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  1. JPL

    Gaming for free?

    I think the quid I paid for 3 years of Game Pass Ultimate means it’s practically free. If you’ve got an Xbox and the offer is still going, you won’t go far wrong with that.
  2. When the director’s name popped up at first I thought it said Tobe Hooper. Now that’s a version of Cats I’d pay to see.
  3. Fair enough, but as much as I like them (well Hereditary anyway), I don’t think I’ve been scared by a film since I was a kid. I can still appreciate the craft though and I love horror, so maybe I appreciate the genre for different things.
  4. When was the last time you saw anything scary though? I just think you get to a certain age, probably in your early teens, then nothing is scary after that. Saying that, I think they did a great job with Pennywise and managed to make it creepy and weird enough, the scene with Georgie at the start was great and the whole look and sound design of the film was great.
  5. I loved the first part, so I’m really looking forward to this
  6. He's pretty wild as Johnny Bartlett in The Frighteners as well. I actually always thought he was Gary's little brother, rather than his son though.
  7. Yeah, I don’t want to get into semantics. I think it’s more that you seem really down on it. Not all games can be for everyone though and there’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe Elden Ring will be more your thing. In other news, what the fuck has happened to the forum? It’s all over the place on iPhone.
  8. I honestly don’t know what to say other than it doesn’t seem like a game for you. It’s easily up there with their other stuff for me because I think it’s got the best combat out of the lot, I really like how it’s a lot more streamlined in the RPG elements and I absolutely love the setting and level design. It just sounds to me that you want another DS/BB and you’re looking for as many negatives in it as you can.
  9. @Broker I just had a look on YouTube and this fella does it in under a minute using the technique I mentioned earlier.
  10. I’m not sure what you’re doing wrong, but a deflect and a few hits should push his posture meter up while taking a decent chunk off health of him. You only need to repeat it about 5 or 6 times and his posture will fill up giving you the opportunity for the death blow.
  11. It’s basically what robdood said on the last page. Create some distance between you and he’ll come charging straight at you, he’ll then dip his head to do an uppercut on you. Deflect that and it’ll stun him leaving you plenty of time to get a load of hits in. Run away and repeat. That’s what I love about From bosses. They seem so aggressive and intimidating at first, that it really unnerves you, but after a few goes you start to see their patterns and work out a way to exploit them.
  12. The bull is a piece of piss once you’ve figured out when to deflect him. He’ll be down in a couple of minutes at most.
  13. Weird, maybe I’ve just read the ones that like it then.
  14. @Nick R Have you purposefully gone looking for any review that contains a bit of negativity just so you could pull out the paragraphs to quote here? I’ve read a few reviews now and while some of them have been a bit mixed, especially over some of the voice acting, the majority are saying it’s really good. The animation is great and the extended scenes really work. Are you trying to convince yourself, and people here, that it’s not very good?
  15. I can understand the ones that are slight mishearings. That seems pretty obvious through someone getting it wrong and it spreading, but the Matrix one is crazy. There's no dialogue like that anywhere in the film, so I wonder why so many of us can see Morpheus saying that line.
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