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  1. @Harsin Why would anyone on here be insecure about their choice of console, when most of us will be getting both? Serious question by the way, because it definitely feels like that from some posters.
  2. Which PS5 games are going to launch in the first year though? Sure, there might be one or two, but by the time the big hitters arrive, I reckon MS will be launching stuff that you can only play on Series X/S. Sony haven't announced anything imminent that makes me want a PS5, but I'll be getting on board as soon as they start coming through (and they redesign the console). Any third party games should theoretically be better on Series X as well.
  3. Isn’t it the same reason you’ll upgrade to a PS5 though? Play your current games at better quality with faster loading times until the games arrive which take advantage of the system.
  4. Yeah, that does look amazing. Any news on whether it’s coming to Series X yet? It’s got to, right?
  5. They’d be absolutely mental to not offer full BC, seeing as a lot of people will have built up a decent digital library on PS4.
  6. Yeah, thanks. Sorted it earlier. Good deal that.
  7. I was just going to ask where from. Are they reputable?
  8. I said that in the Console Wars thread, but you ignored me.
  9. Halo’s my number 1, but I’m looking forward to Cyberpunk as well. We’ll have to get back into the multiplayer, if it actually has one.
  10. It’s still my most anticipated game, next to Cyberpunk.
  11. You can even go back to Halo CE to see large scale battles like the one between the Flood, the Covenant and some Marines when you go back to the canyon. There’s Ghosts, Warthogs and Wraiths all going at it as well. I’m pretty sure the Xbox One can handle that amount of mayhem easily, and all I really expected from the Series X version was better graphics and faster loading times.
  12. I think it’s just that currently it looks significantly less polished than Halo 5, which isn’t good for a next gen flagship title.
  13. No idea then. If you’ve uninstalled/reinstalled, was there an option to delete all game data as well? I can’t think of anything else, to be honest.
  14. @Bojangle @Wahwah* Well, I hope you’re both right. I still think it looks great fun, so I’m not overly worried. I just wanted it to blow people away. Hopefully it will do come launch.
  15. I just wish they’d come out and tell us what’s going on. MS have been really open and confident so far, so this radio silence is worrying.
  16. I know what you’re saying, but there’s no way they’d release it with all that pop-in, flat lighting, no decals, etc. I just can’t see them releasing a game that looks worse than Halo 4! I’m not sure what the problems are at 343, but they’ve been working on this for 5 years. All I can think is all that polish is something they sort at the end and Covid has shafted them over the last few months, so they’ve just pushed out an older gameplay demo rather than spending all those valuable man hours putting an amazing trailer together. I’m just guessing though. Hopefully it’ll all become clear soon enough. I am disappointed that 343 haven’t come out to explain themselves yet though. They really need to do some damage limitation, as we’re ending up with clueless YouTubers talking shit, like that dude posted before.
  17. You’ll end up like me in Bloodborne, where all your routes end in bosses. I’ve got 5 to dispatch now!
  18. It's obviously a work in progress though, right? You just have to look at it to see that.
  19. It’s just people wanting to find the reason why Infinite was such a poor showing in the visual department.
  20. Imagine what the posts about Naughty Dog are like and they manage to put out some decent games.
  21. Oh, I’ve also got Amygdala in another direction as well. 5 bosses in every direction!
  22. You mean the universal controls thing in MCC, that tries to make all the controller schemes the same? I think I just stuck it on Universal Default, which seemed ok. Are you playing on Legendary?
  23. The Tonitrus has become my secondary weapon of choice. I love the thing! Thanks for all the tips. I’ll go TOR then and maybe have a few cracks at the others for fun.
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