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  1. One thing I have noticed change in reality TV shows is that the audience prefer nice people now whereas a few years ago they used to favor the trouble makers. That race around the world program sounds good, i'll look it up.
  2. Excellent, thanks for that. Nice to have an article from only last year too. It was filmed in 2004 so four years after BB, can't believe that started almost 20 years ago!! But even Shattered was faked, as I am just reading, they gave the contestants 45mins of sleep every so often.
  3. I remember watching a really good show on C4, before Big Bro I think. It was a competition to stay awake as long as possible and in the final few hours they made them lie in the dark. A young girl won it by giving herself cramp continuously. It was brilliant, can't remember if it was a one off or a series but very early reality TV. If anyone can remember what it was called I would love to know.
  4. Spoiler: Some CGI was used to help make them more expressive and added blinks.
  5. I am not convinced the next generation will take it on. I loved it, remembering the original and how it made me feel. But I grew up with Fraggle Rock, the Muppets and all the other amazing creations from JH. Speaking to a few millenials at work about it and they aren't really interested. Why I ask, because it's all puppets they say. FFS, they would rather watch some crap CGI than something that looks real and has been performed. No one is watching it where I work though, which is odd as we are a childcare organisation but maybe it's more appealing to geeks like me.
  6. I was watching the new Bear Grylls Treasure Island show last night and I just got the feeling it is mostly staged. There seemed to be to many camera angles for how many crew there is. Especially at a point where two of them were in the water trying to get a boat back to base. Sometimes the camera is POV but then when it cuts to another camera the person doesn't seem have a camera on their body, although I have seen a few. There just seems to be the perfect amount of drama to keep the show going and often it just feels like they are acting. I have even seen at least one of them on another show. Anybody watching this and have any thoughts? Also, what other shows are pretending to be real and are staged, there must be a few. I don't think you can count stuff like Towie as we all know that's staged.
  7. That's what they were talking about in the doc, the director was using multiple camera and moving them which had not really been done before with puppets.
  8. The Making of is fantastic, made me very sad that I just do a mediocre management job and didn't follow the creative path I should have done. They really have created a masterpiece and you can tell how much love went in to it. I also didn't realise how many famous voices are in it.
  9. So a wav file rather than midi? to over simplify it?
  10. I was just about to post that a game similar to Tempest had music but I couldn't remember the name. Loved that Gyruss music Out Run had a great soundtrack too but I think that was much later
  11. No Rick & Morty either. I think we have to accept that it's just wrong and go with the RLLMUK Top 100 instead.
  12. hmmm, maybe they should poll TV writers, might get a better line up! @ZOK I have never seen Dinnerladies, I will have to try it, that and Fleabag.
  13. One of the best TV shows, so underrated, no one even seems to know what it is. I am guessing this is just the top 100 for this one particular journalist, I can't find the source anywhere.
  14. What is with this pointless top 10 badge. It seems nearly everything is in a top 10, even shit stuff. Why has Netflix done this when you can't even review things. Stupid!
  15. I just finished this and thought it was marvelous. Enjoyed every minute. I was quite shocked in places and surprised its a PG. Looking forward to season 2, pleeeeeaaaseee....hhmmmm......yessss Where can I watch that?
  16. No, I am rarely interested in the story. I think RDR2 is the only game i have ever sat through every cutscene. Normally, no matter how good the game I skip them. I am very short of time these days but I still completed RDR2, what's the rush, why the hurry to just get through the game. I think I spent about 6 months playing it exclusively.
  17. I would imagine its main aim is to make as much money as they can before people realise it's completely pointless. I just don't get it. If you want to play old games there are emulators, if you want to play new games there are plenty of platforms already. It doesn't look like the old one so it's not really the nostalgia factor. Who will buy these?
  18. I thought this was great in VR but after building a house and a few other bits I got a bit bored. Fucking scary though, I couldn't play on my own, had to have a buddy co-op with me.
  19. I can't believe I haven't played any games this year that were released in 2019. Is it me or has it been pretty dead. There are a few games due that have peaked my interest and the year is not over yet. I borrowed a Switch a couple of weeks ago and was very disappointed with Mario and Zelda, but I think that more me just not getting on with the mentality of Nintendo games .ie Game Over.......loading.......do you want to continue......loading........ Do that many people make the choice to say no? Nintendo fans, please don't get upset, it's me, not you or Nintendo. I loved my 64.
  20. Cool Ben

    Anno 1404

    I really enjoyed 1404 and will play 1800 at some point.
  21. ....and Google Play store(shhh, sorry Apple people), thanks Nosejam.
  22. My mum was really into Myst, 7th Guest, Tex Murphy etc. Is there anything like this out on the ipad?
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