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  1. Deadstick looks great. Added to my wishlist
  2. Yeah, it doesn't have to have loads of crazy missions, but it would be nice if you have do take a flight test and start in small planes doing local routes and can progress on to dreamliners etc.
  3. I haven't played MS Flight sim since the 90s. I hope they put in a career mode.
  4. Ok yeah, i found that mildly irritating. Thought he meant literally removing the guns from your selection.
  5. What do you mean it takes your guns off you? I thought once you owned a gun it was always yours and you just go in a select what you want off your horse.
  6. I didn't spot that room until I killed everything! Doh! I felt that there was just to much to collect that didn't get used. I never used any of the alcohol and completed the game on pretty much the set of guns I picked up during the first couple of hours play. I think it really needed to be fleshed out more and it need more excuses to traverse the planets as I was just fast travelling between settlements. Although the encounters with enemies got very boring as they were just the same 3 or 4 types of baddies standing around doing nothing. Good effort but very forgettable, I am glad I played it for free on gamepass.
  7. oh ok, I must be getting confused, I have a very short term memory for films. Although, please correct me if I am wrong, Rogue One is about destroying the Death Star right? and in A New Hope they destroy the Death Star at the end of the film? Same Death Star?
  8. Try and keep up, I have already been barated for that! I had a brain fart, it happens, blame my children!!
  9. OK, thanks, makes more sense now, but shouldn't Rogue One be after New Hope?
  10. Sorry Mike, I will try harder to meet your posting requirements in the future.
  11. oh, yeah, forgot about Chrome books, they do ok Durrr, of course, i forgot about those really important and very successful things that I use everyday without fail. What a dummy. OK, I was meaning more about hardware, like google glasses.
  12. Am I right in thinking that every Google product has failed apart from the browser and website/search engine?
  13. I hardly watch any movies these day but oddly enough I watched a few this weekend. Dolomite - 3.8/5 Gemini man - 3/5 Interstella - 3/5
  14. That's such a shame. I think it's the best game I have ever played. I just don't know how you can call it boring. Each to their own though.
  15. Borderlands 3 Blink and you would have thought it was Borderlands 2. There was nothing wrong with BL2, I just was expecting a bit more.
  16. VR cinema I believe, you can watch stuff with other VRers
  17. It's very odd, are they trying to schedule around Thanksgiving or something. I know American TV shows often seem just to stop around that time, no idea why as they must be made already.
  18. Are you playing this through xbox game pass? Does anyone know if it auto updates or do I need to run windows update or something? @Monkeyboy That tune has been stuck in my head since day one. I wander around work whistling it!
  19. True, but it's not really a comparison, even with their budget I am sure they could have done a few things to make it feel like the worlds are alive.
  20. I must be pretty far into this game and I am enjoying it loads but it does feel a little dated, especially after RD2. The worlds just don't feel alive, I just feels like I am walking about amongst robots, no one cares if you just ram into them, nearly everyone is stationary just waiting to be interacted with, it doesn't feel like these are living and breathing places. It would have been nice if a few more people were walking and running about, especially when you leave the town. Every interaction with a group of bad guys just feels the same too, no one seems to talk to each other unless its a storyline part. The lack of nature spoils it too, there are no small creatures just running about, like rodents or birds flying (except two types creatures). The trees feel stationary, there's no weather either. Also, I keep turning to my companions to ask their advice on things and they just have nothing to say.
  21. Replicas Keanu Reeves As badly acted as normal, with a ridiculous storyline. 1/5
  22. Thanks @CovisGod Been umming and urring about getting this and now I can just give it a bash.
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