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  1. This isn’t my argument, as I haven’t posted in here, but is this for real? Theres a big difference between ‘Shit promo shots that happen to feature women*’ and ‘Shit women ruin promo shot’, you know? Anything that’s been said in here is the former, not the latter. *because, funnily enough, they’re the stars of the film
  2. Yeah, hitcher’s right. I’ve just tried it and it says I’m too early.
  3. Talking of unlocking early. If I set my Xbox region to Australia (or somewhere that’s already hit midnight) will I be able to play it now?
  4. Ah well, I’ll stick to the higher res mode on my X then. Plus I get to play with the best controller.
  5. Mental! I’ll give both options a try then and see which I prefer.
  6. Looks like I'm good. LGB7 and an X. Saying that all the versions look really good, so there's nothing to worry about. @Strafe Where are you looking at the settings for variable refresh rate?
  7. True, but how much of that was down to the stellar reviews of the first game, it being launched with a brand new console, it being the first proper twin stick FPS to play perfectly on a pad and it being one of only a few games available for the Xbox at the time. Of course the fact it’s still peerless probably helped as well. The second one had so much hype surrounding it, with a huge advertising campaign, the I Love Bees ARG and the introduction of proper online multiplayer. Like you say though, it’s impossible to quantify, but you can’t deny it’s always spoken about with more enthusiasm by the people who tackled Legendary. I’m not saying that easy modes ruin games, I’m saying that, especially in Halo’s case, it’s a far better game on the higher difficulty settings.
  8. Nah. I’m right and you know it.
  9. Ask anyone who’s only played Halo on easy/normal what they think of the game and I guarantee the majority will just think of it as an average shooter. Nothing special at all. Never to return. Ask the people who’ve played it on Legendary and it suddenly and quite rightly becomes the best shooter there’s ever been. They’ll have loads of tales to tell of their struggles against the odds and it’ll be a game they return to over and over again for the gameplay.
  10. Already done and installed. I presume it unlocks at midnight tomorrow?
  11. Why the lolz? The more people that get to play it the better. Brilliant game.
  12. Can I preload this on Xbox? I might buy it tonight if I can.
  13. The best bit is him ripping the charging cable out of the controller so he can smash it through the screen!

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