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  1. Hardly 18 rated. A strong 12 maybe. Is not trek anyway, why would you want your kids to watch this rubbish? Mine will be watching TNG when they are old enough.
  2. It's like nothing happens until 3 minutes from the end and then it gets good, then the next episode is the same. One more and then I will give up. Is this series maybe like an origin story for the crew and next season they will go off on adventures.
  3. I've just had a little go of that on my phone, I am pretty impressed. Now I just need to work out how to connect a gamepad.
  4. Sooooo.. I really enjoyed Daybreakers. There were a few duff episodes in the middle but overall it was very fun and a slightly fresh take on the zombie genre. Just start V wars which seems ok.
  5. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/01/27/journey-to-the-savage-planet-xbox-game-pass/ "Journey To The Savage Planet isn't joining Xbox Game Pass - here's why"
  6. I agree with this ^. If you are a big fan then watch them, if not then I wouldn't bother.
  7. Panasonic 40" LED TV HD I have it on my desk for use with my PC and on occasion the XB1, I would love a gaming monitor but as 50% of the time I use it to watch shows and films I like having a big screen and those large 120hz monitors are way to much for me currently.
  8. I can see a whole new genre of porn emerging. .....hopefully
  9. My mate made a documentary.
  10. Have I missed something, is this out or getting reviews, if not how can they renew it without knowing if people like it?
  11. It really isn't that hard to fly about, a little tricky, especially at first but after a few goes there shouldn't be much of an issue.
  12. I thought it was entertaining. Was it just a one off or are there more episodes coming out?
  13. I want to show my daughter the original, she is 5, do you think that's a bit young? I seem to remember some sexy scenes.
  14. Sorry to be so vague here, there was a game that released with with either the original xbox, 360 or maybe the PS2 that was graphically amazing. It was a driving type game and I remember crashing through the streets with debris flying everywhere. I want to say crazy taxi but i think that was only Sega, but it was similar. Even though it was one of the first games out, nothing came close to looking as good for a long time. What was that game?
  15. Thanks @PK Looking forward to it, apart from The Mandalorian there doesn't seem to be any good scifi shows around currently. I bet Kevin Smith is doing the recap to help promote his new film.
  16. Does anyone know if this season is released in one hit? I want to get a free Prime trial to watch it, so don't want it running out before it's all released.
  17. Hmmmmmm ok To be honest I don't really want to think of it at all.
  18. Right, so they made the film as the third in the series and as it wasn't very good (no offense) they just pretend it was a completely different story even though it had so many references to the original. Oh well. I really do need to watch number 2 again, I don't think I have seen it since it was released.
  19. "there's not been a Ghost sighting in 30 years" Are they just pretending that the last film doesn't exist? I am, it was fucking terrible. This actually looks really good, looking forward to it.
  20. As someone who has been around the music industry, I found this whole episode most annoying. It just doesn't work like that and if it did I would be rich.
  21. Yes, quite possibly. That was the best time to be alive and gaming!
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