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  1. Looks great, I'm working in London for 10 days next month with nothing to do on the weekday evenings so will definitely nip in and check it out.
  2. Yes, you're running out of shelf space. Don't worry, you can always buy more.
  3. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-07-09-acclaimed-board-game-dungeon-crawler-gloomhavens-digital-adaptation-enters-steam-early-access-next-week Looks pretty cool, didn't think it would have proper animations and such, just pieces moving around the board.
  4. That's really nice, the sculpt looks even better than the Imperial Assault one
  5. Cards I can do, someone to play with and time to play are the limiting factors :( I have a hard on for that Kalameet.
  6. I have no idea what you're saying but it sounds awesome and I would love to play it.
  7. Here's a swatch of a few over metallics, looks pretty good: @feltmonkey Yellow is just a shite colour to paint, with any type of paint! I agree the orange looks good though, and they'll definitely have their uses for e.g. a load of board game minis I just want to get through quickly. I think your team will look great for the time spent once you get all the wee details in
  8. Kzo

    The Random WoW Thread

    Loved playing AV back in the day. I played a rogue and my mate was a druid so we spent all our time stealthing around capping graveyards and whatnot. Great feeling when you beat the 1 sensible person from the other team who stayed behind to guard in a 1v1 and prevent/make a cap. With stealth you could feel really impactful in some bgs, using sap and other shenanigans to delay caps until reinforcements arrived. Also never had a problem with getting ganked with stealth, would definitely go rogue again if I had the time to play.
  9. Had a wee go in the Warhammer shop, it was OK but got some bad tide marks. This may have been down to not using enough paint.
  10. Ooof looks bad. Was that even a second kickstarter for that game? The base game has been available at retail for ages. A modest proposal to CMON on BGG : https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2215343/modest-proposal-cmon
  11. Disappointing to hear, they have some cool looking games, tempted by a late pledge for Tainted Grail. Were the problems widespread?
  12. Considering Hunter's Dream as it adds content to all campaigns. Tempted to drop it and get Batman instead, just had a look at it there and S1 looks great, what did you think of it?
  13. Aye we get off relatively lightly. Going for any add ons?
  14. Bit of drama going on with the CMON Bloodborne game. The pledge manager was released and shipping costs are massively inflated from the estimates given during the campaign (some countries are 200-300% higher than the estimate, even the US is significantly higher). They also conveniently sent out the pledge manager the day after the full refund period expired. The comments section on the KS page is getting blown up but no reply as yet. Would be wary backing any of their games in the future. For a company with CMON's experience it seems pretty dodgy to give such misleading shipping estimates, they know from day 1 exactly what will be going out in terms of stretch goals etc.
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