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  1. Those are crazy, can't wait to see them finished!
  2. Try using the side of the brush, perpendicular to the edge you are highlighting. Also helpful to thin paints a little more than normal to flow off the brush easier. Dont ask @feltmonkey, I heard he can't even edge highlight metallics properly...
  3. For Imperial Assault you should be able to sell on for about what you paid for it assuming in good condition. Would try the FB selling groups over eBay first. I have eBay alerts for it as I'm missing a few figure packs and I have seen some inconsistent final selling prices for boxed expansions with people getting the odd bargain.
  4. Ordered a few bits and bobs from them over the years and they have been great in my experience too.
  5. Also an item that helps! Description:
  6. Bloodstain? Likely, pathetic sort... Is my most upvoted message beside one of these weird spots that I can't work out what is killing so many people
  7. Many, many times while playing my way through the various soulsborne games I've been stuck on a boss, repeatedly failing attempts late into the night before finally giving up. Then I load up the next day and do it first go without much bother. It's really odd and a lot of people seem to go through the same thing.
  8. Also if you use a password with your mates you can summon them whatever level they are.
  9. It's level based and also based on the max upgrade of your highest level weapon. E.g. You are level 50 with a +11 weapon. You can be summoned by levels 37-66 with weapons between +9 and +13. You can be invaded by levels 28-55 with weapons between +9 and +13 (or somber stone weapons between +4 and +6). If you want to get summoned to help people you can put your sign down outside a hard main-path boss or try sending it to the summoning pool in a level appropriate area and see where you end up!
  10. Nice! I didn't want to reply again in case you hadn't and I spoiled it.
  11. Have you been power bombed by Senator Armstrong yet
  12. Not a melee weapon but casting heals on them does massive damage and stuns them for a critical. They are complete ballbags but holding great heal until they come in range then 2 shotting them is very cathartic.
  13. Holy shit if you summon Latenna...
  14. I did a lot of helping people with A, NotV and Neil. Try summoning pool things if you haven't already. I just sent my sign to those and people were summoning me instantly.
  15. Just started NG+ and my new goal is to see how many bosses Tiche can solo. So far she's taken down Tree Sentinel, Margit and Godrick pretty handily while I stand back in Black Knife cosplay and watch the carnage. Wish her weapon gave you attacks like that! It's special is pretty sweet but I want the rest of her moveset.
  16. Kzo

    Dark Souls 3

    Start as Knight class. Straight sword and shield can carry you through the game. UGS later on if you fancy as STR is powerful in DS3. I also remember the Sellsword Twinblade was pretty op as a boss killer. Sorcery is op later in the game for bosses if you fancy respeccing.
  17. Agree with the grace sites. I miss that lovely horrible feeling when you're down to your last estus and carrying a wedge of souls. Deciding whether to push on or go back and spend your souls. I found that I cared less about losing runes in this game and also would be 1 or 2 estus down when I found another grace in the legacy dungeons.
  18. Some bosses seem to have new moves, I'm helping people with one atm that is doing stuff I never saw when fighting it myself. Been doing the same boss a few hours. One guy keeps summoning me and dying to it. They've been trying for ages. Just downed it with them, great feeling Would've killed it an hour ago if they just stood back and let me do it though
  19. Godfrey's wig is EXCELLENT fashion.
  20. Finished the last few bosses earlier. Last boss: Overall though, what a fucking game. Going to look up a souls farm, buy a pile of stones and jump into NG+ with a new build.
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