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  1. Would love to play with you guys but we are about to finish LMoP and roll into Curse of Strahd. Unfortunately don't have the time to get playing more than once a week . Hope to join in on the next one or if my campaign falls apart and you happen to have a spot open. I'd really like to get a go being a PC at some point.
  2. Cheers! It's not dead (!) so I suppose it'll zoom out next time they open it (hoping for their sake that's before it gets its 3rd level spell back). I don't think this will be the last time they try this
  3. Nice wee bundle of Asmodee games on Humble at the moment: https://www.humblebundle.com/games/asmodee-tabletop-2gether
  4. Generally a lot of the LMoP encounters don't challenge my PCs, as written. I buff them up a bit, change out monsters or add additional ones and also try to use some tactics if applicable (the book/blog The Monsters Know What They're Doing is a great resource for this). LMoP Cragmaw Spoilers
  5. I don't own an airbrush but it's water based so whatever process you use to spray acrylics would probably work? I remember I picked up the recommendation on a modelling forum, don't imagine those guys are sitting brushing it all over their big planes etc.
  6. I brush on Winsor & Newton Galeria Matt Varnish. Never had an issue with it and a bottle lasts ages. Does dull colours slightly as noted above. Useful also to get a small bottle of gloss/satin for effects like The Bag says. I use GW 'Ardcoat and Vallejo Satin. The 'Ardcoat can be a bit tacky but I think this might be the case with all gloss varnishes? I did some stormtroopers in it to mimic their plastic armour and they stick together a bit in storage, no damage so far though.
  7. I don't really know anything about 40k but I spent a good few mins looking at that and imagining it carving through an alien horde on some godforsaken battlefield and now I want to know about it
  8. Poundland usually has black and grey primer in the car bits section. Has worked fine for me and obviously much cheaper than GW primer. Halfords do them in various colours too if you're after white. When it's all shitey outside I use Vallejo brush on primer (I don't own an airbrush).
  9. They look great, love the variety in the zombies. Would be great for a D&D scenario involving a zombie curse affecting a whole town!
  10. Here's a whatsapp message I sent today as a joke before watching just now, not far off... Holy shit that was absolutely class. This is exactly what I needed in 2020.
  11. As per my screenshot above, despite having fully roleplayed conversations with Linene Greywind on 3 occasions (and they like her), they still have not managed to tell her where her bloody missing supplies are...
  12. @Seamonster This is great advice. I still tend to overprep as I have so many ideas I think would be great then end up chucking them away as the PCs go off and do something else. I need to work on my plot hooks as it sometimes feels as if I have to whack players over the head with them. I bought the lazy dungeon master book which has been very helpful. I use the session worksheet to write out the info mentioned by Graham before each game. You can print off the session planner free here: https://slyflourish_content.s3.amazonaws.com/lazy_dm_workbook_fill-in_pages.pdf
  13. SUPERGIRL 5% off TCGs STORM 15% off accessories SPIDEY 10% off RPGs
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