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  1. It does annoy me when you shoot someone and they just keep running, it should at least knock them off their feet. I had a play with the sniper rifle but I was mostly stealthing it up with the pistol, just a shame that even at close range I had to put a few bullets in them.
  2. I did enjoy spending a few hours playing the Beta but like above, I do feel that it doesn't have much depth. The old game in Terrorist mode had such replay value but this doesn't require any tactics, just run and gun. Also the bad guys are bullet sponges, is there a 1 shot kill mode for both sides?
  3. How the hell do you guys remember that far back? Best I can do is Gauntlet on the Atari Lynx because I remember playing it when my mum wasn't home, I had almost completed it before i was actually given it for my birthday. Mario Kart on N64 because I picked it up at midnight and didn't stop playing it until noon the next day, once the class As had worn off!
  4. Well, just because someone has already done something similar doesn't mean you can't do it better, that one looks like a child made it!
  5. That looks great, keep it simple, that's the key. You could get a lot of track on a small area like that if you made it narrow and had loads of bends. You could base it on real world tracks, that would be so cool.
  6. No probs. I had a DK2 for a while. I really think it would be very jarring to have the view change by itself and would be so much nicer if you were looking over it like a train set or something, you could really make it a very original game that way. Look forward to playing it one day.
  7. That vr racing game would be better if the camera was fixed for the whole track, like you were playing supersprint or supercars
  8. Oh, great news, can't wait to spend 80% of my time in the Casino!!
  9. Well, its the culture I think, ever since Dogtanian I have not enjoyed that sort of screechy manga, a lot of Japanese games are also just very odd, they always have endless text and the need to teach you everything assuming you don't even know what a game pad is. Not that I have anything against any culture, just the East very different from the West. So maybe my question should have been... How western is this?
  10. It's great! I'm sure you are cool in your own way. Thank you for your warm welcome, I only discovered this forum after reading an article about how nice you lot are after one of your member's child was injured. I am hoping to find a new community of like minded people who are not a bunch of trolls, although some humour and sarcasm is always needed!
  11. Hi Guys, new boy here So as a lover of RPGs and Open world games but not a liker of JRPGs how do you think I would get on with this?
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