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  1. That has worse controls than its last gen predecessor though. I actually agree with @PeteBrant, each generation just gets better and better for me and with MS getting a spanking this gen, I can only see a fully blown arms race being really good for the generation to come.
  2. @BitterToad You won’t derail any further after you’ve come in and spouted a load of bollocks about me? Nice get out clause. Let’s ignore that analogy, eh? I was making light of the post a couple above mine, because it was ridiculous. Now you’ve come along and made an even more ridiculous one! But the main point here is please don’t assume I pirate everything and don’t pay for my films. I watch a lot of films and generally either go to the cinema (which costs a lot more than £10 for a family of 4), then rent or buy them from various online retailers when they’re out for home release (Rakuten, iTunes, etc). On certain films like this though, yes I do occasionally pirate, but I will have spent upwards of £100 on it when all said and done, so another watch in between doesn’t make me out to be the film industry destroying pirate you’re trying to paint me as. Oh, and when you say you don’t tend to, does that mean you have never done it or only done it on occasion?
  3. It’s more akin to taking a nice new car for a test drive when you’ve got every intention of buying it.
  4. It’ll be available on 4K Blu-ray in a few months AND it’s still on at the cinema, you morally bankrupt scoundrel. I can only imagine people like BitterToad and AK Bell have never even considered watching something slightly dodgy, let alone actually do it, the upstanding bastions of society that they are.
  5. JPL

    The Man Utd Thread

    Have we made any signings yet? I hope we don’t use the tried and trusted Woodward scattergun approach again and just buy a load of random players. I’m not too worried though, the club seem to know what they’re doing now. Since we got that DoF in place, there’ll definitely be a solid plan of how to develop the team and take it forwa.... Oh.
  6. JPL

    Microsoft & Sony sitting in a tree...

    I’ve been asking for this for years. One box under the TV (or one streaming service if it takes off) for any game I want to play would be the perfect solution for me.
  7. JPL

    The Man Utd Thread

    They’ve got to show willing this time though as things have really hit rock bottom now. If they really can’t be arsed to put any effort into running the club, then I’ll try my best not to put any effort into supporting them. A little bit of willing, whether it works or not, is all I really want. Lets see how the next few weeks pan out eh?
  8. JPL

    The Man Utd Thread

    Transfer window opens tonight then. I’m expecting big things and that they move quickly.
  9. JPL

    Konami 50th Anniversary Collection

    Cool. As long as it’s nothing game breaking I’ll grab it.
  10. I’ll be buying that, don’t you worry. I’ve already been to the cinema twice as well, but I wouldn’t have minded watching it again from the comfort of my couch before the Blu-ray is released.
  11. JPL

    John Wick 3: Parabellum - May 2019

    I wasn't too keen on the second after the amazing first, but I've heard this is the best of the lot. Can't wait to see it now.
  12. But seriously, is there a decent copy out there?
  13. JPL

    Konami 50th Anniversary Collection

    Seeing this topic pop back up reminded me I was going to get the collection with Nemesis in it, but having a quick read up on it people are saying the menus are bugged, but not saying why. What was wrong and has it been patched?
  14. As @Stopharage has just said... RDR2 - Better control layout - Better gun play, making it a stronger focus - Better inventory management - Less linear missions - Less separation between the main story missions and the game world Other than that it was great!

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