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  1. Oh right. Maybe they should have set it in Scotland then, so it makes sense!
  2. I keep seeing this topic popping back to the top of the page and wondering what Island Fring means? I know it’s Gus Fring as the main antagonist, but I don’t get why Island is before his name. Anyone?
  3. Have you used it recently? It’s a lot easier to navigate these days, it’s also pretty customisable and I think you’ve always been able to change the colour, going right back to the launch of the Xbox One. Anyway, two of my recent favourites have to be Forza Horizon 4 and Cyberpunk. Total unintuitive, incomprehensible nonsense. Man, I hope they sorted things for FH5.
  4. Obviously FIFA, CoD and BF2042 will be the big ones, as there's no accounting for taste. I hope Alan Wake finds a new audience on Playstation. It might be a bit old for that though, but it's still an amazing game. I'm confident Halo and Forza will both be excellent, but seeing as they're on gamepass, they're pretty much irrelevant to this thread.
  5. I keep looking at this pic and can only see Trinity. What do you mean?
  6. Is it just the one map for big team then? Also, I heard some lines by the original Halo commentator earlier. It’s a weird mix between him and the other dude at the moment.
  7. Thanks mate, that seems to have sorted it.
  8. I’m still struggling to get this to work for my son. I downloaded it using my account, but he can’t play it when I switch over to his account, so I deleted it. I’m now getting this error message when I try to download with his account. There’s no such thing as Manage Devices in Settings on his Xbox, so I’m a bit stuck. Anyone got any ideas?
  9. They both pretty terrible, but at least the old one has a bit of character. The new one looks far too corporate and stale. Really weird they’ve gone with it.
  10. Hmm, maybe. I did that the other day, but when I tried to open it, it gave me a message about it needing to be played by the account that downloaded it. That was before I set him up the adult account though, so maybe it was his age locking him out. I’ll give it a try now. Thanks!
  11. Weird. I’ve just tried to install it via the Gamepass app and although it says it launched yesterday, it’s behaving as though it isn’t out yet.
  12. I mentioned a few days ago that my son wants to play this weekend but he couldn’t download the Insider app because of his age. Anyway, I’ve set him up a new account and got the hub, but when he goes to download Infinite from the store, it says it’s not available in the little box that you usually click to download. Is this normal? Seems a bit weird that they’re not going to let anyone download it until the flight starts.
  13. I'm the same. I've tried so many different types of games I wouldn't have usually bothered with and a lot of them have been excellent. It's the best thing to happen to gaming in a long time.
  14. Thanks! Man, Gamepass is relentless, isn’t it? I can’t keep up!
  15. Looks like Sony are planning on a lot more remasters then.
  16. To be fair though, with Gamepass being so good, I reckon I could easily only buy one game a month. Even that feels like too many though!
  17. Yep. I believe anyone can join this weekend. Have a look on Halo Waypoint, there’ll probably be something about it on there.
  18. The main thing Nintendo need to do is launch a screenless Switch, as I’ve got zero interest or need for portable gaming, so I’ve paid for a screen that never gets used. And before anyone says that goes against the ethos of it, they already did it the other way with the handheld only Switch Lite. I’m also in the rational camp and agree with @ZOK
  19. I can’t wait to get stuck back into this. I ended up working into the early hours most of last weekend, so didn’t get all that long with it. @Wahwah* @Talvalin @MalevolentPanda Fancy getting the old gang back together, with me and gamepaused?
  20. I’m buzzing for it, but I think there might be a sting in the tail.
  21. God, I hope they didn’t leave early to avoid the rush!
  22. The best bit is how every City fan I know say they didn’t want him anyway!
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