore?"


    It's a weird one for me really, as I think the core of the game - the combat loop - is up there with the best it's ever been and the open world really suits Halo, with the little pockets of action dotted around the map. Levels like the one where you have to disable the 3 Mac cannons in the valley are a real highlight. But then you got those endless corridor sections and the final boss rush, which never seems to work in Halo. Plus, after the reveal trailer showing all the different environments with plenty of wide open spaces, it was a real let down to find everything basically looked the same and was really cramped in the final game.


    I'm optimistic the series isn't dead yet though. I think their use of the Slipspace engine was their biggest problem, so if they can shift over to Unreal 5 it should give them a better foundation to build from.


    I still love it and I'm willing to give them time to come back with something even better. I'd be hugely disappointed if we never get another single player campaign though.

  9. 5 minutes ago, Gabzy said:

    I mean, the Eriksen injury pretty much forces this to happen. Without that, I doubt we’d have bothered until Summer.

    That’s if it goes through at all! You know what the club is like…


    but looks promising!



    Oh yeah, I know it's a necessity because of Eriksen. I just hope they get it done. To be fair, the transfers seem to have been going through a lot more smoothly and quicker since Erik's been in charge.

  10. 28 minutes ago, Loik V credern said:

    Just me who finds that an odd chant, a waste of money referring to his transfer a decade ago for what now seems a modest amount given the inflation of prices, to a club which ...United weren't playing against. Carroll joined Reading for ...free? Where he's apparently on just £1000 a week? United fans mentioning waste of money don't really have a position. Man or a woman because has har long hair he ties back when playing football?

    Have you heard any football chants before?

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