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  1. Just played up to the title screen and that was excellent. Halo is back baby!
  2. Maybe I’ve been lucky with the bunch that I’ve had then. I just assumed they were pretty solid, seeing as it’s only a rechargeable battery.
  3. Maybe someone should take the mention of campaign out of this thread's title now!
  4. I'm not attacking Sony! If anything I think they did pretty well for the first six months or so to get the games out they did, with all the covid nonsense going on.
  5. They were, but they were titled so badly I don't think anyone knew which thread was for what. Look at the title of this one. It mentions both the multiplayer and the campaign!
  6. Forza and Flight Sim were never scheduled to come out on the console's launch, were they?
  7. Oh right. It's no big deal, is it? Like I said in the Halo thread, it's obviously had a hugely troubled development, but it's good they've pulled it out of the bag if the majority of reviews are to be believed. A few graphical glitches here and there that they will address with a patch, isn't going to bother me in the slightest as long as it plays well.
  8. You're in the console wars thread. I think he's joking about it being a huge problem.
  9. What makes you think that? I've had a few over the years for myself and my boys and they've all been great. Other than that, get some eneloops or IKEA rechargeables.
  10. Mine took 5 hours on a ~60meg connection, so I doubt I’ll get chance to play this tonight.
  11. Dylan Rhymes - Naked and Ashamed. Weirdly, it sounds like it should have been in the Matrix!
  12. That’s the one. I’m sure it had different music though, or am I going mad? Edit: Yes, I remember this version…
  13. I’m pretty sure the was a Smirnoff advert that used it around the same time too. Not sure if it came before the Matrix though.
  14. Oh dear @Danster, you’ve just committed the crime you’re accusing him of. ‘a pae-do and god-fall free-bie’ is 8 syllables, while… ‘a par-tridge in a pear-tree’ is only 7.
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