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  1. The Internet It doesn't matter, not sure anyone here actually cares. But someone out there will be offended.
  2. Who decided it was a girl? In 2077 we are all just people, a penis doesn't mean anything!
  3. Bloody hell, I already wanted a Switch for a couple of games and now this! Might have to sell my Rift!
  4. Putting aside any issues the company has had in the past I don't see what the problem is. Unless it has everything to do with the transphobic tweets, (I never knew anything about that till 3 minutes ago). And I guess it does as no one has a problem with all the Nazi stuff in Wolfenstein games.
  5. I'm really loving it. I'm guessing that after these planets there isn't another system to explore, maybe no.2.
  6. What do you do with this molded piece of plastic? Do you plug it in to your tv or is it a cart adaptor?
  7. How the hell did they make this look so realistic? Is it filmed on location? The CGI is pretty good. The attention to detail in the office and homes, so good.
  8. Yes I remember when she came back looking completely different. There is something about her though that I didn't really find attractive before. Maybe it was just how her character moody'd about the place.
  9. Has anyone tried eating while wearing goggles? I was trying to eat a packet of crisps shortly after I bought my Rift, It's so much harder than you think, especially because you can't see your arms or you can see your virtual arms doing nothing.
  10. Just bought it for £9.99 maybe this will get me back into gaming.
  11. Where do I buy this for PC? Edit - ignore, it's on Epic store
  12. Well you are in the wrong thread then!
  13. What was the game that ended the fatigue and got you back into gaming.
  14. You should be able to go to a ship dealer and spec up new ships or buy secondhand ones.
  15. I'm looking forward to Wasteland 3 and The Outer Worlds thats for sure. Whats BG?
  16. Can't you just tell already. I'm going to go with shit posting.
  17. Well your completing with humans for a start so it gets the adrenaline going much more than AI. Also you can't just reload the game when you die and carry on. I feel the same with sp, unless it's an amazing game i just get to a point where i just don't care anymore and think what am i achieving, nothing.
  18. At least they thought you were a real person, I think I was accused of being a bot.
  19. is that a DVDF quote or was that story about someone here, I can't quite remember. Someone at a fish n chip shop wasn't it. Either that or i'm missing a really obvious joke.
  20. I have been there and I think I am there right now. I just can't find anything to hold my interest since RDR2. I think the first time was when I stopped playing online, I used play COD or BF every night for years and before that things like Halo split screen (remember those days when your friends sat next to you?). It took me a while but I went from XBox to PC. I had also started a new relationship so wanted to put time into that. I've been a hardcore gamer since the 80's so I have seen everything computer games can throw at you, I guess I'm just bored with the same old shite and need something deep to get into. I'm just waiting for the next good rpg. Is there anything new at the moment? Is there actually anything coming out soon? Bethesda's entries are a long way off, who knows whats happening to cyberpunk, it's not looking good for it. There is something by one of the Fallout teams that looks good. I think I'm just bored with mindless violence. Just to add, I think having a family has changed things, my time is limited (and money)so whereas I used to buy nearly everything and play for 20+ hours a week I am now limited to 2-3max a week, so it really has to be something special.
  21. Cornwell. She's hot, so what if she's an older lady. She reminded me of the lady in Westworld. I found Renée Zellweger very attractive in What/If. I we still allowed to talk about women's looks though?
  22. Me too, I just watch for my wife's sake. What I find really annoying is that freeview doesn't have ITV2 HD so I have to watch it in old fashion fuzzy vision!
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