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  1. We have GoT, I really enjoy it but it's not as popular with my mates unfortunately. I've had Risk Legacy sitting on the shelf for a while now, we love Risk 2210 and I know this would go down a bomb but there are 7 of us, 5 of whom are doctors who work various shifts week to week so it's really difficult to keep a consistent group for a campaign style game like that. One day we will manage it! Cosmic Encounter looks great too, would like to get that one day.
  2. This is what I'm all about. What do you think are some good games that fit this description? We love Spartacus plenty of back stabbing and excitement when you get a good gladiator fight. Looking at Dune next which sounds promising.
  3. Cheers, have gone for Bloodline and RR to read before the film
  4. Cheers, got it ordered now. Need to get started on some of the new canon stuff but it's difficult to know where to start. Might just suffer through the rest of the Aftermath books anyway just to get the full picture!
  5. Do I need to read the Aftermath trilogy before Resistance Reborn? I'd like to read it before the new film comes out but I read the first Aftermath book a while ago and thought it was really poor (it's the only new canon book I've read).
  6. WIP on Gloomhaven Spellweaver ft. dodgy OSL. I can never get glazes right, typically make em too thin and do 3 coats with no change then get frustrated and try to put more paint in, end up with far too much and it's chalky. Have trouble getting coverage without it running into the cracks too. Still, happy enough with the effect on this, went too dark on the blue.
  7. Cheers, not heard of greyscaling before so will definitely give that a listen. Taking a leaf out of your book, put the baby down then got 15 mins in while I waited on eldest coming up for bed
  8. Anything you've picked up that you've found particularly helpful? Might pick up some of the contrast paints and try those out for board game figures etc.
  9. Looks great, especially for such a short job! Even got some nice osl going. I generally don't bother trying to paint unless I'll have an hour or more but I have to start trying to get some quick sessions in as I'm only getting to paint about once every 3-4 weeks at the moment
  10. Posts pictures showing this to be a huge lie.
  11. Isn't it a painting competition? Or is the top three thing like a public vote for your favourite but not necessarily the best?
  12. Yeah, the hunters will want to kill any vampires they encounter asap as they will disappear when they mature, even if they have some damage on them.
  13. Love this game. There are a good few rules to get through the first time as you say but I find it's very straightforward once you have them down and easy to pick up again in subsequent games (even if there's a long break inbetween games). Get yourself a cape on the cheap after Halloween! Did Dracula win any of the games?
  14. You can get black and sometimes grey car primer in Poundland and it's fine. Halford's does plastic primer too, the grey one is good. I try to avoid white spray on primers as they can be pretty chalky.
  15. That's frigging brilliant, can't stop looking at it.
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