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  1. I managed to land outside my house and although it doesn't look like my house at least they got it right with the bungalows opposite. So incredible. One thing I did notice as I was flying over South London is that they have added far too many trees. They need to relook at that and just replace the trees in gardens with trampolines and decking.
  2. Do you know if it will play nice with two sound cards?
  3. Any way to turn off the music during installation? So f-ing annoying as can't play or watch anything else for the next few hours. I swear, MS are so backward for such a leading company.
  4. Anyone got Hotel New Hampshire on VHS?
  5. I didn't think you were serious but still don't understand your little outburst. Lol
  6. Ouch. What's that about Treble, what did I say?
  7. What were you expecting with a name like that?
  8. Yes, this could well be it, i'm sure I fancied the girl, which means that must have been Jodie Foster. But was there a water bed? Was there a water bed in a Micheal J Fox film?
  9. Is nothing dark, or to do with rape etc. Approaching my mid forties now and for the last few years I keep getting flashbacks to various things, sometimes like deja vu, or it could be a smell. Mostly it's childhood stuff that is buried deep, pops up and I do my best to remember and enjoy the nostalgia. For some reason the waterbed has some kind of connection to an early crush, maybe this film. I don't know, I have gone a bit more odd over the last few months. Going back to the film, gang raped outside rings a bell. The incest bit is near the end, I'm sure she has sex with her brother to help get over the rape, must be an odd film and why was I watching it as a teenager? Lol
  10. No nothing is ringing a bell. No other details currently. I think it's something to do with my age, I just keep getting flashbacks to my youth. Something about the waterbed brings back a memory, just trying to connect the dots.
  11. OK, I'm not sure any of this is all from the right film but it's been a long time, mid 80s I would guess. From what I can remember there is a brother and sister, she gets raped and then the brother and sister have sex towards the end, I'm sure it's on a waterbed. What film or films am I thinking of?
  12. Oh sorry, it was meant to be tounge and cheek. Bit stressed currently, no offence meant. HD is my minimum standard.
  13. With puppets? I liked My Two Dads far too much. But the thing that really needs bring back is Home Improvements.
  14. Really, you can't watch stuff in HD anymore? Get a grip.
  15. Just watched the last two episodes back to back. Fucking brilliant. This is such a great show. Kim was on point! Is it possible that the bit we see at the beginning of each season could just be one outcome?
  16. I thought it was great, best Dwarf in ages. Is there anything else coming or was that it?
  17. What a pile of shit this was, can't wait for next season, so I can watch it and complain to myself that its rubbish. JL and his band of merry men. please..
  18. I can't understand the hate for this. The script is brilliant, very subtle and very clever. Each character grows throughout. Yes it's silly but why not. I didn't get on with Veep and I'm sure there is something else he did that I didn't like, but this was pure magic.
  19. Yeah, done a few reboots. Might have to uninstall the game and redownload it. Update: stupid me, I had run out of space on the hdd for it to finish the update, as soon as I made some room it finished. Why Steam couldn't mention this problem I don't know.
  20. 2 days, it seems to think it's still downloading something, have a box pop up when exiting that asks if I want to stop download and exit.
  21. My game has updated and is stuck finalising in Steam. Any ideas guys?
  22. could be just the combination of USB ports you are using, did you move them about?
  23. No you are quite right. I was just thinking back to the 80s and the kind of films I was watching, then I realised they were often 18s. Certainly most trek was easily PG at it's edgiest.
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