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  1. Must be a specific Series X problem then, so maybe it’s just a game they haven’t properly checked. Hopefully it’ll get sorted a system update or two down the line.
  2. I see Mourinho has questioned some of his players attitudes in their 3-3 draw with Lask and said he’d experienced similar at United. Well, there’s one constant in that story José.
  3. All I think you’ll be able to do, if you can do it at all, is wipe the save data from your main account and start the game again. That save data must be fucked.
  4. I haven’t got it, so I can’t try, but do you know anyone else who’s played it on the X? I presume you’ve scoured the internet already but you’ve not seen anyone with the same issue.
  5. Have you tried logging in as a guest and playing it? Like you say, the only thing it can be is some corrupt data and seeing as you’ve tried everything, it has to be your current save file.
  6. How do you mean it’s more accessible on Stadia?
  7. What’s the controller audio issue? I had what sounded like static in the first week, but it seems to have gone away on its own.
  8. Anyone know when the reviews are due, or if any reviewers have even got their copies yet?
  9. Nice! You’ve got the hangar bays coming up*. That makes the bit you’ve just done feel like a walk in the park! *If I’m remembering it right.
  10. I didn’t realise you could be disrespectful to a rendering technique!
  11. Cool. I’ll grab it from shopto then. Seems to be the cheapest place at the moment.
  12. Looks like Ole was listening.
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