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  1. That's great, those are some tiny magnets. Now it can do a creepy ghost head rotation too
  2. Heard of people using coffee grounds also. I've not tried it myself but will save some and give it a whirl!
  3. Just went and looked on the Hasslefree site there and hadn't realised there's a naked ("Skyclad" lol) version of a lot of their minis . In their defence, there are as many knobs flying about there as anything else.
  4. Thanks Generally I would do the bases with black or grey but it can be a useful way to differentiate minis. E.g. on Imperial Assault, my normal baddies have grey rims and elites have red. For these I wanted a different colour for each player so they easily stand out on the table (if we ever get to play in real life!). For something like warhammer minis I would probably do them all with something unobtrusive as you've said, so they easily blend in with a terrain table. I've not painted a lot of different stuff but here are some I like the look of: Reaper do a HUGE
  5. Couple of mostly finished WIPS - Vax and Grog from Critical Role representing my PCs rogue and barbarian: Tried out some contrast black on Vax. Pretty good stuff, very quick. Mini looks a bit boring overall but not sure what else to do.
  6. Kzo

    Nintendo Switch

    Looking at getting a Switch for my son (6) for Christmas. What accessories would I need with it? Something to stop it getting banged up - is there any case/skin that will protect against bumps/drops that doesn't affect taking the joycons on/off etc? Memory card - assuming I can leave this a while? Would be mainly buying physical games. Joycons / controllers - would want an extra controller or two of some description. Joycons are pretty expensive, are these recommended for a lot of games? If not, are there any recommended wireless controllers? Any
  7. I find that too especially with flatter surfaces, because I can't really do blending. As a result I never push my highlights very bright unless it's an edge or a very small area.
  8. Any good 2 player games there that are reasonably light? Heard Star Realms is great but don't think my partner would be interested in the theme.
  9. That is absolutely class. Now do a whole army like it.
  10. So I'd been holding off upgrading my ancient Bullzdozer to see what the release would be like. Big price increase vs the 3600 which was the sort of level I was looking at. I think I'd be best going for a 3600 or used 3700x for the moment (prob a few of these on ebay soon). Already bought a B550 mobo and I'm still on 1080p which is fine for me.
  11. Looks great, doing my first decent eye was a real victory moment for me too. I always do them first now before painting the rest of the face then inevitably flood it with a wash or something and have to redo anyway
  12. Heh. Nothing personnel, kid.
  13. @Nathan WindThat is class, looks very cosy. Would love a wee room like that. Our spare rooms are "The Study", which is where my stuff goes that isn't allowed in other rooms, and "The PlayRoom" (the toy dumping ground / clothes drying).
  14. I haven't, but will definitely give it a go, sounds great. Cheers!
  15. Wanted to set out some thoughts on my LMoP campaign and maybe get a few ideas from more experienced players. Apologies for the disjointed post below, basically vomiting out my ideas for the next section. Spoilers Lost Mine of Phandelver
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