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  1. Hmmm, I wonder why that was.
  2. JPL

    Xbox Series X

    They’ve bought loads over the last couple of years, so hopefully we’ll see what they’ve all been up to at the event. Kinect was such a stupid idea, what a total waste of time and money.
  3. It’s true! Every time we’ve been able to make ground this season, we lose. It’s time the jinx was broken.
  4. JPL

    Xbox Series X

    I know, I was only messing!
  5. JPL

    Xbox Series X

    Yeah, the 360 was shit, wasn’t it?! As for the Series S, if the price is right, that’ll be my 2 lads sorted for Christmas.
  6. First go today and they’re down! Now on to Byrgenwerth.
  7. Not yet, but I’ll keep trying.
  8. You make it look so easy. These bastards won’t beat me. Tomorrow they’re mine.
  9. I’m level 48, so they really shouldn’t be a problem. It’s the complete randomness that seems to be getting me, as I don’t really think they’re all that tough. Maybe I’ve just been massively unlucky in the way they’re attacking or something, because I’ve not had all that much of a problem with anything up to this point.
  10. I’ve had a couple more goes with the Madras Twin, but I’ve no idea how you do it in your video. I leave him to it and go for the fire dude, but he dies within seconds, leaving me stranded with all 3 of them on pretty much full health. Such a shit and annoying boss, that feels totally random. I’m doing nothing different from what you’re doing, but it’s just not working out the same. I feel like smashing my PS4 up, it’s winding me up that much!
  11. I’ve done the two things you’ve mentioned in your spoiler, but he doesn’t appear at the Tomb of Odeon. I wonder if it’s because I killed Eileen. That’s all I can think it could be.
  12. Yeah, it’s a bit of a shitter. Never mind, I’m sure I’ll do it using @APM’s method above.
  13. Yeah, I've got a route that only takes a minute or so. It's still a bit of a pain having to do it over and over again though.
  14. I had to look this up, but I’m still not sure how to get Henryk to appear. I probably messed it up, because I killed Eileen early on to get the Blades of Mercy (which I still haven’t bought!). He’s definitely not in FG’s area when I go back though, so without killing him, I don’t think I can summon him. Does anyone know if that’s right? @Broker I don’t have PS+, so not sure if you’ll be able to join me. Is that right? If both of those are a no go, I’ll just keep trying. I was just feeling a bit down with it last night, but I’m sure I’ll take them down on my first attempt today!
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