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  1. Finished What/If at the weekend, it's quite good considering the poor reviews, a bit far fetched and poorly acted in places but overall an interesting story. Just started watching Dead to Me. Two episodes in and the wife and I are enjoying it.
  2. Funny, I can't find one game that interests me right now. Have I missed an RPG somewhere? I think I burnt myself out on FPS games, I prefer something a bit slower but still with a bit of action. MP games don't interest me because my time is so limited and often interrupted by little people. As such a hardcore gamer from the past, like since 1980, I feel like I am slowly losing the gaming bug, can anyone confirm that it comes back when the kids are older?
  3. Maybe it's a bit more simple. Food, power, fuel etc even my pension have all shot up recently, I just don't have anywhere near the disposable income I used to have. People are struggling a little bit and gaming is a luxury. Also I am just not feeling the shit being released, I think RDR2 might have killed all other games for me.
  4. Yesssss motherfuckers!!!!!
  5. Thinking of picking up Anno 1800. I know the last few have been a bit crap but I have recently started playing 1404 and have enjoyed it, 1800 looks like a remake of that.
  6. I liked the area but felt like I couldn't explore it. There are animals there that can be found nowhere else I believe. It is possible to get there, same with the prison island and a few other places but for the amount of effort and time it takes it really isn't worth it. I actually really miss playing this game, just not sure I fancy starting again, it's an odd dilemma.
  7. I'm not sure how comfy the new ones will be but I couldn't watch a movie on my rift, I don't see the point of be uncomfortable and hot for 2 hours when a big TV is just fine. Unless we are talking about a different kind of movie you might watch for 10 minutes, in that case you need the SLR app.
  8. But there is no rush. It's just amazing value for money. My problem right now is that I am struggling to find anything new to play, every time I pick up a game it just feels flat and empty.
  9. Bit late for the reply but I did the same. It was release day, well midnight opening at EB. Got home at about 0:30 and played till 1pm the next day. Any way, welcome.
  10. That was, without doubt, the best thing I have ever seen. Every part of it was amazing, I was holding my breath through a lot of it. To avoid waking the family up i was shouting at the telly as quietly as I could, I was practically jumping up and down in my seat shouting yessssss at that moment you all will know!!! How the fuck are they going to follow that with the final episode?
  11. LOL, I never really thought about that, there must be a lot of people on board, all of which just gave up the chance to ever see their families again. For what reason, oh yeah, to help Burnham's mummy. Fucking stupid show, it better sort itself out for season three or I am going to be most annoyed!
  12. It's just a combination of practice and gradually turning up the sensitivity of the controller. You always die loads with a new FPS, give it a few weeks and you will be top of the leaderboard.
  13. What is it? The film with a live Orchestra? If so, that sounds amazing.
  14. I am a bit of a fussy viewer, not a fan of comic book stuff in general and a bit sick of zombie shows. I thought this was pretty good, might have worked better as a long movie. I think it captures the feel of the world quite well and for a low budget show I think it's well worth a watch. I'm guessing Netflix forced them to make 8 episodes hence why the last two are about 20 minutes long.
  15. Thanks @Jazz Glands That's the one. Amazing graphics.....for it's time. Looks so shit now! LOL
  16. What was the arcade racer from about 20 years ago where you drove around a city/cities in hot hatches?
  17. Exactly right @Danster The writers are just rubbish, It reminds me of The Walking Dead, they keep trying to create drama because they think that's the only thing that will keep viewers interested. They don't understand that we, as Star Trek fans, like story, adventure and hope. We don't need a bad guy with nails in his baseball bat!
  18. Yeah, in the hope that I might get a good Star Trek TV show again. It can't stay rubbish for ever, can it?
  19. ahhhhhh.. That was worth waiting for. A proper Top Gear special. Best episode of the series, if not, to date. No over acting, everything felt pretty ginuwine. You could see the guys were really enjoying making that, even though it was a really tough adventure.
  20. What the fuck was going on in the latest episode. Was it written, produced and directed by a completely different team? I can't cope anymore.
  21. I tried playing in creative mode but it gave me no incentives to actually do anything, I guess if you are just a builder type, but then what's the point of just building a base on one planet.
  22. I guess this is the same engine as Fallout, right? If not they have done a good job of capturing it's ugly NPC and general jankiness. Still, probably a day one purchase for me.
  23. The game is all about the grind really isn't it. But now they have added storyline missions and more to do you can get away from the grind a little. I'm thinking of trying survival mode again when the update comes out. I think it will add a new dimension in VR.
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